Hypnotherapy anyone??

Hi, a newby here but wondered if any of you guys have stopped through hypnotherapy? Have tried a few times and failed but did see a couple of "unconventional" methods I have to say!!! I managed once after an appointment but then a crisis happened and out came the cigs again!! Wondering about hypno again but would like to know if anyone can say it definitely worked for them.

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  • I tried hypnosis to quit,did nothing for me except cost me a lot of money.I was smoking again within a few days.I quit this time using an Ecig and I'm over 9 months quit.IMHO save your money on hypnosis and buy an Ecig instead.

  • Thanks for replying. Yes I will get one, I suppose I just want a quick fix with no effort!!

  • Hi, glad you popped on. Am sure you would be able to buy a really good e-cig and fluid with the money you would have spent on hypnotherapy. Let us know if you get one.

  • I know this sounds like the impossible.. But how about u just stop smoking! That's a pretty quick fix eh.. Consider this.. We have all been brain washed into thinking that only the very strong willed can quit cold turkey! But the reality is all u gotta do is actually do it and stop thinking about it! The stress and anxiety of quiting and the withdrawals that come with it are 90% mental 5% habitual and 5% addiction to a drug nicotine.. In short just getter done man life will go on.. Best of luck my friend.. I'm almost 45 days smoke free! Used the patch for 4 days than I just quit.. And all is well! Infact it better than ever! Smoked for 18 years now I'm like wtf was I thinking...

  • Vizrodge,I promise the quickest fix with very little effort really is an ECig.You'll find a whole load of the good folk on here have quit using them.I was a smoker of 15 day for 38 years or there about and I quit fairly effortlessly tho some will power was required sadly !!!!

    Hypnotherapy is a no brained really mainly coz if you don't quit after one session you'll probably be told you need another one (££££!!!) Read old posts on here about Ecigs,Monky and Pinkiezoom are two others who are using Ecigs and I know Pinkie posted some really useful info.a few weeks back.Welcome to this awesome community of non smokers.Please join us.

  • Hi Vizrodge, a massive big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site :) :)

    I'm sorry but I dont really know much about hypnotherapy and I havnt heard any members on about it either :o but like Helen says, it costs a lot of money !!

    I have tried nearly all the nicotine replacement therapies but I am using the e-cig now like Helen, and find that the best so far :) :)

    Good luck and if you want to know more about e-cigs, just give us a shout eh :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi vizrodge, welcome to the site :D

    I knew a few people who gave up years ago with hypno but don't know whether they are still off them!! I think its like any other 'medical type of therapy' it's only as good as the person whose giving it and how much the receiving person wants it...... I think that if your having something like hypno you would need to use someone that has come recommended.

    I used patches and so far so good for me but most people on here have quit using ecigs :)

    Whatever you choose, I hope it works for you and we will support you in whatever way we can. Good luck with it :D

  • A number of years I spoke socially to a hypnotherapist about their services for smokers and he confided in me that the reason they charge a lot of money for their services is that the "subject" is then much more motivated to succeed!

    Having said that, a friend has recently successfully quit with the help of a hynotherapist (and a new non-smoking boyfriend).

    FWIW I don't think a hynotherapist can deliver motivation but they might be able to help deal with some of the side-effects of quitting.

  • Ah but can they deliver a new boyfriend Chris :D

    Actually that is quite interesting, maybe if we just listen to motivational speakers, that could have the same effect? Mmm wonder if that's why a lot of people have found the Alan Carr book easy to quit with?

  • Naa, I tried reading Alan Carr, I nearly keeled over with boredom, I seem to recall reading a bit then nipping out for a cig, reading some more and so on until I could read no more without falling instantly to sleep. I'd be hopeless listening to a motivational speaker as I'd be sat there thinking all the time "yeah whatever, you'd tell us anything so long as you're getting paid enough".I am probably a salesmans worst nightmare.

  • You and me both Sinfree, gosh am yaaaaaaarning now gal :o is it bed time yet :D :D :D

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated!! Will def try the e cig and maybe think twice about the hypnotherapy. I suppose I just wanted someone to do the hard work for me!!

  • don't we all :)

  • Yup, I suppose we do!!!

  • What I seem to recall is that sadly Allen Carr (sorry if my spelling is off) died of lung cancer from delivering lectures in smoke filled auditoriums.I think (maybe I'm wrong) that he allowed all of the people who attended his quitting lectures to smoke and as such even tho he wasn't smoking he was inhaling second hand smoke and that's how he died.

  • Noooooo that is soooo sad, I didn't realise he had died... :(

  • H, am sorry gal, but your wrong on that, Allen Carr was a chain smoker, he smoked about 60 a day and then, some how he quit :) then he wrote the book on how he did it :)

    But yes he is dead now :(

  • still sad eh :(

  • Yeah, cos he did and will still help a lot of people to quit :) :)

  • I've read his book which is good but on the other hand points out facts/stuff we already know!! Still interesting though. I did think of attending a lecture (about £250) but found out there was nothing but a lecture, pure and simple, nothing else to help you. Thankfully that was from someone else I know who went so didn't pay £500 for my husband and I to go after all!!

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