MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 02/06/2014

MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 02/06/2014


Well isn't this just typical, the first day of my annual leave and I am up and about at 5.45 am and that is without the benefit of an alarm clock! The sunshine seems to have disappeared though but it doesn't feel cold so hopefully it will brighten up and be a lovely day!

Well I have to admit to having "felt it" a bit last night. I'm mixing the 0.6/0.0% nicotine liquid but to be honest is was mainly pure 0% yesterday, so by last night I was feeling it a bit. I was chatting to a friend on facebook and she said something nice to me and I just burst into tears!!! Yup, it was getting to me :) Crickey I've just realised something, if she had said something horrible to me, would I have snapped? Oh dear, I must try to remember not to bite people's heads off as I go through this!

In spite of the "difficulties" I have absolutely no intention of succumbing to the deadly weed - the mere thought of filling my lungs with toxic smoke again just horrifies me, especially as my airways "feel" so clear now, unlike when I was smoking! So I've got this! As irritating as it is to have thoughts of smoking a cigarette going around in my head, I KNOW I'm not going to do it, I'm in control and it's just another battle I have to get through as I finally withdraw from the nicotine completely, and one thing I know for will get better! :)

Oh my gosh, wish me luck people!

And have a wonderful smoke free day!

Love and Big Hugs

Chrissie xxx :) :)

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  • Hi Chrissie sorry you are having a little struggle me too it is hard but so worth it. I will be 5 months soon unbelievable.

    I got up this morning and made a cup of coffee and then looked at the clock, 4.30 am!!!

    Must be excitement as I am off to Sorrento later today we are flying to Naples and coming home on Eurostar will be away for 10 days.

    Enjoy your time off and enjoy being smoke free x

  • wow your hol sounds fab :) have am awesome time hun xx

  • EEEEEEK KC, I'm so excited for you - I hear that Sorrento is stunning! Have a truly fabulous time and Congratulations on your fantastic achievement - nearly 5 months - WOW!

    Big hugs.....Chrissie xx :) :)

  • Good morning Chrissie and all.

    sending you loads of good luck huggs Chrissie, and a big WOW. WEEEEE for reaching 10 Weeks quit xx

  • Good Morning Everyone and Happy Monday!

    Chrissie, 10 weeks for both you and Mindermummy! :D :D Wowser, where has that time gone? With regards to how you were / are feeling it can be pretty normal for these feelings to occur around this time :-/ Remember those nicotine receptors in your brain? They become quite demanding during the life of a smoker. Now that you have reduced the amount of nicotine that you are having, they are throwing up a fight to try and get you to feed them more! Stay strong and ride this wave :-) You'll soon be getting that 3 month Winner's Badge ;-)

    Pete, you're pushing fast past your 1st week and it's looking like you are going to bounce into week 2 :D

    KC, ooooh lucky you. It's great what you can spend your hard earned cash on instead of lighting it up and watching the smoke! Avere una bella vacanza! :D :D

    Al, did you book yourself another little cheeky trip away? Also, I forgot to ask whether your cat had shown up yet? I was speaking to a friend last week who's cat had been missing for over 3 weeks. He just bounced in early hours of the morning and woke her up to say hello, just like he'd never been away!

    Lots to do today, I'm playing catch up here in the office :-)

    Best that I get the kettle on first though eh?! Anybody fancy one? :D :D

  • Hi Emjay, yep its 1 whole flippin week tomorrow gal :) :) :)

    I'm not saying its been easy, cos it aint :o erm, I think I'm getting used to the e-cig now, although saying that, I'm munching on loads a flippin mixed nuts and raisins :o ermmmm, Its flippin weigh day for me tomorrow when I get back from work, soooooo, lets just see how much I have put on in a week eh :o :|

    I've only had 2 lozenges at work today, which I'm very happy about, I needed them after I had had my breaks, so I am trying to think of a way to deal with that at the moment :) Also, I have got to give my van a valet, cos even though I havnt smoked in it for very nearly a week, it flippin stunk of fags this morning :P :P sooooo, that will keep me ermmm, out of mischief for a bit next weekend eh :D :D :D

    Emjay, you put them tutsies up and chillax eh, cos you've worked really hard today gal ;) :D :D see's ya soon :) :)

  • Hi all

    Hope you're all well?

