THURSDAY - DAILY CHAT - 12/06/2014

Good Beautiful Sunny Morning Everyone!!!!!!

And first of all my I send very special belated birthday wishes to the wonderful Briarwood! I hope you had an absolutely fantastic 1st smoke free birthday yesterday and I'm sorry I missed you but I was at the leaving do last night for the 2 girls who have left our team and it was more or less a straight after work thing, got home at around 9.30 and was fed and watered enough to then be nodding off on the sofa so didn't actually get online - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie and I hope you saw lots of monkeys in the zoo! :)

So anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their smoke free journey - I'm still puffing away on the e-cig even though there is zero nicotine in it! I think it's acting like a placebo and keeps me sane! On a normal evening though I have noticed that I am not using it as much so I'm guessing my attachment to it will just fade away - plus I took a tip off EmJay the other day and started playing with a pen which was an excellent idea!!! :) :)

Okay must get off now, but hopefully I'll catch you all later

Have a wonderful smoke free day and stay positive! :D :D :D xx

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  • Good Morning Chrissie and everyone :-)

    I tried to bob on last night but have limited wireless access and my iPad is seriously slow!

    I'm in London at the moment (Big waves to those I may pass ;-) ) and so won't be around until later, although I will try if we get a minute during lunch time.

    Happy belated birthday Briarwood, I hope you liked your badge ;-)

    Glad to hear your managing well on your e-cig Chrissie and that you ad a lovely night last night :-)

    Stay strong and stay positive everyone :-)

  • Yeah thanks Emjay, I love it, you're the best :) Don't work too hard :) x

  • Morning Chrissie Emjay and all

    You 2 are both so busy, hope the day goes well for you, not too stressful

    I'm sucking on my low nic ecig too Chrissie. Think it's the action that's a pacifier etc too. Got some funny looks this last week, think people who don't know Ecigs wonder what you're on!

    Beautiful day here too, 8-) and am so glad. :)

    Back from a lovely holiday, no smoking! Celebrated my 8 weeks quit whilst away :)

    It's funny how these landmarks are so important when quitting, helps keep me going, proud and pleased for every hour, day, week, month, and hopefully, one amazing day, year!, smoke free.

    Keep the faith all, and make it a great smoke free day :)

  • Hi Betts, a big congratulations coming to you with hugs as well for your 8 week quit and well done, I'm soooooh happy for ya :) glad you enjoyed your holiday as a non smoker, way to go girl :) and we missed ya too so glad your back :) x


  • That's so nice :) :) !

    Thank you Briar. Just love it!


  • Hi Betts and WOW fantastic - congratulations on achieving your 8 week quit - especially achieving it whilst you were on your jollies, that is so brilliant!!!

    We missed you so it's lovely to see you again but I really really hope you had a fandabidozy time, and tell me, did you notice if Cuba had changed very much - and did you get some serious salsa dancing in????

    Ok so my daughter and I are heading for the pub to enjoy the evening sunshine in the garden! Hopefully I'll catch up with you all later xxx :) :) :)

  • Thanks Chrissie, I am loving hearing you are going to spend some quality sunshinetime with your daughter in the garden:) isnt it a beeautiful day 8-) ?

    Cuba was fandabulous! It changes every time, so much since first visit 29 years ago!! Always beautiful, vibrant, sunny, rhythms of the music just great. Ahhhhh. It'll be a few years till next time, hope this wasn't the last!

    Have a lovely evening :) xxx

  • Whoops! Just noticed it is the pub you are off to :)

    Should have known :)

    Red milk? :D

  • Hi ya betts, its lovely to have you back gal :) soooooo glad you enjoyed your jols AND flippin smokefree toooooooooo Yippyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) :) :) Of course, I knew you could do it eh :o :D :D

    I see you have got your newwww 2 month winners shinyyyyy badge and it dont half suit you :) :) you deserve it soooo much gal :) :) xx

  • Loving it!


  • Wey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Gorgeous shiny new badge Betts!! Ah it looks so lovely on you - Congratulations sweetie!!!

