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Im a plank ! :-)

Today i start taking my zyban twice a day. I hope i take to it ok,IM LIKE A PLANK! i disscoverd that drinking loads of coffee does not work well with zyban . So aswell as packing in smoking it looks like im giving up caffine aswell. To handle the times that i feel i need a fag on my quit day which is tuesday im gonna do a diary on my twitter page...

Hope you all sv a good day

Im looking forward to being fag free soon


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Good morning plank - sorry, Nicette! ;-)

Well that's torn it now - you've gone ahead and published that your quit day will be next Tuesday! Well done for getting this far. :) Don't forget to come and share your quit with us - good and bad and we'll try and help you get through the bad times, cos there will be some. :o

Just remember that YOU are choosing not to smoke and in stressful/boring situations you will get through them whether you have a cigarette or not.

Good luck. :)


Hi Nicette40,

well done to you :-) You are most definitely heading in the right direction. I'll pop your date onto our 'Wall of Winners' under the 'thinking about quitting' part and then will move you onto our list on Tuesday :D

The thing with Zyban is that once you reach your quit date, then it really will start working better for you. I've not heard it affecting tea or coffee, maybe if you are a big coffee drinker it could be the caffeine that is affecting you. However, as caffeine can be a 'trigger' to lead to smoking, then it might be an idea for you to cut down on it anyway.

As Andi says, it is you that is choosing not to smoke and that's a really important thing for you to remember. You are in control of whether you smoke or not. It's not that you can't smoke... it's that you choose not to :D

Let me know your Twitter name and we'll follow you.

Looking forward to supporting you to stop smoking and to encourage you to stay stopped :D

You can do this!


Aup nicette40,

I'm sure your not a plank, cus we cant have 2 on this site can we :D :D you sound positive and focused, so good luck for Tuesday :) :)

Pete :)


Good luck for Tuesday nicette40 :)


Good luck for Tuesday nicette :)


Thanks peeps.

Im so ready 4 this.....



I decided before I took Zyban to swap to decaffinated tea and coffee (except for the first coffee/tea of the day) and also to give up sugar in tea and coffee. I wasn't sleeping well before I started on the Zyban so I thought by swapping to decaffinated that would help with my insomnia. I cut down on the sugar as I knew I would eat more of other things (sweets/choc/cakes).

I'm now at the 5 month mark. I do not miss ordinary coffee/tea at all, or sugar in either of them. My sleep hasn't improved but it has not got worse. I have put on 5 kgs, but I'm hoping to start attacking my sweet intake soon and hopefully get back to the weight when I started to quit.

I feel SO much better now though. No coughing or wheezing or smelling foul. Keep going. You can get there!!!


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