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SUNDAY /DAILY CHAT /06/04/2014


Good morning everyone, First of all thank you all for the birthday wishes. Sorry didnt get back last night, so much company I was worn out.

How is everyone today? PIPPS your doing great now, keep up the good work. Kizwiz asked me if I got any cravings in the 2 years I have been quit. Well may be twice I have thought about having a smoke, but then it disappears just as quick as it came. So everyone it does get better.

Well if it doesnt pour down I am off for a walk to get some fresh air. What are your plans for today, cycling, walking, shopping , gardening or just plain chillaxing. :) :)

Whatever you do enjoy. :)

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Happy Sunday Jilly (& everyone) Looks like it might just rain here but at least we got rid of the fog.Going to walk by the lighthouse I think & then bead to try and get ready for the June craft show.Stay strong everyone & be on the lookout for the nicodemon.Hugs H x

monkyAdministrator in reply to yellowsnowdrop

Hey Helen, its lovely to see ya gal :) :) Enjoy your walk and you keep them hands busy making that lovely jewellery and trinkets :) :)

Am sending you keep warm and dry huggs :) xx

Good morning Jilly and everyone.

Glad to hear you had a good time yesterday Jilly, I bet that Chrissie's nursing another sore head this morning. :o I had one evening with too much falling down water whilst away and can't remember thinking about having a smoke.

I hope all the other PIPPs and people are coping well this weekend.

It's raining down south and hopefully will clear up by teatime so I can go out for a run later. Have a good day all. :)

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning Peeps

Happy Sunday to you all! :)

Jilly it sounds like like you had a lovely time celebrating your birthday - but you didn't tell me about the birthday shopping bit and you know I love a bit of gossip so spill the beans please:)

Good Morning Andi - I do confess that I was out partying again last night but am so happy to report that I feel wonderful this morning! One of the nicest things about last night was my boss also invited my daughters and my youngest did come with me which was a completely unique and lovely experience. I cannot deny I was so proud of that little lady. But alas there was no bum wiggling dancing on this occasion, which I'm actually grateful for as my legs are still suffering from the night before!!!

So today I shall be popping round to see my bestest friend because it was actually her birthday yesterday as well so I shall enjoy celebrating that with nothing stronger that a coffee to drink!

So have a wonderful day everyone and I hope you manage to get out for your walks!

Love Chrissie xx

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to ChrissieG

Now your not delicate I will tell you my birthday shop :- 2 Skirts, 2 trousers, 1 pair jeans, slippers 3 tops 2 cds (lemon popsicles and strawberry milkshakes) 2 lots of shower gel. chocolates and wine.

Oh yeah and a helium balloon with 65 plastered all over it. :D :) (from daughter)

Hidden in reply to jillygirl

Wow, you'll be doing a lot of groovin an a shaking to those 2 CD's jilly. Goodness gracious great balls of fire. :D

ChrissieG in reply to jillygirl

Ha Ha Ha - Wow you did so well although I have to confess that I don't know who Lemon Popsicles and Strawberry Milkshakes are? You will have to tell me more.! But how lovely to have so many new clothes to wear - it will be so exciting to wear them all (not all at the same time obviously :))

Right I'm off for my final, very low key, birthday celebration of the weekend which will actually be heaven!

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and I'll catch up with you again soon

Bye for now

Love Chrissie xxx

monkyAdministrator in reply to ChrissieG

Hey Chrissie PIPP,

Its flippin Day 14 for you and Mummy today Yippeyyyyyyyyyyyy :) you are both doing so so well :) :)

As for the Lemon Popsicles and the Strawberry Milkshakes -

Enjoy your afternoon gal and see ya soon :)

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to monky

Thought you would be old enough for those cds. :D :D :D

monkyAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Huh, poooooooor hubbies wallets gone through it again then :P :D :D :D

So glad you had a great birthday jillygirl and hope Chrissie's head improves today, I too will be going for a lovely walk later, congratulations to everyone on their quit journey this week, well done to the PIPPS all stars, have a fab weekend everyone x

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to Kaprin

Thanks Kaprin. :)


Good morning everyone, well it's getting on for lunch time now but I didn't doss around in bed til 9.30 this morning, I've been busy on my new project, my office. Rescuing it from the sad neglect it has suffered for almost 4 years. Getting rid of ancient old paperwork, ancient old cobwebs, and I'm getting there, be it somewhat slowly.

Anyways Jillygirl a belated Happy Birthday to you from yesterday, hope you had a lovely day. And congratulations on being 2 years quit, fantastic, :) :) :)

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hi Sin, lovely to hear from you. :) :)

monkyAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hi Sinfree, hmmmmmm, just googled your office and well, it dose need a bit of a spring clean, me thinks :P :D :D :D

Hidden in reply to monky

:D :D haha it's not quite that bad, wish it was that empty tho.


Good afternoon Jillygirl and everybody, ha ha love the pic gal, pitty its dull grey and miserable down here in Derbyshire :( but hay hoooooooo, what the hec, its the weekend :) :)

Am sooooooo glad you had a lovely day yesterday, and lots of nice prezzies :) :)


Hi everyone, it's lovely and sunny here today so I've been doing a bit of gardening. My problem is a very sore mouth for the last couple of days so I'm doing salt water rinses and hoping for the best.. . Off on holidays in 6wks time, so that's keeping me focused on my quit journey. Hope you all enjoy the afternoon.

monkyAdministrator in reply to Briarwood

Aup Briarwood, sooooooooooo you've got the flippin sun then :P :D :D I hope you enjoyed the gardening, and are having a wonderful day :)

Hmmmm, about your sore mouth, I've read a post about that, erm, I will nip and take a look through Emjay's draws to see if I can find it for you, see's ya soon :)


Oh I forgot to say if anyone has a better tip for my poor mouth, please feel free, thanks

monkyAdministrator in reply to Briarwood

I've found this, it may just help you :)

Teeth & Gums

Now you have quit smoking, you may find that your teeth & gums are sore, or sensitive

When you smoked, you were literally smoking your gums and throat. Your gums and tissues built up a crust just like if you were smoking a salmon.

