Daily Chat Sunday 20th Stoptober

Daily Chat Sunday 20th Stoptober

Good morning to you all

Got to say it that "Giving up smoking is the most important thing you can do for your health" and as I head towards 3 months I can say that the improvement to my health has been amazing / wonderful. All sorts of things have happened that are positive and perhaps top of the list is my asthma has got miles better and I can breathe. This means more oxygen has got to the brain & it is starting to work again (well maybe!!!).

I am less stressed NOT more stressed, my sense of smell & taste has come back & time has gone back to being normal - days seem longer but more normal somehow.

Anyway however bumpy the ride is and however many problems you think you have to suffer in order to quit smoking it is nothing compared to what you will gain if you become a NON SMOKER.

Sorry to use this photo again but I think it says rather a lot about this smoking addiction.

Suffer your cravings because that is all part of recovering.

Best wishes



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  • Morning Jonathan , Nice to see you up and about. Lots of encouragement on your post, for our new members.

    Welcome to our latest member Joanne. Sure we can all help her.

    see you soon. :)

  • Morning Jilly

    Sorry !! - decided I would try and open the chat today and we must have both posted at the same time - thanks so much for clearing the way !! (I have been a little quiet recently but still making progress!!).

    Big welcome to Joanne and you "CAN DO IT".

    Best wishes



  • Jonathan I think your doing great. Like Andi cant believe its 3 months. . Well done you non smoker. :)

  • Good morning Jonathan, Jilly and everyone.

    I can't believe that you've nearly reached 3 months J - how fantastic is that! Well done, you've really got the right mindset and everything sounds like it's going your way at the moment. :) Btw, how's that running going then? ;-)

    I thought Pete was going to open up shop early today - he must be too busy in the kitchen getting to grips with his lumpy gravy I guess. :o

    Jilly, is it tiling again for you today? I had planned a run this morning but when I heard the rain and thunder and lightning I stayed in bed - hope it'll be dry at teatime then. :)

  • Doing a little bit of tiling , but family calling to see us later so dont know how much will get done.

    I am about to go out in a minute as the sun has just appeared. dont know how long it will last. Have a good day. :)

  • Are you up now then, or what :o :P :D :D

  • Top of the morning to you Andi

    Yes well most things are going my way - but weight is going the wrong way & not doing well with couchtoooo1k yet!!!

    Have a great day....



  • Aup Jonathan, a great opening pal, and a big well done to you for getting to 3 months quit :) you stick with it eh :)

    I started to put weight on, but now down to my usual 11 and a half stone again :) due to my rowing machine I think :o

    Hope you have a great day tooooo :)

  • Good morning everybody :)

    I hope you all had a good nights sleep, hmmmm, I woke up early, thought I would have another 5 mins, 2 flippin hours later :o :D :D

    Rite am off to cook mi lumpy chilli con carne now :o so will see ya all later :)

  • Just like to say great post. - just what I was looking for this morning.

    I've not seen that picture before and to me it really shows the struggle against the smoking addiction!

    When I stopped this time I really wanted to find something that would give me the resolve to stay quit. Health is the obvious one and money is another but even these in the past hadn't been enough for me to stay quit for long. So this time I spent a lot of time researching tobacco as an industry and to be honest (and although it should have been obvious really) I was shocked at the knowledge that the tobacco industry had about the dangers of smoking 50 years ago and how even with this knowledge they purposely made cigarrettes as adictive as they possibly could to keep us hooked and get our money. There's also a lot of stuff about how tobacco executives wouldn't dream of smoking and how they have to find thousands of people to take up smoking every day to replace the ones that smoking has killed. Its interesting stuff and I would recommend anyone who smokes, is thinking of giving up smoking or an ex smoker to research and hopefully find resolve to quit.

    Start of week 6 today - I really don't want to give any more money to the tobacco executives so wish me luck.

  • Brilliant post Mr Ed., Its amazing how clever the tobacco companies get everyone addicted. If we only knew the amount of poisons in a cigarette i think we would be surprised if we saw the ingredients laid out seperately. Anyway your doing great carry on being positive. :)

  • Aup Edd, I start week 7 tomorrow and have decided that I AINT going to give them tobacco executives any more of my flippin money :) :P :P to them :P :P

    It is a struggle Edd, I know that myself, but we CAN do it, and we WILL do it, all together, with the help on here :) :) Good luck pal :)

    Pete :)

  • Good morning everyone, some great stuff in this thread, you are all brilliant advocates for smokefree living, you make all of us from Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation so proud. Mr Edd you are so right about the tobacco industry, so much money and such influence. It's not only the smokers who suffer, you should get into the stuff about tobacco farming in Africa and how young the children are who work on the farms. Like you say, every year they have to replace the smokers who die from smoking related diseases by young people who can then continue the lifelong habit. If you google Professor Anna Gilmores work you will pick up a lot more.