    So I stopped last year for almost 2 months then went back to smoking after getting drunk one evening and allowing myself to have one.... could have kicked myself because as you all know one cigarette turned into two and then the next time I was out I smoked again and before you knew it I was smoking every day again.

    I stopped at 10pm last night and I've gone cold turkey again. I've got a huge nicotine monster screaming at me but I'm trying to ignore it, have stuck my ear plugs in and not paying attention. Just one more day to go then nicotine out of my system and then it's just a psychological addiction.

    I've written a list of the reasons I want to stop and I am re-reading it frequently to remind me. That and drinking lots of water and green tea.

    Sending big hugs to all those who are struggling or thinking about smoking.



  • Hi Bee

    and welcome to this lovely site, when i was struggling i used to come on here and ramble on and would find the distraction really helped. Although i am not as brave as you and couldnt do cold turkey, so massive respect to you :)


  • Hi bee

    Welcome back. I think last time was just a rehearsal for the main event. You sound focused and determined so that's brill just get today over with and as you said the nicotine should be all but gone then the fun starts!I'm still taking your advice with the green tea it's my little pick up sometimes I have yellow as well for a change. Take care and keep in touch xx

    Ps please ÈmJay could I have my ten month badge thank you xx

  • Fantastic Bethjayne, double figures wow :) amazing :)

  • Thank you xx

  • A massive well done you you for 10 months, amazing :)

  • Way funny and just what I needed right now : ) Thanks for sharing with me. Hope you are well and having a good day. Day 2... I'm looking at the happy duck for inspiration. Hugs


  • Hey Bee, lovely to hear from you. Great that you have now jumped back on the moving forward train :D It sounds like you have learnt from your last practice attempt and are putting everything into this time round :-)

    Remember that there are a few things that you need to go through to make everything seem worth it, but stay strong and you'll get to where you want to be :-)

    Welcome back :-)

  • Hi Emjay

    Not booked anything just yet, got 2 weddings this month, and 4 birthday parties so i better see how much cash i have left before i spend it on myself lol!|

    Yes my cat came home 3 days nothing was wrong, although she has been much more social since her return which is a bonus :)

    Oooh i hit my 4 month mark on sunday so a new badge is order :) cant believe how fast the time is flying. Thinking i need to set up a plan to get my nicotine reduced soon though. Although just had my migraine medication changed today, so maybe leave it until i have dealt with any madness that may cause me ( i know i am the queen of excuses lol ) xx

  • This is for you Pinkie

  • awww thank you x

  • Bee WELCOME BACK, You've been missed, hope the nicotine monster isn't gonna be too troublesome this time round.Al, HOW bloomin selfish am I forgetting to ask about the cat, glad she came home, expensive month for you huh !! but a really good excuse to PARTY :-) KC, guess you're gone by now but have a fab time in beautiful Italia,Chrissie, remember what I said about coming off the nicotine too soon, just don't do it until you absolutely KNOW that you're ready, there's no shame in waiting and being successful opposed to going too early and loosing a TERRIFIC quit. Be careful is all I'm advising, it's still early days but you've done AMAZINGLY well and been so positive throughout the whole thing Well done you. EmJay, have you booked your hol yet and have you heard how Jilly is?

    Today for the first time in a while I'm proud of myself, FitBit says I've walked 8.32 miles and used up over 2,000 calories,I went back to the gym. Tonight I will have banana custard !!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to everyone out there, stay strong everyone. H x

  • H heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooo honey, i was just thinking about you today hun :) all good i hasten to add x

  • This is for you Helen

  • Didn't have cream with mine and had to be happy with low fat custard but it was yummy!! THANK YOU for the pic,sure made me smile.Hugs H x

  • Well I think after 8 miles you deserve the one I sent you :D you must be superwoman :) x

  • So far ok although I've had two super strong cravings, the one after lunch was particularly difficult but riding it out. I even went out and bought cigarettes for someone else but I've resisted so far. It was a good test of will power and I found it quite satisfying that I didn't touch them.

    Tonight am doing Pilates then a 4 km walk home to stop me thinking about smoking so much. Need to think about the reasons I've stopped and not give in to some silly urge. Fact is I hated being a slave to smoking and doing something utterless pointless that is killing me and expensive to boot. I read on a friends FB wall that over 280 people a day die in UK of smoking related diseases... I don't want that to be me and my loved ones kids. Thanks for all the support.

