All you ever wanted to know about the e-cig

I found this today. (The link at the bottom, I never intended writing this much of an introduction to it)

It will be of particular interest to anyone struggling with their e-cig, anyone who wonders why it just doesn't hit the spot like a real cig. It answers the urban myth that suggests people who use e-cigs could be taking in far more nicotine than they did when they smoked real cigarettes. The chances are that you are actually taking in far less nicotine than you ever did smoking a real cig, and explains to me why a 4mg nicotine lozenge can outdo puffing away on 24mg of e-fluid.

The article is long, its very long, it's pretty technical too but don't be put off, you could learn a lot. This person or persons have at least made some attempt to scientifically quantify how much nicotine a person takes in through an e-cig rather than the blanket accusations that e-cigs are bad and you don't know how much nicotine you're taking in and you don't know what's really in them, by those who would prefer it if we just kept on smoking and paying our taxes. I particularly like the comparisons towards the end between the figures on mortality rates as a direct result of using an e-cig which appears to be zero and over the same time period of 7 years, the mortality rates of those whose death appeared to be as a direct result of using Champix - a licensed product seen as a legitimate aid to stopping smoking.

The author of this piece concludes that is extremely difficult to quantify how much nicotine any one person will get from an e-cig, but a least he offers a sound explanation of why it is difficult. I wonder just how much research the critics of the e-cig have done to justify their claims that it must be regulated and controlled in order to protect the public and yet never come up with any concrete evidence of why this must happen.

The article that I have linked to below appears just below the two yellow advertisements of "call to action"

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  • Thanks sin, read it from start to finish and although it's pretty heavy going, it explains a lot. No wonder I think I'm sucking fresh air some times! X :) :O

  • It is quite hard work isn't it, I only found it because ............ooh, it was ages ago when I found it and now I can't remember what I was looking for haha. I think I originally wanted to know how many mg of nicotine there is in 1 proper cigarette which I know now. But yeah, I've come to the conclusion, which I already suspected anyway, is that the ordinary e-cigs that we buy from the local shop or off the internet are basically rubbish and no one really tells us how to vape properly anyway so no wonder it's a frustrating tool.

  • Hear, hear Sinfree, you took the words right out of my mouth gal :)

    A very good article, thank you for posting it :)

  • Yep, that isn't to say ALL e-cigs are rubbish, it's like they say you gets what you pay for.

  • As always, tooo flippin right gal :)

  • Yes I guess it is but still better than smoking so we will just suck it up and keep going :) :O x

  • Yes, perhaps thats so Briarwood, BUT, whats in them ?? how do you know, that its not doing your body more damage ??

  • Well yes ya have me now but they can't be as bad as the real things can they? hopefully ! :O

  • I hope not gal, but you carry on as you are, dont flippin listen to me :o cos I dont know much about them see :o Your doing so so well Briarwood, you are gal :) :) xx

  • Thanks Monky, are you going cold turkey then or have ya a secret weapon or what? Spill the beans! :D

  • No Briarwood, I could never go cold turkey :o

    I use the patches and inalator and, the odd lozenge at work :)

  • Good an ya, whatever gets you through it and you're doing soooooooh well and a new badge coming your way soon. So keep on going x :)

  • Who's making these e-cigs ??

    The tobacco companies are loooooooosing flippin billions !!, sooooo, perhaps they have cottoned on to it and are making them too, as they did cigarettes, to get you hukked :o

  • MONKEY, I think you tell porkies when you say you read that article, Tsk, flipping tsk.

  • Yes your right sin, Monky must have skipped through it ; )

  • Sin, who said that I'd read it ? I had a quick snufty at it :)

  • Its only MY point of view !

  • Thanks for that sink makes you feel am little better about using it, well a lot better really. I read it in the way that theirs not much in it and no evidence that it has caused real harm. So for me I'll keep at it then :)

  • Sin not sink lol

  • Hi ya Fresher, I'm not saying dont have them, but, just be careful eh :o :) :)

  • Of course :)

  • :) :)

    How are you getting on then ?

  • Still cig free and 4 weeks for me Monday but have relied and couldn't have done it without my e cig to be honest

  • That's good Fresher. I'm always saying how well people have done to stop smoking using an e-cig because I know from using one that they're no soft option by any means, but for the record I don't think they do any harm either because there's practically nothing in them. Now I've read that article I'm going back up to 24mg because from the sounds of it you only get half of that in nicotine, possibly even less.

