TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 17/06/2014

TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 17/06/2014

Happy Tuesday Everybody

Another beautiful morning in paradise, or Sheffield at least :)

Fun and games for everyone getting used to the "new" site last night, it's just like when the supermarkets swap everything around so you have to look harder for what you want, I'm not sure Monky ever made it home from the desert last night :D :D :D

Anyway the message today is simple and to the point - believe in yourself and stay focussed. Stopping smoking is one of the best things you will ever ever do for yourself for many reasons but not least your health, never ever forget the reasons why you stopped and how empowering it is to take back control from that nicotine monster - it may not be easy at times but it is so so worth it!

And never forget NOPE - Not One Puff Ever!!!!!

Have a sooper dooper smoke free day everyone :) :) :)

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  • Good morning Chrissie and everybody :)

    Yes Chrissie, I found my way home from the desert last night :D :D

    Well, its 3 flippin weeks quit for me today using a e-cig :) :) although saying that, I nearly lost it last night, had to go for a walk in the fresh air, that did the trick. Thank you for all your comments you sent to me :) :) xxxxx

  • Aw well done Mister Monky on three flipping A Mazing weeks smoke free.... I'm so proud of you Hun I really am :D (although I was a bit worried about ya last night... it can get very cold in the desert.... and thought you might only have had your nighty on..... :o )

  • Thank you soooo much Dooopy, am proud of myself for getting through last night gal, thank you again :) :)

    Nope, no nighty last night, just mi shorts :o :D LD

  • oooh mister hairy legs monky, they must ave kept you warm :D

  • RE this new site !!

    We used to have the '' latest activity '' tab to click on to find out who was online and where abouts they were :)

    If you go to the top of the page you will see your profile name, if you click on that, a drop down menu appears, click on '' News Feed '' that is the same as the latest activity on the old site :) :)

    Good luck :)

  • Hey - it's working! I had to wait a few minutes at the car park for my sister this morning. A week ago, it would have been an automatic ciggie break but I didn't want one at all - in fact, I felt a little sorry for the addicts across the road.

    I actually enjoyed breathing the fresh air! That must be a good sign. Maybe I'm getting somewhere!


  • Aup Chris thats great news pal :)

    You managed to get through one of your ciggie moments, quite easily too by the sounds of it, yeah, I too think you shouldnt be doing that !! when I see somebody else smoking :o

    Your getting there Chris and isnt that fresh air lovely :) :)

    See ya soon, Pete :)

  • Hey Chris...... well done you :D a big WHOOHOO for that, I'm v pleased for you as it's come sooo early in your quit :D -x-

  • Thanks for nice photo Chrissie,

    I'm about 3 weeks, but soo sleepy today, for no reason. I just rested my head on the pillow and slept from 10:00am till 1:00 pm, I'm still dopey???

    I used to use cigarettes to push myself to do things.....wonder if this is normal? It's not like me to be so groggy....smoking was so much easier, at least I was awake....that must be my little devil talking to me....can I be getting ' non smoking' side effects...even though I am using an e-cig ???

  • Hello lovely Terry :) errrrrr I don't think you can count hun, I looked back on past posts and I think you are actually 27 days quit.... tomorrow is 4 weeks.................. WHOOBLOOMINGHOOOOOOO that's fantastic hun :D :D

    You may be a bit low on iron, a sign of sleeping too much. Why don't you visit your doc just to double check :D As you may just need some multi vits with iron... :)

  • Yes, you're right it's 27 days, I checked calendar...I'll take my vitamins, I have some, and wait....my doctor is not my FAVOURITE....not a good listener, let's say I have had great doctors, she is not one of them....too hard to change doctors in Montreal, they are few and far between....some people have none.

    I wasn't tired until I stopped smoking, so I know it will pass....

    If it doesn't ,of course, I'll go....zzzzzzz snore, sorry about that.....

  • hehehehehehehe..... well you must be nearly over the worse of it... I think you have done fantastically and I am sooooo proud of you :D I don't think you really believed that you could come this far and now look at you :D

  • Aup Terry we all know your dopey gal :P :D :D :D what you say, it takes one to know one :D :D

    Yes Terry, it maybe a side effect from stopping smoking, although you are still getting nicotine from your e-cig, you are not getting all those horrid chemicals that are in a real cig eh :) :)

    Terry, please give your body time to adjust to your new smoke free life :) :)

  • Thank you, and I was having such a nice dream, didn't want to wake up ZzzzZzzzzzzz

    Looks like grey clouds and rain, too....


  • I sent this e-mail to Health unlocked last night.

    Hi, I have just down loaded the new forum, which you say is easier than the last one !!!!! hmmmmmmm I must be missing something somewhere !!!

    On the last forum, you could at a touch of a button see who was online at that time, so you could reply to them.

    I could see the responses in the order they were done in..... now I cant unless I click on each post heading separately, which takes a lot longer :o

    I'm sorry if I am missing something, but just dont get it :o

    Pete :)


    Hi Pete,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to test the new version and give us feedback.

