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A new day

So I only did have one cigarette, ( and a few tears... Bloody wuss) and feel ok this morning, I feel slightly stronger today as I really didn't enjoy the fag I had so am pleased about that.

Thanks for all y our support, it's really helping.

Thanks for telling me that I am still on day 8, I mentally couldn't start from day one again, my state of mind is important.

I'll be checking in today and if I have a moment I'll come to you guys.

Let's just home the gcse chemists don't poison us today with the eggy smells we are going to make... Haha

Happy Tuesday everyone and here's to day 8 (with one minor discretion)

Over and out

P xx

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Good morning miss, Lovely day today especially day 8 . Good job your not the head maths teacher. :D

stay strong and enjoy the sulphur.



Good Afternoon Miss Puppieseatchairs :D

Great to see that you have bounced back. Try and learn from your experience of giving in and having that one cigarette. Think about how you came to have it, the events that led to it. How you were feeling before, during and after. Think about if something similar happened again,what could you do differently or would you still have a smoke?

Think about all the cigarettes that you HAVEN'T smoked! You are doing amazingly brilliantly and as long as you learn from your experiences, then you are onto a winner :D

You can do this! :D


Hello P-S-C

Just thought I would add that sometimes going back and having a cig and it doesn't work / you do NOT enjoy it is GREAT NEWS because the game is up !!!! I did this a few months back and haven't smoked since.

If we have some good days then we must hang onto them because it sure is a bumpy ride.

Be POSITIVE and you can do it... (sorry fine one to talk about being positive but it is coming back ... maybe ...slowly..).


Best wishes




Hi Jonathan, how are you doing? It's normal to have ups and downs whilst stopping smoking. I think I've already said it before, it's okay to feel a bit off, or low too but it really is important to recognise that once this has gone on for too long then it's time to recognise when enough is enough and more of an effort is made to 'pick one's self up' so to speak :D

Great to see the positiveness coming back :D



Thanks EmJay - the posts just crossed. Yes picking myself up and this extra weight which I am going to get rid of !!

Best wishes




Sorry it's taken so long to get back here, god what a busy day. Work and yes jilly, we stank the place out with sulphur, really stinks like rotten eggs, took the dogs to the park with the kids straight after I picked them up at 5.30, this was the moment after work I smoked yesterday so avoided that moment.

A successful day all round. The students at work in one piece, my kids happy and me NO SMOKING!

Actually haven't thought too much about it today.

How's have all your days been?

I noticed some of you are worrying about using nrt, isn't that what it's for? To stop us smoking real ciggys, the patches are definitely taking the edge off for me.

P x


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