    Red milk really is naughty!!! :) :) :) xxx

  • Zippedeedoodah, look at me with my shiny new badge :) :) :)

    Got an ear to ear grin I can't shake off :D

    Thanks for your tremendous support, could not have done it without you.

    Woohoo, gonna have a little strut about with this now!

    I Am So Glad I Quit!

    :) :) :)

    Best thing ever!

    Had a couple of hard wobbles on holiday, but managed to get through them


  • Nice bit of bling you got there Betts, suits you gal :D :D

  • Betts whenever I even think of holidays I get the colly wobbles! You have done absolutely brilliantly - YOU ARE A STAR!!! xx :) :)

  • Ah thanks Chrissie, and you're doing sooooh well with no nic, massive respect hun :) x

  • Well done Betts - way to go WHOOHOO :D

  • Thanks so much droopy :)

    Hope you have a lovely evening too :)

  • Hey Vee, Hope your doing ok today and managed to get yourself out into the garden :D

    make sure you get a rucksack with everything your gonna need - hat/sunglasses/sun cream/bottle water/Scooby snacks/flask of tea/book and phone - then you wont have to keep going up and down those steps on your bum :D

  • Hi lovely Chrissie, hope your feeling a bit less work stressed ..... i'm delighted that your still nic free :D

    hope you had a lovely evening with Danielle and not too much red is a school nite :D :D I actually got my milky white legs out and sat in the garden this evening :)

  • Hey droopy!!! Too late, I'm a lost cause, however I had the bestest evening with Danielle and now we are settling down to watch the world cup - sadly I got Nigeria in the sweepstake - not sure I'm going to see a return on that investment!!!

    How are you honey? - it feels like we haven't had a really good chattet for ages - but please just blame Danielle and hopefully we will catch up again properly and soon! :) :) :) xxx

  • Im not in a sweepstake :( to be fair I'm only good at dogs.... :o

    I am however looking to watch as many of the games as I can, love the world cup but hate watching England as its sooooooo blooming stressful.... what excuses do you reckon were gonna get this year or am I being too sceptical ..... :( ;) :D

    OKAY of course were gonna do really welllllll and win the world cup..........YEAH!!! oops sorry think I may have a bit of sun stroke :D

  • droopy we are off to the pub on Saturday night to watch the england game! I just hope we walk home afterwards with a smile on our faces!!!

    I rarely watch a game these days from one year to the next - but it is the World Cup!!! COME ON NIGERIA!!!! ha ha ha :D :D xxx

  • :D :D :D just have loads of red milk and the result wont matter coz you wont remember it anyway...... :D

    Don't know where I'm watching it yet.... but whatever happens will have a few V&Ps :)

  • Droopy come to the pub with Danielle and I - girl power and all that!! :) :) :) - ps the pub is in Sheffield (do you have a passport?) :) :) xxx

  • That would be tremendobloomingfabulous.... I do have a passport (thankfully I just got mine in before the 30000 backlog!!! :D :D

  • ha ha ha - so you are safe for getting into South Yorkshire! Get up here girl!!! xx :) :) xx

  • Good evening Chrissie and of course Danielle toooo :) :) I hope you have a lovely evening at the pub :P :P :D :D Chrissie, I really admire you for achieving sooo much already, very nearly totally nic freeeeee :) I do bow down to you young Lady :) :) xx

  • Dearest Monky, I would love to bow down to you too, but I've had two (count them!) two glasses of wine and it has to be said I'm tiddly - so if I bowed down to you, I could quite possibly fall over!!!

    tee hee hee hee hee hee hee :D :D :D xxx

  • Hi tiddly Chrissie :) :) gosh your cheap to get tiddly, erm, mind you, it depends on the flippin size of the glasses ehhhhhh :o :D :D :D

    It sounds as if you really enjoyed the pub visit with Danielle :) :) xx

  • What sort of example is your daughter setting.... getting her mum tiddly indeed - it's shameful behaviour :D :D :D :D

  • I totally agree! Outrageous behaviour but so so so funny too! By the way, I'm the only tiddly one here!!! :D :D :D xx

  • I hope your near to the bathroom, just incase ehh :o :D :D

  • Good evening Droopydraws :) :)

    I hope your enjoying this lovely sunshine :) :)

  • Hello Mister Monky..... Only when I'm at home as I really don't do the heat very well :(

    How goes it wiv'd you get on with your lozenges today?? I could quite easily have succumbed today as I had massive cravings but just ate a bag of crisps instead....!!

