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Im a new member and on day 7

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jennyflindall15 Month Winner
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Im on day 7, I am feeling very emotional.

It actually feels like i have lost a friend and the thought of never having another cigerette ever again makes me think that nothing is going to be fun or enjoyable ever again (im hoping this is just a wierd feeling that will go away?) does that make me crazy!?

I am 29 and have been smoking for 15 years, I thought i could always quit easily. I didnt realise how emotional it would make me feel.


28 Replies
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orfordholly2 YEAR WINNER

Hi jennyflindall, Welcome to quit support. And well done for 7 days smoke free. Are you using any NRT or going cold turkey. No you are not going crazy I felt like the same as you felt down. And for the first days I thought l lost my friend as well. But as the days and weeks have gone by I do not miss that friend no more. The more days and weeks and months you do. You will not think about cigs no more. You are doing really well. And keep up the good work :D x

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jennyflindall15 Month Winner in reply to orfordholly

Thank you.

I am trying cold turkey.

Me and my partner are doing it together, but he seems to not really miss it at all. I think he had a more physical addiction, which i thought I did too, but now I have quit I didnt realise how much I smoked depending on how i felt.

I also didnt realise that they were a bit of excitement throughout the day and something to just pass boredom, or even when i was stressed at work.

i really thought i just smoked because i was addicted to the niccotene, i didnt realise i relied on the them to get me through the day.


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orfordholly2 YEAR WINNER in reply to jennyflindall

Me and my partner are doing it together as well. It will get easy as time go by. You can do I know you can. Keep your chin up. And well done for trying going cold turkey. If you find the cold turkey is not working for you go to your GP. And there can give you NRT. I am using the E cig and it is helping me lots. :D xx

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Hey first of all of course you are not crazy... unless you keep frogs in your wellies or something lol!

remember ciggies have been your best friend for years, your reliable friend, your slowly killing you friend, but a friend none the less.

They have been with you through the celebrations, heartbreak, exam results etc...but heres when it finally hit home to me.

go to Costa and grab a coffee, sit outside, and look at all the none smokers, do they look deprived? do they look like something is missing in their life? The answer is no, of course they don't, because they have never had a crutch to lean on like us. To be fair this feeling you have is totally normal. Its a loss, its a grieving process. Let yourself feel the loss, but then stop and look at the gains. You are now 10 quid a day better off :) you dont stink like an ashtray any more :) every part of your body is 7 days into recovery :) and of course you are now officially FABULOUS as you have started an amazing journey.

Stay strong, and big respect.

Love Al x

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jennyflindall15 Month Winner in reply to Pinkiezoom

Thank you.

its so nice to hear im not crazy. I just genuinly thought I wouldn't feel this bad (silly me)

I thought I would crave niccotene phsically, but I never thought I would feel so sad.

Reading every ones words make me fell so much better.

I really hope I can do it.

:-) xxx

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to jennyflindall

dont hope, because OF COURSE you can do this, and hey you have done the hardest part, which is actually start stopping :) good skills indeed hun.

Have you thought of reading a book called easyway by ALLEN CARR? it will give you a new perspective on quitting and some lines in the book will really keep you going when you feel the urge. My favourite one is "being a slave to cigarettes" and i really was, i would do without stuff to just buy my daily fix etc! madness looking back now lol! x

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First of all Jenny big well done on deciding to quit, When you first quit is is almost like your bereaving. However that so called friend was killing you slowly , so NO! he aint anybodys friend. Your body has to adjust and you have to too. Changing your routine so your not reminded about smoking. Lots of hints and advice on the right of this page, so please have a browse. Need more help just shout. :) :) xx

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jennyflindall15 Month Winner

thank yo everyone.

I am so determined to quit, so all hints and tips are helpful.