    Yellowsnowdrop that is awesome that you've walked 8.32 miles! You can definitely have cake tonight after that super work out. I must say it felt great to walk up London's 2nd longest tube escalators and get to the top, was wheezing a bit but I would never have tried to walk up them when I smoked.

    Have a lovely afternoon all


  • Hi Chrissie and everyone :D

    I am struggling big time today, I have had cravings all day and do not know why :( just double checked that I have got a patch on

    Ive had the work day from hell which hasn't helped and only just got in from work... :( :(

    Am currently munching my way through a bag of Haribo Starmix as could easily go buy cigs............... :( this is the lesser of two evils, although have put on 10lbs in the last 11 weeks. :x

    I may have to put my jammies on to stop me going back out........ :( :( :D

    Tuesday better be a better day -x-

  • JULIE, put them flippin jammies on gal, cos you aint going no flippin where tonite seeeee :P :P :D :D :D

    Plus I want a chat seeee, cos its flippin Monday eh :o :|

  • Evening All - so...what's going on ere then?

    :) xxx

  • Hiyaaaaaa, you 10 weeeeeeeker you :) :) :) xx

  • Hello lovely lady, how you feeling today? you back on the red milk yet? I'm just having a right ole bad day with cravings and work :( I'm eating like fool & Monky's trying to get me into my jammies :D :D :D apart from that nothing :D

  • Well I haven't actually had any anti-bs since yesterday as my mouth/throat and ears feel so much better, so I might just try a little glass of red milk tonight - care you join me? I was having a really bad moment when you described yours, but being on here has helped it to fade a bit now! xx :) :)

  • ps I've got my pjs on too!!! Although Monky had nothing to do with that in my case :) :) :)

  • Damnnnnnn :P :D :D :D

  • Oh you lot make me laugh out loud, you really do :D

    Hope you finished the course...or Nurse H will be on to tell you off (that woman is A-MAZING).

    Don't like milk, whatever the colour but I could quite easily have a V&P..... :D

  • What's a V&P? I've got vodka, but I don't think I've got a pee? xx :)

  • You need to drink more then :D :D :D

    It's pineapple.... used to drink Orange but used to overdose on vit C and the hangovers were horrendous....Now I just have it with pineapple, no overdosing on Vit C now but the hangovers are still blooming awful :) :P :D

  • I thought you didn't get hangovers with vodka? Or is that only if you drink it neat??? :) :)

  • MMMMM maybe it depends on how much you drink... :D could not drink it neat as I don't really like the taste of it - hence the 'P'

  • Just had one of them :D :D xx

  • what a V&P or just a P..!!!!

  • Hmmmm, I know what a V&T is, but not sure about a V&P vodca & potatoes :o :P :D :D naghhhhhh

  • That's Potchine.....

  • Droopy please please don't coz you are doing brilliant and I'm sending big hugs to make you feel better :)

  • Ah thanks Briarwood....... I know it would be quackers to go out and buy some.. Anyhow I feel sick now from eating a bag of Haribo's :(

  • Nice one gal, a loves ya ta bits a doooo :) :)

  • Julie,NO fags and eat some Starmix for me,if it's any consolation I've gained around 21lbs since last September.Hope you got them jammies on girl,be strong,you can do this.Craving free hugs heading your way.H x

  • Nice one H xx

  • What's this pj party on a MONDAY nite ???????? Oh dear how things have changed around here tut tut tut :D :D can't go away for a couple of weeks without things kicking off ha ha ha :D :D are you responsible for all this monky? :D

  • Nope !!

  • I know.... Im sorry I just lower the tone :D We missed you whilst you were off on your hols :D but you are welcome to join the jammie party as long as you tell us what your fave kids programme was? so long as it wasn't tinga and tucker - that one was just plain MAD :O

  • Errrr really going to show my age now but here goes.......Bill and Ben the flowerpot men :D

  • fffflop a lop a lop :D

  • Weeeeeeeeeed !!!!!

