Day 7

Hi day 7 for me without a ciggy!!!smoked for 21 years ..40 a day!!set my mind to stop as I'm ill with spinal disease and my surgeon advised me to stop!!!I'm due to have my 5th operation!!I'm very chuffed with myself as all iv used is few pieces nicotine gum a day!!!set my mind to it and did it!!!everytime I get a little desire to put a cig in my mouth I think off the damage it is coursing Me and I'm fine it passes!!

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  • Hiya Shelly and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

    Congratulations on your quit, 7 days is terrific so well done👍🏼

    It's great that you've quit as you'll heal much better after your operation with lots more oxygen flowing through your body. You really are giving yourself the best possible chance, so well done. Lots of help and advice available here and our motto is NOPE not one puff ever. Have a good look around the site and good luck, we're here if ya need us😊x

  • Hi briarwood !!thankyou!!!nope not 1 puff will enter my mouth again!!!I am focused on stopping for good!!!what a horrible habit it has been for so many years!!!from now on my health comes first!! :)x

  • Hi Shelly and a big warm welcome to quit support😀👍 and congratulations on your decision to quit smoking 😀👍👍

    Not smoking will certainly help your recovery from surgery.

    Keep up the great quit you have going there🌺🌺🚭🚭🚭

  • Hi glolin! :)thankyou for the welcome!!!yes my surgeon said I will have less pain and heal better if quit smoking!!I have had a rubbish 4 years off ill health with my spine!!so has been hard to quit as been housebound and nothing to look forward too is hard!!!but iv set my mind to it and I'm surprised how much willpower I have!! :)

  • Welcome shellymarie from 🇨🇦 Congratulations 🎉 You are making a fantastic life changing decision .... I've been on a roller coaster withdrawal but it's all worth it. My withdrawal has been more physical than psychological but the peer support on this site is just awesome. I always manage to get through to the next day. I take one hour at a time. That works for me. We have a saying:

    NOPE. NOT ONE PUFF. EVER!!!!!!!!!

    Keep us post xx

  • Hi arizonasands! :)thankyou!!!iv started with a dry tickle cough and coughing a bit off flem up in the night,but apart from that no physical withdrawals yet!!well done to you too!!!and no!!!not 1 puff!!!:)x

  • Day 7, that's GREAT! A hearty welcome to you shellymarie! The above posts say it all .. so I'll just add -- keep in touch and let us know how you're doing!

  • Hi and thankyou will_c!!I will do!! :)

  • Smoking makes you feel more pain. That's really true, it's been well researched.

    I'm feeling great and I'd like you to feel the same way too.

    Coughing can make you hurt especially after surgery, it's great that you have managed this far using gum.

    I'm using patches and I'm finding it ok. My other half still smokes but I have been smoke free for around a month now!

    I'm taking him to buy patches for going on holiday on Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed I can get him to keep up with the patches.

  • Thanks hun!!!my health has got worse over last 4 years with all problems with my spine and joints!!!having my 5th major operation soon,on urgent list!I just carried on smoking as the only thing I had to look forward too!!but when I think off the health issues and what smoking is doing to me I made my mind up and just stopped!!I just want my life back!!!I'm only 41 just turned and my spine is that off a 70 80 years old!!iv had 3 ops on my lumbar spine and this my 2nd on cervical.i hv permanent damage now so I really need to do all I can to help it!!.I did buy 2 packs off 24 hour patches but not felt the need to use them!!!.your doing well to keep strong around your partner still smoking!!well done!!!I hope you get him to stop with the will feel better then as you will have each other to keep strong and going!!.good luck and let me know how you get on with your partner stopping! !! :).hope you have a great holiday! :)x

  • I'm 43 in 5 days, I've had two spinal ops on lumbar and got step in cervical also protruding discs in thoracic. I feel your pain. It's true it really does help in relieving pain, not magic like but it helps!

    You will recover better without the smokes, it does mean better healing of your scars too.

    Good luck with your operation

  • Awww bless you!!!sounds like you had it awful too hun!!!thankyou!!x

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