Good morning to all you lovely members old and new, I hope you didn`t suffer last night with the gale force winds etc. At least we dont have to stand outside in it to smoke.

Anybody still struggling with cravings or have any queries please ask away on our questions section.

Well I am out most of the day , but will bob back on later if I can get the chance.

Have a lovely smoke-free day. :) :)

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  • Morning Jilly,

    Have a great day, and catch you later.

    Gales not to bad in Kent last night, had a strong urge to have a real smoke when I got in from work last night, so went to bed and slept it off hee hee! any excuse for a power nap :)


  • Nothing better than a cheeky wee nap!

  • you aint kidding :) i see it as a luxury....which is outrageous huh! x

  • I feel cheated if my day doesn't include a nap.

  • LOL, i feel like i have won the lottery when my does contain one :) ... but I am in the office from 7.30 - 5 so probably not the best to get my head down at my desk x

  • I used to work for a local Uni and had to be at work by 8 boss (he had his own office) used to lock his door at lunchtime and sleep for an hour !! Sad thing was he didn't do any of the heavy work that the rest of us used to !!!

  • LOL Helen, that is exactly what my boss does now!!! sometimes he even forgets to shut his door. It can be quite embarrassing!

    Oh on a different note, only 1 nose bleed today, and that was after i blew it, I was annoyed because i didnt even need to, but the OCD in my made me lol x

  • Talking of nodding wheres Emjay. :D :D


  • :D :D :D

  • Stretch.... Yawn.... Here I am! I'm only just in through the door after a long 2 days. Let me grab something to eat, charge my iPad up, get showered and PJ's on and I'll catch up properly :-)

    Speak to you all in a bit:-)

  • I bet you will :P :D :D :D

    Ermmmm, TAXI !!

  • We've missed your smiley face EmJay.Glad to see you're back.

    Al,sounds like some weak vessels in your nose which are just prone to bleeding when you blow your nose.Your G.P.can easily cauterise them with a silver nitrate pencil if they're a problem but GLAD you only had one bleed.My days working in ENT (some of it in T.Wells @ the Nuffield) were honestly some of the happiest days ever,I was in charge of 30 beds ENT &Plastics.

  • Hmmm, no patiences then ?? just beds :o I reckon I could look after 30 beds eh, as long as they dont moan at me :D :D :D

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