    Need to find some other substitute ;)

  • Hi Droopy :) :)

    I had a better day today thank you, just had the 1 lozz that was driving home, just cant seem to get rid of that one yet :o

    Sorry your having a bad day :( do you know why ??

  • Nope... just had a right old craving.... if it had continued then I would have dug the lozz out of the bottom of my bag ;o

    It is a bit bizarre coz actually feel a bit under the weather today, sore throat and generally feeling yuck :(

  • Yeah, maybe your coming down with something like summer flue :o but we aint had any summer yet eh :o :D :D

    Have you got any nightnurse you could take tonight or something :)

  • no night nurse, day nurse or any type of nurse, am here on my own.... ;) Nope its soluble paracetemal and throat lozz for me - maybe a little vic later (if he shows up.....oh the old ones are just the worse....) x-x

  • Ha ha ha :P :P

    I will send you some warming vic huggs for after the match if you like :) :) xx

  • ooooh thanks Monky :D

  • Thats if I've got the strength after the match eh :o :D :D

  • Get yourself tucked up and spoil yourself tonight.

    You could swap the red milk for some lemon and honey - -- and a tot :)

  • Yeah Betts, she could have V&L&H ehhhhh :D :D :D

  • :D :D

  • sounds gross...... but Ill try anything ;)

  • :D :D :D


    Will this help?

    Vic might like it too?


  • :) :) :)

  • :) :) :)

  • Sweetie this happens to me all the time, and even moreso now, nic free (like you)! You are going through exactly the same thing - just go with the flow - it's not nice but it won't last forever! WE CAN DO THIS!!! :) :) :) xxx

  • Monky, you are doing great with your quit, on the lozenges? How about the evig? That helping?

    Droopy, got to admit a half a chocolate orange just saw me through - don't know who put that in the cupboard, hope they're not too surprised when halfs gone missing :o !

    Got some catching up to do now, ready for the footie.

    Enjoy all!

  • Thank you Betts :) :)

    Erm, how did you know that choc orange was in the cupboard then young Lady ?? :D :D

    Enjoyyyyyy the footie gal :) :) xx

  • It just sort of jumped put at me when i stood there staring in :o :o

    Willdo :)

    All ready!

  • love chocy orange mmmmmmm

  • Droops, I will get you one for your Birthday gal :) :)

    This is to be going on with :o :D :D

  • Man I knew I should have had money on Croatia...... mmmmmmm chocy orange thanks Monky, feel better already :D

  • Oye! Apart from England we are supporting Nigeria on here! It's the law!!! (that £16 I'll win will come in very handy - at least 2 bottles of red milk if not more!!! :) :) :) xxx

  • OOPS sorry Chrissie.... its my age?? have the memory of a goldfissssshhhhh ;D

  • I've always thought it would lovely to be a goldfish - always being pleasantly surprised by something they saw only a minute before! :) :) xxx

  • Ermmmm, yeahhhhh :o :) :) xx

  • :D :D :D xx

  • Enjoyyyyyy the match gal with Danielle too eh :) :) xx

  • It's Danielle's fault - and I think she's fallen in love with Neymar - she likes the pretty boys!!! xx :) :)

  • Well, she's a pretty girl herself :) erm, I dont really know who Neymar is :o but i suppose I will find out in the next few days eh :) :) xx

  • Oh I'm sure you will hear about this young man - he's 22 and he plays for Barcelona for his day job! And yes, I googled him! :) :) :) xxx

