Daily Chat: Monday 6th January 2014

Daily Chat: Monday 6th January 2014

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening - depending on where you all are :D

Another Monday upon us already, in fact 'tis the first Monday of the year and for a number of you it is the first SMOKEFREE Monday too :D :D

Remember to stay as positive as you can about stopping smoking, okay so it does have it's lows as well as it's highs but I promise you that as lo0ng as you see each low through, then you will feel much, much better and it will become easier.

Most things that you my go through will be pretty normal and many of our members who have made it through to the other side will have gone through the same. So if there is anything that you are unsure about, please just ask :-)

For those of you taking the cold turkey route, it can be done but just needs you to be extra vigilant during the early days. It does only take around 48hours (2 days) for nicotine to leave your body, however as with everybody - it can take around 12 weeks or so for those nicotine receptors to die down.

If you are finding the cold turkey route too hard, or know that you may need something to take the edge off those cravings, then you can use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) - This may be free if you get free prescription, if not you may still be able to get it at the cost of a prescription. If yo would like to know more about your local stop smoking service then please just send me a private message with your postcode and I can give you their details.

So, what will today have in store for us I wonder? :o Whatever it is, see it in a positive light :-)

Any questions, please just ask and we'll help you all we can :-)

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  • Good morning Emjay, I hope your ok and the weather not too bleak for you. Its amazing how we follow certain routines with smoking isnt it. Reading morriemoos question just reminded me of myself when I first started to quit. I found getting busy on this site was good therapy for me. (Now I am addicted to quit support :D :D )

    Have a lovely day. xx

  • Morning JillyGirl, a cup of tea is here for you :D

    I don't know what happened to my picture this morning but it wasn't the original one I put up :o I've just changed it back again.

    I'll pop over to Morriemoo now :-)

  • Good morning Emjay, Jilly and everyone.

    Like you Jilly, it was really tough not having that first one of the day. I think everyone feels the same at the beginning.

    Have a good day. :)

  • Love the new pic. does this mean you can !slope ! off now. :D :D

  • Yep, off to the slippy stuff on Thursday. :o

  • Morning everyone, Yeah the mornings the bad time still for me. That's when the e-cig helps though, but from this week each time I I get refills I am reducing the nic level down, that's when I can tell myself I am truly a non smoker !!

    Happy Monday, xxx. :-)

  • Morning Andi, Morning Mrssunnyside :D

    Andi, loving your new avatar - when is it you go away Skiing? Winter sun all the way 8-)

    Mrssunnyside, you are heading in the right direction. Just take little steps at a time until you naturally feel confident :-)

  • Given up the sunbathing for a while now, heading for the white stuff instead. :)

  • Where you off to this time ? :)

  • I'm off to my sister's, as usual. :)

  • Hi everyone, I'm Ellie and this is my smoke free day number 5. So far so good but I'm finding myself questioning if I WANT to actually quit

  • Hi Rainbowlilybet and welcome. Well done for managing 5 days smoke free so far. I think you know that you do want to quit and you've come to the right place for help. Just make a list of all the advantages of not smoking and then one of all the reasons why you might want to start smoking again and see which one you prefer the look of. If you then continue with your quit, why not stick it up in a prominent place to remind you what and why you're doing it. ;-)

    Good luck and keep coming here to share everything with us. Andi. :)

  • Thanks for replying, I really appreciate it. I'm battling onwards. I have to do this

  • Hi Rainbowlilybet, Welcome to quit support. 5 days is brilliant. Your asking if you want to quit, perhaps its the nicotine in your body asking you that. Be honest with yourself do you want to carry on smoking and causing damage to your health let alone the purse strings.Have a browse through this site , plenty of reasons to stop. If you need help just ask , thats what we are here for. :) :)

  • Thanks :) I'm battling onwards. I have to do this!

  • Hi ya Ellie, I'm old boy Pete :o it's great to see you on here :) and a massive great big well done to you :) :) cos we all know on here, how hard it is the first few days :o

    Am just wondering why you want to quit ? there must be a good reason for it eh :) Write it, or them down on a peice of paper, so you can read it back to yourself when needed. Soooo when them cravings come, you can tell them to ermmmm, go away eh :o and I mean tell them !!

    Good luck Ellie, we are all here to help :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Some piece of trash thought it would be a really good idea to steal a major part out of my daughters car engine last night. She now has no useable car and no money to replace the part and will have to get the bus to take my grandson to playgroup every day in the rain. According to the local car breakers, there has been a spate of these thefts recently. It's times like this when I so miss smoking.

  • Know what you mean Sin, however it never really solved anything though, Sorry to hear about your daughters car though. There are some awful people around.

  • This is true but I would feel so much better smoking a real cig rather than an e-cig but hey ho.

  • Why would you feel better if you smoked a real cig :o

    Sinfree, if you smoked a fag now, I tell you, you would feel worse than you feel now, cos you would hate yourself for it gal !! so dont even think about it eh :) :)

    There are some rotten erm, so & so's about :( :(

    Just wondering :o how often do you use your car ?? If you were to let your Daughter lend your car, then you could walk to work, or jogette to the shops :) that way you will get more exercise and boost your jog-o-meter up, or what ever its flippin called :D :D

  • heheee. Am laughing cos, ooooh you don't know my daughter. Lend her my car :o it's a lovely idea but.........you want to see the state of her car inside. Sausage roll crumbs like, everywhere, general rubbish, junk, its worse than our dining table was. I went in the back of her car just before Christmas when we went to my grandsons nativity play. Not kidding you it took me about 5 minutes to clear a space to put my feet in the footwell, not to mention brushing all the crumbs off the seats. :D :D :D If she emptied her car of rubbish she would probably save on petrol costs, driving all that rubbish around :D

  • :D :D :D

  • It was the ECU they stole, can you believe that? Proving difficult to find a replacement cos they want the part number off it, and didn't think to take a note of the numbers of all the parts in the engine - tsk.

  • Yeah, Sinfree, cars dont seem to go well without them :o

    Erm, I dont think I can help you with that gal, I'm sorry :(

    What about contacting her car insurance company, cos they must have broke into her car to get to the ECU :o

    Just a thought Sinfree !!

  • Trying to avoid that as it will only push the premium up next year. Nope they didn't break anything. Obviously pro's and must have accessed the bonnet release cable underneath the car. Ah well you live and learn, look after your engine, you never know who's eyeing it up.

  • Oh well, am going to go now, need to keep up my new year resolution and go to bed early. I was out this morning at 8.30 doing a 2.5 mile walk. Got it done before the rains set in. Not stopped raining since about 11.00 really. OMG just watching the news. Glad I'm not in America. They just threw a cup of boiling water into the air and it just turned to vapour instantly its so cold. Brrrrrrr. Well night Pete and good night to anyone else looking in.

  • Nite nite Sinfree and everybody, got to traipse up the flippin woodn hill again to get some zzzzzzz, sweet dreams everybody :) :) xxxxx

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