  • Yeah loved the weed :)

  • Huh, typical flippin Woman, if ought goes wrong, its that flippin Monky again :P :D :D :D

    Hey, you had a good holiday :) :)

  • H the starmix is no more....I ate the whole flipping lot! NO fags and NO jammies,,, (don't tell Monky but I aint got no Jammies :p ) -x-

  • Ahhhh, I thought you were a nighty Lady and not jim jams :o hmmm, I havnt tried a nighty on yet, but hay how, thats something for me to look forwards too eh :D :D :D

  • :O :O think I should have stayed in Majorca coz I have a horrible image of you in a nity now :D

  • Oh please don't make me laugh Briar as I think Im likely to be sick... that was v v v v funny :D :D :D


  • Arrrrrrrrr, Briarwood, it would be a big one, a rent-a-tent one gal so all you would see is my ed and perhaps my tutsies :o :)


  • STOP STOP STOP.... my aching side and a bag of eaten haribo's cant take it.........sooooo funny :D

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Briarwood, you are a flippin one, I tell ya gal :D :D :D

  • Just remembered I really liked Noddy :)

  • Ahhhhhh Big Ears

  • Beep beep

  • OK OK OK..... best I go find some ;)

    OOOOOOOH we have a new smiley, I like it :|

    How you doing lovely man? How's your day been :) Got a name for MR ECIG yet? :D

  • Fred !! :P :D :D :D

  • Wow that is so funny, that is exactly the same name that I thought of when droopy asked the question - although I think Frederick!!! :) :) :) xxx

  • Hmmmm, I will have to give it some more thought then eh :o :D :D

  • I still prefer Eric the e cig haha :)

  • mmmm I thin it could be Jed & Wood now as Monky has two ecigs now ....:D -X-

  • OOH I like both or even Freddy :p

  • And the dreamers :o :D :D

  • No, Freddy is perfect, call it Freddy!!! :) :) :)

  • Your wish is my command :) :)

  • Erm, yeahhhhh, but av got 2 of em :o :|

  • Are they different colours? :o

  • Naghhhh, the flippin same :o

  • You should name them after those twins on the X Factor - you know the bonkers Irish ones? :) :)

  • Oh ..... so ones Jed and the others Wood???? :D

  • Ha Ha Ha :D :D :D xx

  • Tinger & Tucker !! :D :D :D

  • What???? is Tinger & Tucker?????

  • Ermmmm, you are obviously a lot younger than I thought :o

    It was a tv program for us kids, back in the erm, 50s, erm 60s or was it the 70s !!!!!

  • Not that much younger than you..... never heard of it though - what programmed was it? I'm a secret squirrel girl :D

  • Ermmm, why secret :o

  • Don't you remember Secret Squirrel? He had tricks up his sleeves that most bad guys wont believe, a bullet proof coat, a cannon hat, a machine gun cane with a rat-a-tat-tat...... :D

  • you smooth talking devil .... :O

    Freddie and the dreamers it is :D

  • Yes, I thought Chrissie was smooth talking as well Julie, you've just backed me up gal :o :D :D :D

  • Freddie....... & Dreamer

  • Monky you are a little monky :D

  • Well actually, I'm only 5' 6'' so yeahhhhhhhhhh :D :D

  • Well, the flippin shops are shut now, soooo you cant go out a get any of them flippin things eh :) :)

  • Well down here in the 'smoke' (no pun intended..) the shops are open 24/7.... but no I wont be going out.... between you and the lovely Chrissie and Jed & Wood, the urge has well and truly left me :D

  • Nice one gal :) :) :)

  • Good goods come in small packages :D

  • I suspect Chrissie has gone for a weeeee, or to refill her glass of red milk, cos she's gone missing :o :D :D :D

  • mmmm you could be right.... Im gonna go and put the kettle on......fancy a cuppa? D

  • it don't work........

  • Ok ok ok but if you highlight it, it will turn blue, then in the drop down menu, click on go to :) try that :D :D

  • Sorry Peeps, I had an e-mail from my daughter who has had her last exam at uni today so she's now finished her 1st year and she's a completely giddy kippers as a result - bless here, she is so happy! :) :) so....what did I miss - oh I'd love a coffee please droopy - decaf if you've got one? xx :) :)

  • Soooooo, you have redmilk and coffee tooooo, hmmm :P :P think I will stick with my lager eh :D :D :D

  • No, the thought of being told off put me off the idea of red milk, so coffee will suffice! I will have a red milk tomorrow night though! :) :) :)

