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THURSDAY - DAILY CHAT - 05/06/2014



Well I've just been reading last night's banter and it had me laughing out loud! Droopy, Briarwood, Fresher and PSpur and let's not forget our Monky - particularly the vision of Briarwood throwing Monky in the deep end of the swimming pool - there were tears running down my face! :D :D :D

I love the banter on here, and I have to say that chatting on here when you are not feeling great really does make you feel so much better very quickly. It's like it completely takes your mind off your craving so you forget all about it. It's the perfect distraction therapy - plus everyone is there for support when the need arises.

So, particularly to newer members, never hesitate to join in the chat, these are not exclusive anyone can join in and it will really help you to get through your day/evening if you are sturggling.

Have a truly wonderful non smoking day everybody and hopefully we'll catch up later

Love Chrissie xx :) :)

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droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Hi Chrissie, I have a question.... WOT ARE YOU DOING UP SOOOOOOO EARLY???? your suppose to be on your hols....Got a hangover wobbly walker :D

I'm not normally on here this early myself but due to getting hooked on the various discussions going on last nite (Monky in the deep end was a particularly funny moment, Briarwood you are sooooo funny), I forgot to put my washing in the drier DOH! So had to get up and put it on this morning and am waiting for my jeans to dry...(well I do have more than one pair but when you put on 10lbs you need your comfy ones :D )

So it gives me a chance to come on here and say 'Good Morning Everybody' The sun is out and shining down gloriously in my part of the world :8 We have one smoke free day behind us and another just starting.

Wonder what lovely memories today will bring :)

Have a supercalafranchalisticexbaladocious day to you all :D (really not sure about my spelling..!!! )

Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Morning all,

Lol at forgetting to put your jeans in the dryer, i have actually lost weight, more to do with with bad men choices than dieting, but all my clothes still feel tight too :(

Sun is shinning in Kent today, shame it didnt shine yesterday when i was at Chessington for my friends little ones 1st birthday huh! we got soaked lol, but didnt spoil the day and was lovely to get out and about.

Wedding in Southampton this weekend....with the EX :( deep joy, but we agreed to attend etc before he turned out to be a .... well never mind lol!!! So wish me luck for that!

Have a great day everyone xx

TerryOR3 YEAR WINNER in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hope everything goes great at the wedding.....don't let the EX get to you,

Just try to have fun......blow vapor in his face and just smile..ha!ha!

My fingers are crossed for you......spoil yourself Pinkiezoom!!!

monkyAdministrator in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hey, Al, I know I'm a bloke, but it dosnt stop me wishing you luck for this weekend gal :) :)

I'm not sending you any pulling huggs to help you though, cos you could pull the best man with your eyes shut and your hands tied behind your back see :) :)

Just please remember one thing, FLIPPIN ENJOY YOURSELF Al :) :) :) xx

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hey Pinkie..... maybe that's where I'm going wrong.... I usually just eat my bad men choices hence the extra pounds :D :D :D :P

Your one braveheart but know you can do it hun, You'll look drop dead gorgeous and smell sensational although set your sights higher than the best man, your worth more than that (go for someone with pots of cash lol ) Have fun at the wedding coz that's the last thing he'll expect...The new scrumdillydooley you :) :D -x-


Morning Chrissie , dj , al and all

It's sunny and hot here but I am in spain ☺️ But sadly am coming home tonight


Oops only sent half my message just wanted to say that's a brave thing to do Al.

Have a lovely day everyone xx

Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to Hidden

oooh hope you have had a lovely time in spain, and very safe journey home.

I am thinking of pulling the best man in a "revenge" type of way lol x <<<< joke x


Morning all, yes what are you doing up so early on your holidays Chrissie???? :)

Droopy don't worry bout a few pounds, think of those lovely clean lungs :)

Pinkie you are one super brave lady, respect coming your way :)

Beth lucky you in the sun :)

It's like winter here, Mother Nature is definitely very confused :)

I had terrible nightmares last night trying to save an animal in a swimming pool ha ha :D

Enjoy a smoke free day whatever you are doing, NOPE x

monkyAdministrator in reply to Briarwood

Te flippin he he. :P. :D.

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to Briarwood

Briarwood its a pink tongue like Chrissie that I really want -well maybe next week when I go nic free.... (fist firmly in mouth..) :D

ChrissieG in reply to droopyJ

Did you see that lovely dog's pink tongue????? Mine obviously isn't as long as that (I'm guessing Monky's is though!!!!) ha ha ha xx :) :)

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to ChrissieG

OOH Chrissie I almost peed my pants :D :D :D :P

ChrissieG in reply to droopyJ

Oh how bizarre, when you see what I 've just written on the other post!!! ha ha ha ha ha - Tena Lady all round please!!!! :D :D :D xxx

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to ChrissieG

Well we are at that age :( :P :D


Good morning to you all xx

Hmmmm, I can see that your having a laugh at my expence already ( sticking tongue out at you ) Huh, see if Im bothered see.

Hey, DJ, I hope your jeans havnt shrunk toooo much ha ha ha ha.

See you all later, I hope xxx

Hi there gang. Nice to see everyone still going strong. :)

Good luck going to the wedding Al, you'll manage with flying colours. :)

I see a few of you are going on about the weight, well I weighed and measured myself the other day and I'm finally back to what I was before I went to Australia last November. Next step, getting another couple of pounds off to get back to when I first started seeing my personal trainer a couple of years ago. :)

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Good for you Andi ....errrr personal trainer - ouch! -x-


Sooooooo, you've all flippin woke up now then, cos am about to go to bed eh, and not a flippin water bed either seeee :P :P :D :D

Hmmm, I also see that your taking the p out of me toooo, HUH typical flippin Women :o kick an old boy when he's sinking eh :P :P :D :D not bothered am not seee, cos am a man, I can take these things :o

ChrissieG in reply to monky

Err 'scuse me! Nice to see you Mr Monky! And anyway, the german shepherd guard dog would have rescued you from sinking after all - or possibly he could have eaten you I suppose.

But anyway you are fine and that's wonderful!! :) :) xxx

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Yea yea whatever Monky.... :D :D just in from dinner at my friends - home made Chicken Pie...mmmmmm delicious :D Nighty Nite Hun, hope you've had a good smoke free day :D

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