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Hi all, i havent posted since day 7.


The last time i posted was on day 7.

I have still been on here reading every ones posts, but just quietly feeling sorry for myself.

Although I have to say I am on day 28 and starting to feel really good. :-)

if you remember I was finding it all very emotional, but it is definately starting to get easier. I didnt think that I would even get to this point, dont get me wrong it is still hard, but I am certainly getting better and better.

For one coming on here every day and hearing every ones support for one another has been an amazing way to pass the craving time slots (they are getting fewer and fewer).

I am also really starting to see the benefits of quitting; my skin looks better, i am getting less spots, my eyes look brighter, i am not constantly conscious of my cigarette breath, i can breath and run/exercise so much easier and I am already starting to see the difference on my bank balance.

I also feel less stressed and anxious then when i was smoking.

The cravings still come, but by making my mind focus on something else, after about 10 mins the cravings go, its not for another hour or so later that I realise i have totally forgotten about the thoughts i was having (that amazing feeling is almost as good as having a ciggie itself)

I have been to the pub a couple of times which isn't easy when you are trying to quit, but i have found having a different drink to my usual has really helped.

I really have so much respect for everybody on here and I thank you all so much for helping me at the beginning and also for how amazing you are to everyone in this group.

lets hope i can keep going

love to all


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Hi Jenny I am so glad thing are going the right way for you. Thank you for that post , as it encourages other members who may have been feeling the same.

Just to help I have raided Monkys drawer and found you a 1 month winners Badge. :) :)

Keep in touch. xx


Hey Jilly you been in monky's drawers again, think he might have something to say about that ;) :D x


He hasn,t said a word, but we can't wipe the smile from his face.


:D :D :D x


Hiya Jenny and massive congratulations on your 1 month quit, well done :)

It's great to read your post and see how far you've come and it really helps others as well, so thanks for sharing with us :)

I wish you continued success and don't be a stranger :) :) x


Great achievement Jenny :-)

It's amazing how the money we spent on smoking, soon mounts up :-)

Your doing fantastic and I'm sure you'll continue to do so :-)



Well done on your first month Jenny. that is a fantastic achievement. Looking forward to seeing your two months badge now :) :)

It will keep getting easier from here :) :) keep up the great quit


That's an impressive list of benefits you have already derived from quitting, but you missed one. Every time you look in the mirror you see a WINNER! If it were easy, most likely all smokers would have quit by now, but they haven't......YOU HAVE! Well done Jenny.


Oh really well done - 28 days is fantastic.


Well Done Jenny :)


Hi Jenny, Well done for bring smoke free for 28 days. That is really great i am really happy for you. Keep up the good work :D xx


Hi Jenny, it's fantastic to hear you've got your first month under your belt, well done :) xx


Jenny, 28 days is just brilliant, and you've done amazung! :) You sure haven't had an easy ride, its been real hard, and you did it!

Huge respect and congratulations!



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