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jennyflindall15 Month Winner

What i have found really helpful was the NHS stop smoking app, that i downloaded the day I quit, it counts down the days and minutes since you quit and the amount of money you have saved, it has also given me helpful hints and tips every day. you can also download it and back date it to when you quit. I wouldnt of been able to go cold turkey without it. but I came on here as i think its nice to talk to others, the app has helped motivate me, but it hasnt helped me with struggling with how it is making me feel, because i was starting to think that I was silly for being so sad about it. xxx

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to jennyflindall

Hiya Jenny and well done on your 1 week quit :)

You're right about it's nice to talk to others and that's why this site is brilliant coz we all know how difficult it is to quit and helping one another makes a huge difference :)

You come on and chat anytime you like as someone is always around to help :)

You're doing brilliant :) x

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roneo in reply to jennyflindall

It's OK to be a little sad Jenny. My wife left unexpectedly 20 years ago. From time to time I still grieve the of of my marriage. Do I miss HER? Not on you nelly. I have little trouble imagining what my life would be like now if she were still around......NOT PLEASANT! Same with cigarettes. You may well miss the relationship, you may feel there is a void in your can also rejoice that you have been emancipated from the rank smell, taste & slavery of nicotine addiction. You just need to be a bit clinical rather than emotional when weighing up the merits of your relationship with cigarettes.

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Well done, you have come to the right place, lots of great people & advice on this forum.... keep up the good work!!!! :-)

Hi ya jenny, I too was very emotional especially the first 2 weeks, a couple of mornings I actually woke up in tears and felt very down on different days but these guys and girls on here really helped me thru those days, it passes jenny so don't worry, I just looked at is as a berievement, I smoked for over 30 years I'm 46 yrs old now so for nearly all my life I've had my cigarettes as a best friend but that best friend was actually my enemy and was slowly killing me, I take my hat off to you going cold turkey but at least you should get thru these phases quicker, you are doing fantastic keep going as it will be worth it jenny xx

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Can't really add anything to what's already been said but I remember so clearly feeling just like you do I cried at the thought of never smoking again,honestly felt like I'd lost my best friend but I'm 16 months on & very very rarely think of smoking anymore.All the bad stuff will pass leaving only health & wealth in it's path.You're AMAZING, well done on your first week as a non smoker.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to yellowsnowdrop

Aup Helen I hope your very well :) :)

As you can see, your new Winners badge has arrived :) hmmmm, as I jumped over the fence, being a young un and all that :o :D but my left foot got court under a rail :o and I went a-- o--- t-- :o BUT just missed a cow pat :) I got up thinking that was lucky :) but as I did, I put my foot in another cow pat :o which made me skid about :o a bit like my bum wiggle dance :D :D then I slipped and did a belly flop into another cow pat, which was still warm :o So I rolled over to get up, and straight into another cow pat :o By this time the cow pats were all over me :| and it dosnt taste very nice :P :P Anyway, I court your badge for you :) and as I was walking up my garden path, I had a brainwave :D I was covered in these cow pats, soooo why not fertilize my lawn :o so I did a rolly polly over my lawn and spread the cow pats all over it :) Hay presto, 2 jobs in 1 :D :D :D

Now you can see H what us Adminsnsnsnsnsns have to put up with eh :o :D :D

Jennyflindall, if you read this, this is prooooff that quitting smoking dosnt affect you in any way or form seeeeee :o :D :D

We'll said yellow snowdrop! I'm just getting myself emotionally together since my quit and I'm on 2 months jenny is doing brilliantly and she will get through this because she's come on here and we will support her like you all did for me xx

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Hi Jenny and welcome to quit support, The others have given you some great advice and i like to also suggest that you download (free pdf) or buy a copy of Allen Carrs's easy way to give up smoking. It is not the best written book. however, it does really challenge your thinking about why you smoke and why you think it helps or solves things.. I too gave up cold turkey and in the early days was an emotional rollercoaster. Hang in there as it does get easier :) :)

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Hi Jenny, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit community and a massive well done to you and your hubby on your 7 days quit :) and cold turkey toooo :)

As for you thinking your going crazy, nooooo, thats just the norm when you quit gal :o :D :D

