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Hi everyone just wanted to let you know I have a smoking buddy (not on here) and we are going to pack it in next Monday at 9am. She is going to use patches and I am going to use e-cigs. Has anyone here given up with e-cigs? Is it easier to cut down gradually with them and stop slowly? or just to stop completely?

I expect I will be on here a dozen times a day screaming 'I am gasping help me' :d I hope all you lovely people will help me coz I am going to need it.

Thanks in advance. Bev xx

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Hi Bev

I didn't use ecigs, (just ate loads of chocolate lol) but lots of people have stopped with the help of them and I am sure they will be replying to you soon.

It's great you have a buddy and a planned date so good luck and we will be with you all the way xx


Thank you very much Bethjayne. I think you are all very supportive on this site and I am hopeful with your help I can kick the habit. Bev xx


Hi there,

I did use an ecig to quit, and for the first time ever, i wasn't climbing the walls ( most of the time lol )

I used to smoke benson and hedges gold, so i started on the strongest level of vape which for my brand ( socialite ) was 2.4 or you may see it as 24mg ( depending on the brand ). I had my moments on the old bit ecig, but all in all it wasnt too bad. Here are some words of wisdom ....

1 - read a book called the easy way by Allen Carr.... it puts things in perspective :)

2 - when you start on your e-cig make sure you have no more "real" ciggies in the house....they are nothing but a temptation that you dont need ( will explain later )

3 - see your quit as a 2 prong attack .... firstly you are getting yourself SMOKE and all the other 4000+ nasties in "real"ciggies free. Then your second phase is to get Nicotine free.

4 - during the first week or so, be prepared for bleeding gums ( buy a soft baby toothbrush in case it makes your life so much easier ) and also you may find the e-cig makes your throat dry ( it didnt for me, but i see folk saying it does ) so sip water.

5 - be prepared for your mind to try and trick you in a multitude of ways, and this is why point 2 is important, when your mind is tricking you that you need a "real" smoke, tell yourself this mantra... "i am getting all the nicotine i need" and have another puff on your ecig :) .... don't torture yourself by thinking you are puffing too much, the truth is they DO NOT deliver as much nicotine as a real ciggie or in the same way, so just be kind to yourself and just get the first week out the way lol! Worry about the rest later.

6 - you will feel a sense of loss, like all the smokers are gaining something and you are deprived... but remember YOU ARE GETTING THE NICOTINE YOU NEED, and all they are getting is a higher chance of cancer, smelly clothes, gum disease and 10 quid a day less in their pockets :) :)

7 - in week one your body is dealing with withdrawal from over 4000+ toxins, so its possible you may experience a whole bunch of nonsense, but you are still getting your nicotine, so who cares about the other rubbish lol! I didnt really have any issues at this stage as my ecig to me was a cig so i was still pretty ok.

8 - I don't know if you have fixed a date that you want to get of the ecig or not, i tried coming off it cold turkey, and i couldnt, but that doesnt mean you cant. However the best way to do it is to reduce the nicotine after a couple of months/weeks etc and then in another couple of weeks/months reduce it again, until you are Nicotine free. :) I haven't quite got nic free yet, but to be honest i am in no rush, i know this is a marathon and not a sprint for me, i am just pleased i am where i am right now, and wish i had tried the ecig years ago lol!

9- my last nuggets of info are more practical.... buy 2 batteries.... just trust me on this, if one dies and you are unable to charge it.... the lure of the real ciggie will call you. Carry a spare bottle of e liquid around with you too.... sometimes the pens can leak, and nothing worse than getting half way through your day to find the clearomiser is empty... i mean no one likes killing a co- worker because they are at the end of their tether :)

Good luck on your journey, you wont regret it. Stay positive, and remember you are getting the nicotine you need, so actually the cravings can just do one lol!

come on here to rant if you have too, we have all done it in the early days, everyone is lovely and will get you through it hun. x


Thank you very much Pinkiezoom I really appreciate all your advice. I intend to use the ciggie flavoured liquid at the highest strength. I didn't know they had so much nicotine in which is great so I shouldn't have withdrawal symptoms though I understand completely about my mind trying to trick me and will be on the watch for it. Can I buy just 1 e-cig and 2 batteries? Or is it better to get 2 e-cigs. I guess as long as the spare battery is always fully charged 1 would be enough wouldn't it?

A very good tip about carrying some liquid round with me just in case - thanks.

Bev xx


I now have about 8 batteries, i bought all different colours, and also my atomizer bits are all diff colours too, depends on what i am wearing to which one i take.... lol yup i am a real girly girl lol!.

Pete mentioned in his post to try and start using your ecig early, and thats how i did it, i had some duty frees at home, and thought when i finish these i will start on the ecig, so one day i just had a practice run, as there was no pressure to quit, as i could have a real one whenever i wanted, so by lunch time i hadnt had a real fag, so decided to give it another couple of hours with the ecig, and i quit by accident a week early really lol! But i had to get the duty frees out the house, as i was tempted a couple of times.