  • Yep, defo a pretty boy :) not that I would fancy him Chrissie :o :P :P

    But am sure he is very pretty to a young Lady eh :) :) xx

  • :) :) :) - yes, to Danielle, he's lovely! :) xx

  • mmmmmm Nope does nothing for me.......... tooooo pretty.. I like a man to look like a man ;)

  • Me too droopy! Not to my taste at all, but he's a good player though! x x :) :)

  • What with wrinkles and all that :o :D :D

  • I like a man to look lived in..... oh and bald :D :D :D

  • Well, am defo lived in gal :D and my bums bald :D :D :D

  • I thought all monkys had a hairy bottom ......... ;)

  • ut ur, not meeeeeee :D :D :D

    Got an hairy ed though :o :D :D

  • Just got back to read all you'd been up to!

    Nail painting, the lived-in bald man, and that was just for starters! What are you like? :o :D

    Anyway, thought I'd add my twopennorth with my bald lived in man hero!

    Make it so!

  • OMG I love love love Patrick Stewart..... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Hmmmm, not so keen myself, he has a good suntan though :o ;D :D :D

  • He's recently got married to a woman younger than me..... what is it with you blokes when you reach a certain age eh?

  • If he got married to a woman younger than me I wouldn't be surprised, bit younger than you! Well, I am disappointed in him now :(

    Fallen off the pedestal he has. Clay feet showing now, forget the nail paint.

  • She's about 35....... he's the same age as my mum...73....

  • 73!!!

    Think I was stuck in a 1990s timewarp :o

  • :D :D still a handsome devil though.... ;)

  • Yep, he is.........

  • You got some tips for this fella here? Looks like he needs a bit of help :p

    Fancy she blue ones Monky :D


  • :D :D :D

  • Yep choose dark colours - they go better with short nails..... :D

  • Hey, I thought you were all watching the foooooootie :o

  • I am...... brazil just got a blooming penalty....... was not a penalty! :(

  • Oooooooo of course, you gals can flippin multi task ehhhhh :P :D :D :D

  • We can.... although this multi tasking girllie is going to bed with her soluble paracetemol ... nighty nighty Mister Monky and everyone else, hope you all have a lovely smoke free day tomorrow :D -x-

  • Did you see that goal disallowed? Terrible!

    Nite nite droops! Get well soon x

  • That was never a pemalty!

  • Also don't try painting your toe nails whilst watching the footie..... I appear to have more paint on my toes than on my nails.... :(

  • Ha Ha Ha - i was just feeling that my toe nails could do with a top up! Thanks for the tip! :) :) :) xx

  • I myself dont bother with them, its much easier :D :D :D xx

  • I think I could have done a slightly better job, love the colours though :D

  • Droopy I think you missed a bit! :D :D :D xxx

  • LMAO..... your soooooo funny :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Ermmmm, have you tried a smaller paint brush Droopy :o :D :D :D

  • Mmmmm do you think that's where Im going wrong then?????? maybe it also helps if you don't do them in the dark.... just didn't want any mossies to get in thru the doors :o

  • Well if mossies can get through your doors, then my huggs can toooooo :P :D :D

  • oops best I go open them then :) love a huggggg thanks mister monky :)

  • You neednt open them, cos my huggs just limboooooo underneath the doors see :o :D :D

    That way you can keep warm and cosy, sooooo's not to get another chill eh :) :)

  • Rite you Ladies, I shell love you and leave you to watch the rest of the footie in piece see :) :) xxxxx

    Nite nite and I hope the best team wins eh :o :D :D Am sending you all some keep your tutsies warm huggs to keep your feet warm while you are watching the match, cos I know how your slippers drop off when you get exited eh :o :D :D Have a wonderful nights sleep and sweet leg dreams too eh :) :)

    See's ya tomorrow :) xxxxx

  • please take those hugs back monky.... I hate hot feet... and slippers ........ ewl... :( :D :D

  • Night night monky, night night droopy, night night betts and night night everybody else - I hope you all have lovely sweet dreams and remember NIGERIA to win! ha ha ha :) :) :) xx

  • Night night all. Sweet dreams :)

    Basking in the hugs


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