good morning Im on my 22nd day

Over the weekend I was very close to having a smoke both sat And sunday I was very emotional because I Miss smoking But I did not I stayed stong and said no I have been sick since I quit puffers antibiotics then I felt better Then 3 days later sick again puffers and antibiotics It is getting difficult not to give in feeling so lost :(

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  • We've all been there.just take it day by day. Its like ending a long term relationship. Well I suppose it is exactly that.

    I have found patches and gum got rid of those panic waves of desperation. I'm at week 7 and its really much better.

    You will feel better and go through the mind torture now as its going to ne so much better in a few days


  • Hiya Jazz, as Jim has said we have all been where you are now and please believe it will get easier. Every time you resist it reinforces your brain and you will get stronger. Cigs are not your friend, they are the enemy and you have to fight. It's very difficult to begin with but you have to remind yourself how well you are doing and be very proud of your achievement coz the first few weeks are the hardest. One day at a time and you will get there :) :)

    I found oranges peeled and ready in segments in the fridge help take the edge off cravings and also deep breathing works well. It's really what ever gets you through each craving and helps you feel better :) :) x

  • Aup Jazz :)

    Firstly, a great big massive fantastic well done to you for getting through those difficult times :) :) and you be flippin proud of yourself gal, cos am dead proud of you :) :)

    I have you down as using the patches and zyban, maybe give the zyban a miss eh, if its making you sick :o If you take the tablets with a meal or make sure you eat something with them, then they shouldnt make you sick :) even if its a couple of biscuits :)

    As Jim has said, maybe get some gum to help you at the difficult times or lozenges, quick mist mouth spray, these are all very good and give you instant help :)

    Your doing ever soo well Jazz, you keep strong and focused, keep reminding yourself why your quitting and the benefits you will have :) :)

    Take care now :)

  • Hi jazz, everyone has given you some great advice. I too will tell you, it does get easier and you are doing brilliantly :) :) You should be so proud of yourself as those first 3 weeks are tough and you have survived it :) :)...

    Keep the great are almost at a month quit....and we are all sending ""you can do it "" vibes your way :) :)

  • Take Briarwood's advice....& DEEEEEEP breaths. I call it a clayton's cigarette. The same calming & relaxing effect as drawing on a cigarette, but without the toxins. Don't dwell on the temptation over the weekend. After all it was a victory.

  • Hey Jazz, its hard this quitting malarkey and although you feel like crap now, it will get easier and so will the symptoms.

    Stick with it and you will reap the rewards both financially and with your health :)

  • thanks :)

  • I had 4 chest infections in my first 6 months of quitting.It's horrible and makes you feel lime it's just not worth the effort to quit but believe me it is & it will get better.Just take one day at a time and ever so slowly those days,add up to months ,and before you know it you have a full year.Good Luck and don't give in.

  • this is my 26th day and I have been sick for 20 of those days with a chest infection im so depressed I thought I would feel better quiting just makes me want a smoke :(

  • Hi ya Jazz :)

    I'm so sorry your feeling depressed at the moment :( it sounds like your having a hard time of it gal :o but please remember Jazz, that there is light at the end of that flippin tunnel :) so you keep looking forwards and keep focused on that light, cos when you reach it, you will just love it :) :)

    As for your chest infection, this could also be due to your lungs cleaning all that flippin ermmmm, stuff out of em that comes with smoking all those Years eh :o plus, quite a lot of our members get a sort of flu when they first quit, we nick named it, the quitters flu :D :D

    Just hold in there Jaz, cos your doing ever so well :) :) you see, things will start to get easier and better for you soon :) Hold your head up high Jazz and be proud of yourself, cos am soooo proud of ya :) you go and treat yourself to something really nice and try to get that lovely smile back on your face eh :) :)

    I see it wont be long before am a poncing around them there flippin fields a catching you a new 1 months Winners badge eh :) :) the things I have to do :o but I just flippin loooooove it :) :)

    Your doing ever so well Jazz, so keep your chin up and am sending ya loads a get rid of that chest infection fast, cheery uppy huggs to help you get through :) :)

    Take care now :)

  • aww thanks for your encouraging words!!

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