  • Thanks Sin it's definitely not a soft option but the best thing I've ever tried, and I read it that way to that you are not getting that much nicotine and maybe even less than we think :)

  • :D I know. That's what prompted me to google how much nicotine is in a cigarette and came across this. I knew it wasn't 16mg which is the liquid I'm on now, so just couldn't understand why it was so useless. Now I know and thought it would be interesting reading for everyone who actually uses and e-cig. :)

  • Yes a lot of people will be interested in it sin, so thanks again x

  • Aww, that's cute, night Briarwood

  • Aahh so cute night x

  • I'm glad you did as it has been a bit of a worry as to how much I use it.. Something less to stress about :)

  • Yes, cos there's enough stress without worrying about whether you're doing the right thing or not. I feel a bit better for reading it too :)

  • Me too, I started on 18 or 1.8 whatever it is and have struggled but after nearly a month I'm going to stick to it for now,,, hopefully lol

  • Thats great news gal, cos am 8 weeks quit on Monday, ermmmm, I think :o :D :D

    You stick to it Fresher, cos your doing sooooo well :) :)

    may I ask you, what type of e-cig you have, only if you dont mind :)

  • Oh well done fresher, you'll be getting your badge very soon, so keep up the good work x :)

  • I use the tornado tank from totally wicked monkey, would only go to a proper retailer and not buy cheap fluid due to being scared what's in it. Have to say my chest and lungs feel so much better I would be shocked if I'm using anything that's harming me. Thanks Briar still can't believe I've got this far, I have never ever, ever got past 4 days using anything else before and so envy people that can go cold turkey, I would never have been able to do that in the memory of man sadly :)

  • Nice one Fresher, thats just ace gal :) am just so glad you chest and lungs are better now you've quit :) sooooo you flippin keep at it gal, do you hear me :o :) :) xx

  • Nite nite all, cos ave got to flippin climb the wooden hill again, hopefully speak tomorrow :)

    Quit smoking huggs heading your ways, and have the sweetest dreams toooo :) :) Good night :)

  • Night monkey, sleep well x

  • Oh my god Sin ,thank you sooooo much for this, it has explained lots and made me realise that like you, i am not struggling without due reason, the nicotine we are getting is much much less than we thought....phewwwww :) x

  • Glad it helped. I thought it was really interesting. I think I will probably go back on 24mg again though I've been using the 16mg for a couple of weeks now, so I don't know, might try mixing it like you, you'll have to let me know how you get on with that.

  • Hi Sin

    I have felt loads better and only started mixing it yesterday, it has def quench that anxious climbing the wall feeling lol! x

  • Hey Sin, thanks for this - I did make a start reading it but decided that I would print it off and read it over a cuppa - when I get a mo :-)

    I now have 6 pages at the ready for when my mind is cleared to give it a good read :-)

  • Problem is that until specific clinical trials are conducted to determine the safety & efficacy of Ecigs this debate will just go on and on.We're told that if we buy our Ecigs from a reputable source then all will be well but how does anyone know for sure.How DO we know what's in the cartridge or liquid we're using & how do we know wether it's safe or not? Simple answer is we don't,we just have to trust that it is. I just think that any form of NRT has to be safer than smoking a real cigarette & as the article points out there have been NO reported deaths from.Ecig users. Until told otherwise I would happily keep using an ECig in fact I miss my ECig possibly more than I ever really missed the real thing.H x

  • Do you not fancy using it with zero nicotine if you miss it? But I suppose that's defeating the object of stopping smoking really. The e-cig you recommended - Skycig appears to have merged or been bought out by Blu another e-cig cartridge type e-cig, its actually the one that Tom C uses. Blu is an American owned company. I wonder if its possibly owned by a tobacco company though just guessing.

    I was reading a piece of news I think it was on totally wicked's website that the EU has backed down in theory with regards to banning the sale of e-cigs other than those they wanted sold as licensed quitting aids. Providing they are not advertised as a product to help you stop smoking and are not sold to under 18's and another proviso which I can't remember then the sale of e-cigs will continue after 2016, though agreement does have to be finalised. So that's good because it has helped so many people to stop smoking who may otherwise have just carried on smoking, that it would have been a shame for all that to go to waste.

  • Interesting thing on Ecigs on BBC Breakfast News this a.m.where basically they have done research and have found that using an Ecig is no more harmful health wise than drinking a cup of coffee.They did say that Ecigs are gradually replacing the real thing which does make you wonder wether the tobacco giants will eventually buy out all of the Ecig/vaping companies and inflate the prices.

  • Yes I wonder how long it will take them too. I personally wouldn't trust a tobacco company making the e-juice though. They have the money and the technology to start sneaking other chemicals in as they did with cigarettes just to make sure you are totally addicted. Mind you for me they wouldn't need to I'm addicted enough :D

  • You're doing just fine, you'll get off the nicotine when you're good and ready so STOP beating yourself up & just be happy at how far you've come.Hugs H x

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