When you quit smoking that old, hard crusty tissue will slough off and in its place you will get new, baby tissue, almost like when a baby is teething.

Only about 1 out of 30 people that quit smoking or chewing get sore mouth, gums and tongue, but if you are affected by this symptom your mouth will feel like it is hot and on fire.

Don't suffer with this symptom. It may last as long as 8 weeks.

A student in one of my Nicotine Solutions classes had to have her dentures relined because there was that much of a change in her gums from quitting smoking.

Try Amosan to relieve sore mouth, gums and tongue. Amosan is a soothing mouth-rinse. It comes in a powder and you mix it with water and rinse with it and then spit it out. It is very soothing and you will be glad you didn't suffer with this symptom.

The active ingredient in Amosan is (or rather was) sodium perborate. When mixed with water, sodium perborate yields borate (which does nothing for your mouth) and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.

So, simply mix 2tsp/10ml of common first-aid type hydrogen peroxide (10 volume/3% strength) with 2tsp/10ml of warm water. Then rinse exactly as you did with Amosan. DON'T SWALLOW THE MIXTURE! (Read the warnings on the hydrogen peroxide bottle.) I used this myself last time I had a gum inflammation and it worked perfectly (and at a tiny fraction of the price of Amosan!)

As with Amosan you shouldn't eat or drink for 20-30 minutes after rinsing. And make sure you use a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide, not one you've had sitting around the medicine cabinet for a couple of years and have been using to dab bloody cuts and scrapes.

For more convenience (plus a minty taste) Colgate now markets a hydrogen peroxide oral rinse under the name Peroxyl. I haven't tried it but it appears to be widely sold across North America and no doubt other regions, and if it isn't available in your area you can buy it on eBay.

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to monky

Oh thanks monkey, you're very good - I'll give it a go. Just my luck to be the ONE in thirty to suffer!

Hi Briarwood

I think I'm another 1 in 30 person as my mouth has been so sensitive and sore since I stopped smoking, the lining of the mouth and the tongue actually feels swollen. Added to this I have a recently broken tooth at the back which feels like it is shredding my tongue! I've been using Listerine Total Care mouthwash plus Anbesol (which is just like Bonjela) and putting that on the side of my tongue damaged by the broken tooth helps to numb the pain a bit.

I've also noticed that my gums have started bleeding which I was hoping for more than expecting because that is a sign that the circulation is improving to the gums.

So all in all it's not very nice at all!!! :(

I plan to call the dentist in the morning and hopefully get an emergency appointment because the pain is beginning to get me down now.

I hope your feels better soon xxx

Hidden in reply to ChrissieG

ugh, dentists, my worst nightmare. Hope you get sorted Chrissie. Watch them with that tooth pressure washer thing, I had a dentist who tried sand blasting my gums away, that was the start of all my troubles, the maniac.


Today I decided to take somone's advice on here, but now I'm damned if I can find it so I couldn't tell you who it was. Oh well, I already tried it anyway just before this stupid virus started but then as always got sidetracked. Anyway today I have stuck rigidly to using my e-cig just a few puffs every hour. I've been using it almost all the time of late which is really not good. So today I've set a time on my phone to go 1 hour between e-cig uses and I've stuck to it - yay.

Starting off this morning I was looking at my phone regularly to see if it was nearly "ciggie" time, but as the day has gone on I've not bothered until the timer has gone off - then I've been like oooh phone call, oh yeah, ha time for the e-cig.

So am going to stick rigidly to this plan for a week, then I'm going to start sticking an extra 15 minutes on each week. Yeah I know that's very slow, but am taking a bit of advice from old Leo that to make a habit stick, you've got to make changes so subtle that its no effort at all.

Day 14!!!!!! ;) yah!!! Must admit had another horrific nights sleep...after thinking a few drinks would send me off ok....still woke again with odd dreams!!! Hope this stops soon!! Did have a thought today of sod this...there are more downsides at the moment to positive signs!! But..I'm ok...I won't have one...and ESP made me more encouraged tonight after reading Jillys story. Not having so many urges to have one...after changing that's good. ;)

Hidden in reply to Mindermummy

You are having a bad time with your sleep and dreaming aren't you. I know what you mean about thinking there are more bad aspects to stopping than there are good but you'll get there in the end. Am sure you will feel much better when you start sleeping properly which can't be very far away.

Oh sweetie I do hope your sleep improves, you must be feeling shattered! And because of that you are probably more fed up of it all. From what I can tell from others on here, we really are in the middle of the worst part, once we get through this we will feel so much better and happier!!! I've been on a bit of a downer today but I think that's because it's been a really hectic weekend for me so I'm tired too. My mouth is also very sore and uncomfortable and I'm fed up with that as well. But you know what, it's Day 14 baby so it can only get better and I'm looking forward to doing a happy dance with you! :)

LOL chrissie, you do make me smile..u do love a happy dance.,..hee hee!! That did not sound like u on a downer...but hey we all have those days! Im feeling good today and im shocked how the last few days im not thinking about it half as much as this time last week!!! Had a good nights sleep thou last night...phew!!! XXX

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