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Quitting smoking

I've been on champix for 10days now I had my last cigarette on day 9 but coz I know I have no will power I've had to use a e-cigarette to also help me will this effect my carbon monoxide testing its hard for me to just stop as I've been smoking since I was 11 and I'm now 42 but I really want to quit this time diverged sake of my health and my family's

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Dear Shandybandy,

No - it won't affect your carbon monoxide testing BUT you are defeating the object of the Champix. The idea of Champix is that you don't want or need the nicotine but by using the e-cig, you stop it working as it should. If you want to quit with an e-cig, stop the Champix. The good news, and it really is good news, is that in the next few days you should stop wanting a cigarette at all. I stopped on 3 July with Champix - I almost feel like a fraud because it really was easy. I simply stopped wanting a cigarette. I have now been off Champix for a week and a day and I am totally fine - yes, there are bad moments but nothing like I expected I am 48 and have smoked for 33 years - trust me, you can do it! But you must make the choice between Champix and the e-cig.....


welcome to Quit Support Shandy. and a big congratulations for wanting to quit smoking.

Have a read of some of the topics to the right of the screen as you will find a wealth of information on what to expect while quitting.

I cant help you on the champix and ecig at the same time as i have quit cold turkey. But from what Lynne is saying it seem logical to use one or the other.

I thought i would have no will power too, so i can understand that feeling. In my opinion, preparation eg listing the pros and cons of quitting and get yourself armed with knowledge on what to expect during the quitting process. We all go through the quit process differently, some do it easy and for others it is more of a struggle.

If you don't succeed on your first attempt - see it a practice run :) :) if you have any questions, or need support, we are all here to help you along your journey if you need it.

There are some amazing members of this quit support group who have a wealth of knowledge to guide and help you along the way.

You have already started strong. 1 you want to quit, 2 you have started on champix. 3 you have found this quit support group ...so you are already well on the way :) :)

All the very best on your quit journey



Hi Shandy, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support forum and a big well done to you for quitting the cigs :) :)

As Lynne has kindly pointed out to you, you shouldnt really be using the e-cig with the champix :o unless your using the e-cig with zero nicotine in it.

Champix is really good, when I used it, it was day 12 when I went down from smoking about 30 a day, to 9, so then I knew the champix was working :) So please, please keep taking the champix :)

My advise to you Shandy is, maybe get some e-liquid with zero nicotine in it, so then you still have the hand to mouth thing :) Write down the times when you need the e-cig the most, then think how you can distract yourself from using it :)

Try doing something different

Go thump a cushion

Have a good flippin YELL, let it out of your system

Whiz around with the hoover

Do some exercise, etc etc :)

Give the champix a couple of more days to really get working on them brain receptors of your's :)

It wont be easy Shandy, but if you really want to be quit of the smokes, then you WILL do it :) It gets a lot easier after the first few days :)

Please stay with us and we will help you along the way :)

Pete :)


Hi Pete I've messaged you thanks for your advice and sorry I forgot to say it is a non nicotine e-cigarette I use


Aup Shandy :) well, if its a zero nicotine e-cig that your using, then I cant see any problem with that and the champix :)

Stay strong and focused Shandy and you will get to were you want to be, thats a non smoker :) :)


There's really no easy way to stop smoking especially to people who have been smoking early on their lives. But today, there are lot of ways to be able to quit the habit. There's a medical technology now that can help you. Though it's costly. still, many would try it. There's the birth of e-cigarette as well. In fact, a lot of smokers nowadays switch to electronic cigarette because they saw it as a better alternative to the traditional cigarette smoking. This is what I've been using now since I decided to quit. I am using Blu e-cig from blucigs.co.uk. Yes, it helps me a lot. I don't crave for the usual cigarette and I get the same sensation and satisfaction I want. So don't limit your option. You just have the willingness to quit and stand by it, not just for your own sake but for the people you love as well.


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