I see you've had loads of great advice already :) :) the only thing I can add to that is, erm, I made a new friend when I quit, its called an e-cig :) but seeing as your going cold turkey, then perhaps try a bar of choc :o kepp it in your handbag or somewhere, then when you get the urge for a smoke or need a friend, get it out and have a bit of it :) and enjoy it as if its fulfilling your desire :) like a ciggie would have done :) if you see what I mean :) try to find a new friend Jenny :)

Jenny, a fag is no friend of yours, I tell you :o I can remember a post that Emjay put up a while ago about mr nic being our friend, I will have a shufty and see if I can find it for you :o :)

Take care now and stay focused and positive on your quit :)

Speak soon, Pete :)

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Hi jenny :-)

You and hubby are doing great, my hubby still smokes and have to say the only thing that bothers me is the smell of stale smoke on him or maybe it's just him that bothers me :-D :-D

Seriously when I quit the days just dragged it was like time was standing still, it was horrible but now I even forget I ever smoked :-)

You've had lots of great advice already so I can't really add anything cept if you can have a look for the Allen Carr book it really worked for me.

You and hubby can support each other through your quit and that's great :-)

Take care and it will get easier :-)


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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to shantimar

Lol, I'm with ya on the hubby part, couldn't have said it better Shanti :D :D x

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shantimar in reply to Briarwood

:-D :-D :-D


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Hello Jenny, I'm not counting my days this time. Every day is day one, first day of the rest. New start etc.

My emotions were all over the place after I stopped before. Maybe because this time it's not years of habit I'm breaking but just a few months, nothing like 15-20 a day either so I thought it would be easier, it's not really.

Keep it up and take as much support as you can get.

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Dear Jenny - hang in there! I too know that feeling of having lost a friend, but it is a FALSE feeling and just a habit you are trying to lose! The emotional feelings are different symptoms of the quit that we also need to get on top of. I think if you quit "cold turkey" the symptoms are stronger, so maybe a little Nicorette spray might help.

Please read Monkeys bit about your so called "friend" - so true!

Well done on your 7 days so far - terrific effort

N xx

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maxatsax1 Week Winner


I'm on day 7 as well . I've gone from being really shitty to all around me to being quite emotional when on my own. What I find hard is that I'm happy to get this far, but my family support shrug and say . We've seen this before and it never lasts . I just want to say to them Please just support me. So it's hard to talk to them as they are all non smokers.

Keep in touch .

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Hi Jenny

You are doing brilliant!! getting to 7 days already!! That is fantastic work :)

Hope you are giving yourself lots of credit and feeling proud of that, (even when you are feeling sad getting through this big change in the things you do, ways of going about stuff.)

So much good advice and shared similar experiences, there's not too much more for me to add. I had a tough time too emotionally. Like monky, I did find the ecig helped a lot, but it is a bit of a replacement, so if you can do without that too, that's really great. We all do it the way we can.

Take one day at a time.

And I just want to add sthg. I got through the sad part, like you sure will, and feel so 'empowered' now :o

I mean, if you can give up smoking, one of thee hardest things going, well, what else can you do!!!! Mind boggles :o

So I am going for all sorts now :) :)

Stay strong lovely! You've already showed how strong you can be, just keep it going! There is nothing better you can do for you, nothing at all. Treat yourself with what you save if you can. Be very proud of yourself :) x

I had exactly the same negative comments from my family and friends!!! This really does affect your quit and they do not realise this but it really really hurts! This is the main reason I came on this site if I hadn't due to my families neg comments I no I would have failed!! These lovely people on here have been us at some point and no exactly what we are going thru and don't judge us and support us, please please if your family keep doing this log straight on here and talk to us! This is what I do and now I'm 2,months quit my friends and family are taking me more seriously but I must say no thanks to them but thanks to all my new friends on this lovely site. Please keep in touch and keep going you are doing fantastic xxx

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jennyflindall15 Month Winner

Thank you for the lovely responses and advice. It is really helping, its so nice to know what i am feeling is normal and shared by others.

What a lovely group of people.

roll on day 8 xxxxx

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jennyflindall15 Month Winner

p.s I cant believe how well you are all doing. xxx

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