    I forward both suggestions to the rest of our team. However, be aware that everyone has their own opinion, so we can only take action on the ones mentioned or voted by a significant number of members.

    Best wishes,

    Pepa Gonzalez

    Operations Project Manager

    Sooooo, please people, if you dont like anything about this new version of the site, then please flippin moan at em eh :o :)

  • Hey Chrissie, thanks for the morning post :D

    Are you and Danielle watching the Brazil game by any chance??? I know that us girls don't like to change our men (we love them all just as they are...) but can you please tell Danielle that when she starts dating Neymar, to sort his flipping hair out.... does he cut it himself or does someone actually use a flipping lawn mower on his head.. :D :D :D

  • Good Evening Droopy - well I have to say she wasn't very impressed when she saw him, she said he's added highlights to his hair now! She was like "oh no, what does he think he's doing????" - I have to say it, I'm not sure we'll be having a Brazillian wedding now! :( xxx

  • I'm soooo glad you added the word Wedding ;)

  • HEYYYYY, another flippin party then :o :) :) :)

  • ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha :D :D :D :D : D xxx

  • aw and I went out and bought me hat....... that Danielle needs to sort her love life out........ she could end up costing me a fortune... :D Chrissie sort her out.. :D :D :D

  • OY Dropy, your not going to Ascot then wiv your new at :o :D :D :D

  • Sorry, Droopy, typo :o

    HAT :) :)

  • Was just going to say exactly the same as Monky - in fact I was going to suggest we all go to Ascot for Laydeeeees day and Monky can come in his nighty????? What do you think :) :) xxx

  • Good evening Chrissie Dearest, if you really want to go to Ascot for Ladddddddies day, then Hi shall take you hall, cos ham hoff this week see :o :D :D xxx

  • You do realise it's ladies day monky business? That mean you have to wear you nighty???? :) :) xx

  • And a hat.....

  • Aint got a hat see :P :D :D

  • or Monky's

  • :P :D :D :D

  • I will dress in my invisibles man outfit :o :D :D xx

  • Noooooooo not the invisible man outfit

  • Yeah, the only thing is, I cant find it :D :D

  • Oh my, another Tony Blackburn joke........ :(

  • Sorryyyyyyyyyyy :P :D :D

  • :D

  • MMMMM not sure Im ready to see monky in his nighty when I;m sober.... actually not sure I'm ready to see monky in a nighty when I'm drunk... :D

    I'm rubbish at horses.... and can only quaff vodka not champagne :D

  • What about the Pimms dear? And In only pick the horses by their names or their colours - if I like either I pick that horse! :) :)

  • me too that's why am rubbish at horses......I have a little flutter & I put a pony on them.... but it s too heavy for the horse so they come in last see.... :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Good evening everyone.

    Congratulations all round for doing so well, especially Chrissie & Mum for 3 months (a whole quarter of a year!) and Pete for getting to 3 weeks - again! ;-) :)

    I was invited to test drive the new site a few weeks ago and raised a couple of issues at the time. It seems that every time they "improve" things, they are never "what they used to be". :o (I sound like a really, really old codger now! :o ) This box, for instance, is so small that you lose your thread when typing something longer than 3 lines, etc. etc.......

    It turned out nice today after a cloudy start. Where does that horrible cold wind keep coming from - I wish it would go away for the rest of the summer.

  • Hi Andi, it was sooooo blooming cold today that I had to wear my cardi at work (when I wasn't having a hot flush).... everyone was moaning that it must be cold coz Julie's got her cardi on :D It's like having a large thermometer :(

  • Good evening Andi and how are you this wonderful evening :o :) :)

    Hmmm, sooooo, its your flippin fault this upgrade site is :P :P :P then :D :D didnt mean that Andi, honest :) :)

    Ermm, you got horrible wind down South then, well, stop bending over then :o :D :D :D

    Am out a here pretty quick toooooooo :|

  • chicken :D

  • You get used to that in time droop, He does daft things like hiding out in people's fridges and ovens. It's amazing that he's still alive at all! :o :D :D :D

  • Yeah, been frozzzzed and cookkkkkked, just dont know why I bother, cos its much easier just hiding behind the settee :D :D

    Dont tell Andi eh :o :D :D shhhhhhhhh

  • Ah a doctor who fan then monky :D :D :D

  • :P :D :D :D

  • lol :D

  • Here's Droopyj s hat :)


    Just incase you get a bit peckish eh :D :D


  • Well my lovelies.... I is off to my bed for a night of bizarre dreams and maybe to dream of Theirry Henry.....mmmmmm :D

    Enjoy a smoke free Wednesday and Monky I hope the sun shines on you all day :D

  • Nite nite DroopyJ, I hope all the bizarre dreams you have are lovely ones :) :) loads of luv n huggs heading your ways gal, just hope you enjoy em eh :)

    Take care now :) :) xx

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