MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 14/04/2014

Happy Monday Everybody!!!

Well it’s the start of another smoke-free week so I hope everyone is feeling upbeat and ready for it.

I’ve got a question for everybody to think about. What was the first “positive” thing you noticed when you stopped smoking?

Mine was my pink tongue!!!!! :D :D :D

I noticed it very quickly, like 24 hours, and I was so happy when I saw it, I just loved it! Ha ha ha Did anyone else notice their pink tongue by the way?

Okay it’s time to get ready for work, but I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll catch up with the chat later! And remember the mantra – NOPE – not one puff ever!!!

Love Chrissie xxx

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  • Good morning Chrissie,

    One of the first positive things I noticed was sense of smell. I could actually smell things like flowers etc, without having to go right up to them.

    Another positive was money in my purse. :) :)

    Have a good day. xx

  • Good morning everyone, I struggled with that question, til I saw jillys answer. Yep definitely a rapidly rising bank balance and walking past the big long queue at the cig counter in asda and thinking ha, I don't have to stand there for the next 10 minutes.

  • 3 weeks!!! 3 weeks!!! Im so happy this morning we have made it to 3 weeks!!! :) As I have said before...and I hate saying it but I haven't noticed many good things from stopping...mainly bad things! No sleep, emotional., irritable and sad. Only slightly better breathing when excercising.....but I know in my heart im doing the right and best thing for my health and family....and I suppose one good thing is I don't have the feeling guilty everytime I lit one up :)

  • Fabulous Mummy, plaster a big smile on your face and go and drink in some of that lovely fresh air. Soon be 4 weeks and a shiny badge for you. :)

  • oh and the bad dreams!!! Still so many one I started smoking again...I felt so bad when I woke!! Then was happy once I relaised I actually dreamt it and hadn't!! :) my post again and sound like im really being negative!!...... Just been hard as you all know!! But im happy to say most def not thinking of fags all the time like the first week, so im pleased about that.x

  • Good morning Chrissie, Jilly, Sin and everyone.

    I had to buy a new handbag. One that didn't have enough room to hold the fags and lighter. I still find it weird not having to have my bag with me 100% of the time. :)

    Another beautiful morning on the south coast, it doesn't look like there's much wind either so I'm going to get my bike out. Sin, are you coming? :)

    See you later - weeeeeeeeee! :D :D

  • It was sunny here today andi but still flipping cold. Was nice this afternoon but had to go to my daughters with grandchildren, so unless I had one of those trailer things that you tow behind I had to go in the car. Perhaps I may get chance tomorrow.

  • Good morning, well done minder mummy on 3 weeks smoke free. I could smell better and that's the only thing that springs to mind. I bought strawberries at the weekend and I could smell them, lovely. Hycathinths in the garden smell beautiful and the downside is smelling other people smoke......yuk! I had weird dreams last night and seemed to be awake more than asleep, so thanks Chrissie for reminding me to think of the positives. X

  • Thanks for sending me some sunshine andi, I'm going to feed the birds, the cat and have a little potter around the garden. Then I'll head on up to the gym and have a nice swim. That always makes me feel better. What you up to today jillygirl? X

  • Is the sun shining for you sin? Any plans for the day?

  • haha, 13 hours later, sorry I only just saw your question. I was busy, busy this morning doing my washing and hanging it out cos yay - it was sunny and is meant to be sunny again tomorrow. Ooops, its 11.00pm, not supposed to be here :D

  • Nite nite

  • Night.

  • Yes, not easy, so thanks Chrissie for the positive reminder. Like Briarwood I've been awake most of the night, horrible, ans nasty dreams, so good to be reminded to look for the positive. Well, it has to be better air, not smelling the smoke, in the room in the house where I had what felt like a guilty fag. So lack of having to feel constantly guilty too. Stop beating myself up now? That's good. Also the room's warmer cos the window can be shut.

  • Having said that it's a Fine sunny day, and you've also reminded me to get out there, get some exercise and enjoy it :)

    Thank you.

    Coffee to get us going? All welcome :)

    Have a good day all!

  • Coffee please, 2 sugars :) i will bring the jaffa cakes x

  • :) x

  • Sunny and warm here in Kent...again :) one of the best things for me is all the money I have saved, I decided to quit at the point in my life when I COULD afford to smoke lol!! typical huh! All the years i struggled by and finally get a decent job with a good wage and so dont have to worry, and decide to quit lol! That is soooo typical me :)

    I have never failed to put my ten pound note in my clear jar and now have over 500 quid in there! So i will also appreciate my new white teeth when I get chance to use the money and go and get them whitened.

    Have a great day everyone and stay smoke free :) x

  • Booking now to get teeth cleaned and money's going in the jar :)

    Cooking on gas now!

  • Hey Chrissie,

    I have to ask.

    What colour was your tongue before?

    My first positive sign was sensefof smell and taste returning. Although I'm not sure if that is a positive sign giving that I'm now back in love with food!!!

  • Oh good one about Chrissie' tongue, now I want to know the answer to that too,

  • Tee Hee! :D

    Can't stop sweetie it's Danielle's birthday meal tonight so I've got to get ready but will hopefully catch up later xxx :)


  • Not sure if I've hit a positive sign yet, but I have noticed my sense of smell improving, and of course my purse!

    And the dreams... (luckily not too freaky..), did not realise they were part of it all. Have been having really vivid ones that I remember very well when I wake up. Most unusual for me.

  • Well I'm absolutely astounded - not one other person noticed how pink their tongue was! I had my last cig on Sunday night, did not smoke at all on Monday and when I got up on Tuesday morning I noticed how pink and healthy my tongue was! It actually made me laugh out loud! Morriemoo it was either pasty looking or yukky nicotine looking I think - even after I cleaned my teeth - I didn't really notice how bad it was until I saw it looking so good! :)

  • Alli7 it's so lovely to meet you and a massive welcome to the site - the dreams are definitely a sign that the body/brain is recovering from the effects of smoking - ask Jilly, she has great information all about it! That in itself is a positive sign although I think poor mindermummy has been suffering nightmares which isn't very nice1

    I'm sorry I have to pop off now, it's my daughters birthday and we are all going out for tea tonight to celebrate and I must get ready. But hopefully we'll catch up very soon and congratulations, it really is a fantastic thing to do :)


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