  • lol... don't want you getting that nasty thing back :O but Hey your on your hols so let your down and try getting up at 6am as that sounds like a lie-in for you :) Why is it I cant get up in the mornings for work but as soon as I have a day off Im awake at sill o'clock :(

  • Chrissie, joking apart gal, am so so happy for your Daughter :) :) xx

    Hey, it wont be long before she comes to stay with you eh, that will cheer you up gal, plus the penguin suit :o :D :D :D xx

  • Decaf it is..... WHOOHOO for your giddy kippers daughter.... now they are two great words :)

  • Ad rather have a cannie :) :D :D :D

  • I think I'll call my e-cig 'Charlie'

    It's only around 4:00 pm in Canada......

    All your pajama talk is making me sleepy....

    I love evenings, but hate mornings ( the opposite of everyone I know)

    A night hawk, NOT an early bird.....

    My friend seems to think my ecig is cheating,

    And says she's heard of people who stopped completely,

    And had no side effects......

    ( she's never smoked in her life)

    It is pretty hard to live up to her high standards.....

    If she says it again ( makes me angry)

    I'm going to tell her,

    " I also know people who NEVER stopped,

    And they are NOT here now"

    Sorry if I sound grumpy?!?!?

  • Just love it Terry, just love it gal :) :) :) xx

  • You go Girl..... Your doing fabtastically..... Ecig is not cheating, its helping you to achieve your goal whilst stopping you from having all those disgusting, killer toxins.... I think its hard for people who have never smoked to understand what we go thru' and how it makes us feel.

    My mum always says if she had to give up chocolate or cake she would really struggle, it's her addiction as smoking is ours.

    Maybe your friend has something that she couldn't give up? Maybe you should challenge her to give something up that she really couldn't live with forever...because for us it will be forever..... maybe it would give her a better understanding of what your going thru'

    Keep the faith Terry and stay strong -x-

  • droopy! I just love your made up words, they ALWAYS make me laugh :D :D :D xxx

  • Hear Hear Julie, just magic gal :) :) :) xx

    Gosh, how I wish I had 2 brain cells :o :|

  • Perhaps she ought to try and give up chocolate or alcohol? You hang in there. Regardless of how somebody stops smoking it's got to be a good thing. Sending lots of strength and hugs x

  • This is why I love this site - because absolutely every member completely understands what you are going through without any kind of judgement, in the way that a life-long non-smoker simply cannot understand but somehow believes that they know best!

    They cannnot imagine how it feels to stop smoking because they haven't experienced it, but yet they feel they have the right to judge us and criticise us with less sympathy than they would give to another other addict for example!

    You are doing such a fantastic job of this Terry so totally ignore what your friend says - do not let her undermine you and she obviously has no sympathy so just talk to us instead because we are lovely...honestly we are! :) :) :)

  • Yes, I told her I have a bunch of friends who are going through the same thing as me, ( this site) and understand some of the side-effects ?? When you stop I'm sleepy's awful, ........but she thinks she knows better, so I'll just let it go......

    There's no use arguing with this lady Ha!ha! You'll never win!

    Whatever! ....not important...I'm proud of myself.... :) :D :)

  • Ok Monky hopefully this has worked.... your Tingha & Tucker is MAD

  • Hmmmmm, its a bit like Top Cat do you remember that :o

  • loved TC - heeeeeyyyyyy Officer Dibble

  • tee hee - it made me laugh!!! xx

  • whats your fave old kids programme Chrissie?

  • I cannot tell a lie - I absolutely completely totally and utterly love CRACKERJACK!!!! Wey Hey :D :D :D xx

  • remind me which one was CRACKERJACK..... coz Runaround keeps popping into my head :(

  • It's Friday.........It's 5 to 5 .....and it's CRACKERJACK!!!!! Wow I get excited just thinking about it now! :) xx

  • Chrissie Dearest, I think you need to get out more gal :P :D :D :D

  • Bong, said Zebadeeeeee :D :D :D

  • The Magic Roundabout! Oh I used to love that too - wasn't the guy who made it on drugs or something, you've got to admit that Ermintrude was the most space out cow you've ever met!!!! ha ha ha

    I think we need a new post Monky - this one is getting very very very very slow!!! xx :)

  • Ooohhh well done Chrissy you are doing amazing. You will get their, no pressure x

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