SUNDAY - DAILY CHAT - 25/05/2014

SUNDAY - DAILY CHAT - 25/05/2014

Send Your Love to JillyGirl Everybody!!!!

I’m not sure of the dates etc, but I do have a feeling that JillyGirl was one of the first members of this quit support site, she achieved her 2 year stop back in April and she is still an extremely devoted and active member of the site today. I doubt there is a member of the site who has not received some message of support and encouragement from JillyGirl along the way, and she touches everybody with her Daily Chats and never ending supply of lists and advice on everything stop smoking related – she’s like the stop smoking goddess and we all love her.

Well last night Emjay, via Jilly’s daughter Sarah, gave us the terrible news that Jilly is currently in hospital after suffering a heart attack on Friday. Fortunately, and I mean fortunately she was actually in the hospital at the time so she would have received treatment extremely quickly which is a blessing.

So I guess it’s time to pay something back and I like Emjay’s idea of us all taking a quiet moment to think about Jilly and to send her our love and our prayers (if you pray) for a quick recovery. I now have visions of all this love flying to Leeds from all around the world – how could it possibly not help her? :) :)

Jillygirl has proven herself to be a true fighter and survivor, so I’m sure with that determination, and excellent medical attention, she will get through this, and all our love crammed into her hospital ward could help too

Thanks everyone

Now have a lovely smoke free Sunday and stay healthy! :) :) :)

Love Chrissie xxxxx

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  • Good morning Chrissie and everybody :) :)

    Chrissie, a lovely, lovely opening gal :) xx

    Sending my love and get well soon huggs to Jillygirl :) xx and sending comforting huggs to Sarah and Jillygirls hubby to help them get over this worrying time :) :)

    Yes Chrissie, Jillygirl joined this site about the same time as I did, late March - early April 2012, Andi, Sue, Wonder and Lennie joined about the same time too :) Ha ha we joined before the site was officially opened :D :D We used to just have a Weekly Chat then :) then as the members grew, we went onto a Weekend chat as well, then as now we have a Daily Chat :)

    Jillygirl has helped loads & loads of members on here including me :) She is a true fighter and will get through this hard time with a little help from us, as in our love and huggs to her :) :)

    Rite am off to finish cooking dins, see's ya all soon :)

  • She most certainly will get through this she is a born fighter and has been through so much recently I hardly have the words to express how devastated I feel for her. chrissie you are so right thankfully she was in hospital when it happened and will receive the quickest response and first class care, I am sure she is in everyone's thoughts and so too her family, I for one am so in awe of her love and care for everyone on this site and will be praying by the hour for a full and speedy recovery x x

  • Nice one Kaprin :) :) just love your words gal :) :)

    A big massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to youuuuuuuuu :) :)

    Take care gal :) x

  • Ahhhhhh thanks monky going backwards now in age getting fed up of going forwards so thought I would have a change x x

  • Ah Kaprin, lovely words and I can also understand your personal pain knowing what she is going through. (big hugs xx)

    I'm so sorry I didn't realise it was your birthday today, Happy Birthday Sweetie, I do hope you've managed to have a lovely day in spite of the weather! xxxxx

  • Having a wonderful time currently in Cheltenham for a long weekend birthday surprise from my very patient and gorgeous husband x x weather fab here by the way

  • Happy Birthday Kaprin. Hope you've had a relaxing day and found a nice way to celebrate despite the abominable weather!

  • Oh yes currently in Cheltenham for a long weekend it's gorgeous down here, miss this area a lot x

  • Happy Birthday Kaprin............Hope you've had a great day -x-

    Don't know where you are sinfree but its been glorious down south :D :D

  • Thank you droopyJ in your neck of the woods well down South at the moment back to good old Preston tomorrow x

  • Please don't rub it in. Being stuck in this hell hole, where it rains 350 days out of the year and where summer is all but a distant memory from the last century doesn't bode well with trying to stop smoking. :x

  • Hey Sinfree, come on gal, it cant be that bad their surely :o

    It about rained here in Derby all day yesterday, AND this morning tooooo :( but it came better as the day went on :) :)

  • sounds like what we had on thurs/fri so maybe you'll have great weather mon/tues :D Anyway I'm v fair and freckly so I hate the hot weather, think I should have been born somewhere like Alaska... :P

  • or Preston :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Yes, move up here, we'll swap. I don't like to be too hot but I'm sure I'll manage to live with it. :) As for being sunny on Monday, umm according to my BBC weather app (which is usually pretty accurate) OMG, I have just this minute looked and its changed from this morning - now it's got all sunshiny sunshine symbols - well up til 1.00pm anyway. Raining again at 3.00 :(

  • OMG people keep telling me I'm special :D :P I've actually managed to change the weather..whoohoo :D :D

  • Yes, thanks for hope it doesn't rain your end tomorrow or you'll blame me haha

  • SINFREE WHERE'S MY's been raining on/off all day today.. :(

  • Oops, sorry about that Droopy, borrowed it this morning but it was so nice decided to keep it for the whole day. You can have it back tomorrow I suppose.

  • mmmm I suppose that's ok as I am off work tomorrow whoohoo :D

  • Making hay in the morning folks, quick sharpish!

    That'll help too :D

  • Yup, I shall make hay on my bicycle.

  • Aup Sinfree, you finished cleaning out that spare room yet gal :o or you saving it for a wet day :D :D

  • Ha ha ha Sinfree, just love it gal :) :)

  • good innit. I'm quite enjoying it now, discovering all sorts of stuff I'd forgot all about.

  • Never been to Preston but thanks for the heads up.... will remember to pack my brolly.. :P

  • :D :D :D

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