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MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 12/05/2014

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you All

I just want to send Jilly lots of best wishes for a lovely holiday, I hope you have a wonderful time!

Well yesterday's weather around here was completely bonkers - it was beautiful warm sunshine one minute, and really heavy downpour the next - but I did get a lovely picture of the ducks at the pond which I will attempt to upload later! :)

I hope today's weather improves for everyone and stays bright and shiny and completely smoke free!

Just keep remembering NOPE!

Love Chrissie xxx :) :) :)

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Morning Chrissie :)

Yes, got all fingers crossed for some good weather for jillygirl. It is crazy weather here too. Putting me out for my morning quit walk unfortunately. Might need wellies, like andi said yesterday :( tho she didn't need them in the end. Here's hoping!

Great win at the match yesterday, so celebration time then, and at the party Saturday :). Phew!!

Have a lovely day everyone, stay smoke free whatever the weather x


Hi ya Betts :) I suspect the coffee's gone a bit cold now :( but hay hoo, I will just have to crack a cannie open then eh, I will just have to manage with that :o :D :D


Aw Pete :)

Shame about the coffee going cold, eh :D :D Hope there were a couple of cannies left from the party ??

It's been wall to wall celebration for me since you kicked it all off in your garage Saturday night 8-)

Thank you again for that. Hope it's all tidied up now?



Ha ha ha Betts thats about what it looked like :D :D :D

Am glad you enjoyed it, its a laugh and it takes our minds off ermmmm, other things eh :) :)


Morning all, hope you all had a lovely weekend and a smoke free one.

This weekend was the first weekend i have not missed cigarettes, which I didn't realise until last night, I hadnt thought about them :)

Had a nice weekend, went into London to an art exhibition and then popped into selfridges :) x


Morning Pinkie, way to go hun, so glad you didn't miss the smokes, I have that to look forward to sometime, just don't know when :D :D x

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Aup Al, thats great news gal, am soooooo happy for you :) :)

Am so glad you had a nice weekend, its about time eh, you deserved it :) :) xx

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Good Morning everyone, glad you enjoyed all your celebrations this weekend Betts :) hey Chrissie I was watching you from the pond :) Jilly have a fab holiday :) quit support members new and not so new - when the going gets tough don't give in to old nic :) We can do this, YES we can :) thanks for coffee Betts :) x


Good evening everybody :) :) wow its been a flippin looooooooong day today :( :(

Chrissie, is this the pic you were going to put on with the ducks in a puddle :o :D :D


Gosh its been quiet on here today, hmmmmm, now who's on her jolls :o :D :D


Err no, you were obviously at the kiddie pool, I was with the big guys!!!

Please see my alternative post!! :) :) :) xx


Yep, just spotted it Chrissie :)

I think Briarwood likes puddles better :o :D :D xx


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