    However.......you have all defeated the tobacco I dust and are enjoying a happy smokefree Sunday!

  • I think the flippin gremlins are back :P :P

    I'sa ready for em, dusted my spear down, =======>> and sharpened :o

    Sue, you got your spear ready gal ??

  • I have to say that technically it's pretty rubbish this website, it doesn't seem to have the capacity to cope with heavy traffic. Bit like the M62.

  • I think it's a bit like before, if someone else has hit the reply button, it can't cope with too much in one go heavy traffic, like you say. :)

  • Soooooo where the flippin eck are you now then Andi !!

  • On my sofa.

  • Ohh yes ;) :D

  • Sin, did you get out on that lovely bike of yours today? :)

  • No, was babysitting all day long. Did 20 miles yesterday tho. I think a new saddle would be good, it was a bit pointy :o

  • Mine's a lovely big one with springs in it. Who needs gel? :o :D :D

  • Haha. I used my gel seat cover over the pointy seat but it was still like sitting on a bloody thistle :D

  • :D :D :D know what you mean gal :o

  • Whoooooooops, their you are :) :)

  • Mmmm - just fancy a chocolate now. ;-)

  • Well ya cant ave any, cos you ate em the other night :P :D :D

  • Hmmmm, think I'de best scarper and leave you 2 girls to it eh :o

  • No I didn't - just had 4 and I think I might just have one more. :) (Have to be careful of my figure!) hahahahaha!!!

  • What 1 more box :P :D :D

    Hey Andi, am sure you dont have to be toooooo careful do you :o with all that exercising you do, you can soon get rid of em :) :)

  • I think that's the falacy that most people fall into. They think that because they exercise they can eat more. However, if you comsume all those extra calories you've managed to work off, you will never loose that extra weight. I used about 433 calories on my run . Unfortunately, there is nothing on the box to say approx. how many calories are in each chocolate. :( ;-) :D :D

  • :D :D Andi, your a one gal, but a loves ya ta bits :) :)

  • Pete, saw your question on the other side! :o I ended up staying home all day cos every time I thought about going out it turned very dark and rained a lot - as in torrential! In the end, I went out at 6 o'clock and managed 3 1/2 miles, had a nice dinner when I got back so don't feel too guilty about the chocs. :)

  • Yes Andi, you enjoyyyyy some chocs gal, cos you deserve em :) We've had some rain, but you could see over the fields that other places have had a rite good storm, you could hear the thunder, but we just seam to have missed it today :) :)

  • I was geared up in my head that I might get wet on my run but it didn't happen. I'll get caught one day but if I can wimp out of it then why not? ;-) Lots of people say they enjoy running in the rain and I'm sure that when that happens to me I will enjoy it too. Apparently, you feel like a big kid and can go running and jumping in the puddles. :)

  • Well I'm going to love you and leave you as I'm doing this on my phone and I'm going to read my book as I've not read it for ages cos have been playing animal crossing but I'm bored of that now. Night Pete and Andi, sleep tight, watch the mice don't bite :D

  • Nite nite Sin, enjoy your book, sweet dreams. :)

  • Nite nite Sinfree, hmmmm, animal crossing what then ??

    Enjoy your book gal, and have a lovely nights sleep, and let all your dreams be nice ones :)

  • Ahhhh, their you are Andi :)


  • :D :D :D

  • Hey it looks just like you, dont you think :o

  • Yes, it really does - over 50 years ago now though. :D :D

  • So, you're down to 11 1/2 stone now then. I thought you were 11st. 2lbs. when you started out on your quit originally? ;-) Whatever, I think you're doing brill with that rowing machine of yours. :)

  • Well Andi, I've got to say nite nite to you too, cos am up early tomorrow, as am on 6am - 6pm again this week, I think :o take care gal, and you enjoy them chocs, cos choc gives you energy :) dont it :o :D sweet dreams and I wish you a lovely nights sleep, and you wake up bright and cheerful tomorrow :) xxxx

    Nite nite everybody :) xxxx

  • I'm getting tired now so will sign off. Nite nite Pete and everyone, sleep well and see you tomorrow. :) xxxxxx

  • Snap :D :D

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