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Good morning world it's a brand new day

Good morning world it's a brand new day

I'm packing my bags and I'm going away

Making a move where the living is wild and free

If you wanna be happy then come and be with me!

Peepowpow papapapow

Good morning freedom

Gotta get away

Gotta break away

And whilst I don't know if the words are exactly right fairly certain that everyone gets the general drift - get away from and break the hold that cigs had on our lives but no more!!

Absolutely beautiful morning, extremely cold but gorgeous nonetheless. Heavy frost here but can put up with that providing it stops fine. Glorious 'sailor boy' blue sky and Mr. Sunshine made his appearance well over an hour ago. So cracking day and let's make the most of it as today could be our summer!! and if you blink you could miss it!

Day 9 for me today and still can't quite believe that (a) I have got this far and (b) find that as each day passes the craving/urge/wanting to have a cigarette seems not to be popping into my mind as much as it did on day 1. Is this a good sign? Perhaps others that are further down the smoke free road would be kind enough to let me know.

Work again today but a necessity as we all need money in order to survive. Not too bad for me as I do enjoy my job and I only work 7 hours - less on a Friday. Mind you, if I came up on the lottery or some such, wouldn't have any hesitation in giving up pdq then I could join my other half at home all the time and the spring/summer time is supposedly the best time to retire.

Thinking of Sue and sending much love and as many positive vibes as I am able - miss you and know you'll be back on here as soon as you possibly can be if not sooner knowing you!

Attached pic was taken at 6.30 am this morning and then my camera batteries decided to die a death so it was either this pic or none at all so there was no contest really.

Good smoke free thoughts to everyone for today and always remember that by adding thank you after the word NO means that no one can take offence (or a gate come to that - sorree!!) and TIME IS PRECIOUS SO WASTE IT WISELY.

Take care all and happy day!


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As soon as I saw the title to this I started singing the song and now can't stop singing

it! Very clever! Good morning Buttons52 it's nice to meet you! I've been around for a while

but keep falling off the wagon and climbing back on again. So I'm back on day 2, really

gonna commit myself this time!



Weather lovely in Derbyshire although cold sun shining and at least dry. Day 2 starting so far so good although a lot of wanting a cig, will one matter? - yes because that is a downward slope. Keep coming on here throughout day for support. :)


Hello Simba - it's Day 2 for me also...AGAIN...lol! I know for a fact that one will matter,

just keep going - it will get easier as the day goes on!



I am the same Dawn, tried on numerous occasions, managed several days then back on cigs. This has been my life on stopping for over 10 ten years (been smoking over 44 + years so have a lot of time to make up).but when I was diagnosed with BC in December I thought now I must stop but obviously very stressful time. Each day is a bonus and just working through one day at a time. Good luck to you and lots of love Sue x


Simba sorry to hear of your diagnosis,best wishes xx


Sorry for your diagnosis...that's a huge incentive to stop smoking, so good luck and

all the best! I've decided I'm gonna buy an Ecig just for weekends cos that's when

I really struggle, you know glass of vino etc etc. So that's my plan Ecig for the

weekends cos I really don't find it difficult during the week!

Anyway Sue have a great smoke free day - wer'e in this together!

Dawn xxx


Simba and Dawn, I'm the same as you ladies..tried ,slipped,tried slipped..BUT not fallen..as you say each day is a bonus,a day to start a new...go for it ladies have a wonderful smokefree Tuesday :) I am a bit behind but will be rejoining you both soon so I will be reading you both closely :) love and hugs Jan xx


I did stop once with the e-cig and found it very good. I have been to my local chemist who has a stop smoking lady and she has given me some NRT lozenges but I might get another e cig to supplement these cos it is something to do with your hands and feels as though you are smoking without the chemicals. My hubby still smokes so I can have the e cig when he has a cigarette Sue x:)


Jan you will do it, I have been trying for ten years but are determined this time, every day without a cig is a bonus. Will be rooting for you let me know when you are going to try again and will message Take care lots of love Sue :)


Yes Sue my hubby still smokes so I think the ecig will be ideal for me! Jan lovely to hear

from you! Come and join us Jan...you know it makes (as Del Boy would say) lol! Anyway

whenever your'e ready we are here for you...good luck Jan! xxx


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