I get my batteries etc from Ebay, and they are cheaper by far, i also use the clearomizers/atomizers whatever they are called that doesnt have the rope wick in..... they look just look like them, but trust me after a few days man they start to taste like burnt rope ewwww! ... i buy a pack of five for about 5 quid and they last a month. I always have one ecig with just the plain ciggie vape in it, and then lots of flavoured ones. The coffee one by socialite is yummy lol!

Some places let you taste before you buy, i suggest you do, as sometimes what they promise it tastes like... isnt exactly true lo! x


Hiya Bev, happy to hear you've got a quit buddy and a plan in place :)

You can definitely do this and Pinkie has given you lots of good advice :)

As Bethjayne has said we will be with you all the way so good luck :) :) x


Aw bless Briarwood and thank you. Bev x


Hi Bev, So glad you have decided to quit. I wont repeat what everyone else has already said. There is lots of good advice being given . Good luck with whatever you choose to quit with. :) Remind me or Monky to put your names on the wall of winners next Monday. :) :)


Ha ha will do thanks Jillygirl. Bev x


hi Bev, thats awesome that you have yourself a quit buddy :) :)

you will be able to help each other along the way :) :)

I never used the ecig ( can't get them here in Aussie) Pinkie has and Beth have given you some great advice.

We are all here to support you along the way :) :)

All the very best for next Monday :) :)


Thanks glolin I must admit I am dreading it but am using the time to prepare my mind for it. I am going to get an e-cig hopefully tomorrow but might find one cheaper on Amazon. Can anyone recommend a good one please (cheap as I am very poor). Thanks Bev xx


Aup Bev, thats just flippin great news gal :) :)

I see you've had loads of great advice already :) all I can add to it is, maybe try practising with your e-cig this week, so you get used to it, like when you at home, and you feel like a ciggie, have a vape at the e-cig instead, try it out :o then the next time you want a ciggie, have one, and so on, try to sort of make it your new friend, as we all thought the ciggies were, if that makes sense to you :o

As for the batteries, you defo need 2, so like you say, you've got one charged up ready :) As for your atomiser, you only need one really, though saying that, they dont last for ever and they get little splits in them after a while and start to leak, so perhaps it would be best to get another one for a spare in a few weeks :) Also, when you first use your e-cig, it might make you cough, but this should soon go as you get used to it :)

I see you have got the highest strength liquid, I tried the 24mg and found it too strong for me and I smoked about 35 a day :o sooo, I went down to 18mg and that was a lot better for me :)

Its good to have a smoking buddy, cos then you can compare notes together and find out how well your quit aids work for you both :) If your buddy needs to know anything about the patches, just give us a shout gal :) If you could find out what type there going to use, that would help :)

Good luck for next Monday Bev and you come a flippin shouting gal if you need help or just want a chat eh :)

Hope to speak soon, Pete :)


Thank you very much Pete I appreciate your good wishes. I don't actually have an e-cig yet so am looking round at the moment. I think I will need the highest strength liquid so will try that first. If not will go down a bit. I am trying to get my friend on here and have been telling her what a great site it is and how friendly and supportive you all are :) Bev xx


Hi Bev, lovely to meet you gal :)

Ermmmm, just wondering if you got an e-cig shop near to you :o I got mine firstly from MyCiggy, which is online, just type MyCiggy and it should find it for you :) but then found things cheaper on ebay :)

All you need is 2 batteries, 1 charger, 1 atomiser/vaporiser ( the mouth piece you put the liquid in ) and some liquid :)

I bought the starter pack which was £39.99 but you may find other offers :)

Yes Bev, please try to get your friend on here, even if they just stay in the background and dont say anything, they can learn from others :) They dont have to show their face or say anything :)

Pete :)


Hi cough,

Didn't know you still smoked. How much do you smoke? I will be following you and rooting for you every step of the way.If you can do it I can. ( I think! )

Anyway, You go girl! You can do it!


Hi Ruby I didn't know you were either! We will keep mum together hey? I have already found 2 smokers on the other site so a few of us are keeping it quiet. My reason is that I would be killed if I didn't. Whats yours? :) Bev x


Ps Ruby why don't you join us? Next Monday at 9am. Go on give it a go and we can all support each other. Bev x


Bev, quitting scares me. It seems like everyones breathing gets worse. I'll hang back, and see what you have to say. Doesn't that scare you? No one knows you still

smoke? I guess they dont get the quit support emails. I won't say anything.

Rubyxx :-)


Good for you Bev trying to recruit new members, no need to be scared coz there's loads and loads of help here for everyone :) x


hi ive tried for yes to stop smoking, tried everything going,patches, inhilators, pills, none worked. I now use ecig and that is a lot better apart from couple blips over xmas and new year that's bout 3 months now. first ecig I got was one you put fluid in and wasn't keen on that. I now use VIP ecig it looks like a normal cigarette. and you get same kick.



Wow tam that's great well done. Where did you get your VIP ecig from please? It sounds just what I am looking for Bev x


Oh by the I want to apologise for the contremps on your post 'Ongoing Infection' with Stree. He just got my goat with his nasty remarks and I didn't mean to hijack your post. So sorry about that.

I am sure you won't and I am happy to use my name on pm's but not on the main forum please. Thanks. Bev xx


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