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SUNDAY - DAILY CHAT - 19/05/2014


On a serious note I just want to remind everyone that this is a quit support site and the purpose of the site is support anyone who is going through a very difficult time during the stop smoking journey, no matter where they are on that journey! If anyone on this site ever has dark moments where temptation is driving you crazy - SPEAK UP!!! That is the point at which you will be supported 1000% percent through your crises and that will hopefully help you to resist and you will feel better for it.

Never ever join in the chat and pretend that everything is okay when it obviously isn't, we want to help as much, if not more, than we want to talk about the weather, so please please please speak up.

I feel like I'm the school headmistress here, so on a lighter note remember that stopping smoking is the very best thing you can do for your health and your life, it's a wonderful wonderful thing to do and you gain so much more from it than you can ever get from a cigarette - which is actually nothing! So be happy about your decision, keep reminding yourself why you made it, be positive and stay strong, and also remember NOPE - Not One Puff Ever!

Have a truly wonderful sunny smoke free day everyone

Love Chrissie

xxx :) :) :)

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Good morning Chrissie and all you quitters, what a lovely day today is, the sun is shining the birds are singing and it's a great day to be out and about. My daughter is only 3 weeks away from having her second child so I am taking number 1 child to brockholes a lovely nature reserve in Chorley this afternoon give her some me time and me some nana time, not been on the site for a while advising as I have been struggling somewhat got a number of health issues not just stopping smoking but I am staying focused, getting fitter with walking swimming and cardio as well as working full time, so difficult to fit it all in but I know it will be worth it in the long run once my metabolism kicks in which is taking time, still not smoking still get rough times as we all do, still trying to remain positive. I guess I am saying just keep at it fight evil Mr Nic all the way, we will all win in the long run if we remain focused and positive, have a wonderful smoke free day people and get your full quota of that fabulous vitamin d today, sunshine helps life the mood and in turn makes everyone feel so much better, good luck x


Morning Chrissie, Kaprin and everyone popping in here :)

Wall to wall sunshine? Again! So pleased :)

Kaprin, have a wonderful day as Nana, I don't know how you manage it all, and take my hat off to you! It really does help realising how much people struggle and work for happy times and good health - hope that hasn't come out too wrong!! I just mean it is inspirational to learn we are not alone in our own worries and struggles, and still have such amazing strength. We can do it! It keeps us going, and here we can also share our happy times. I am very happy to be amongst such a fine group of friends and support. Thank you!

Was just reading back on yesterdays posts and it has spurred me on some more - thanks morriemoo, yellow snowdrop, terry......and all of you, you are all stars!

Now as I wipe my tear away :) , bask in all yours and our strengths struggles and successes on our quit journeys, gonna take me, my runny nose, sore throat cold and my antibacterial handgell into the sunshine in the garden and get that vitamin D :)

Wishing one and all a good smoke free day!



Good afternoon everyone :-)

I'm sorry I've not been able to make the time to pop on for a proper chat with you all lately. I've been working away from the office and travelling about quite a bit this past week - I kind of feel I'm meeting myself coming back! I just about have time to jump on here, have a scan through everything and then it's time for bed!

Lovely to see all the support tooing and frowing (is that spelt right?!) :-/ between you all. You really are truly amazing.

Thank you to you all for keeping each other going and as Chrissie says please, please give us a shout or private message me if you need that bit extra support. Remembering that you are all aiming for the same goal and if you just let us know how it is going for you, especially of you are struggling - then that's what we are here for. Let us help you :-)

Chrissie, you're as bubbly as ever! I'm glad that your stopping smoking journey seems to be treating you well. It's lovely that you have been 'opening up shop' for us all. It gives JillyGirl a chance for a sleep in and a chance to go on holiday! ;-) Seriously though, it's lovely to see that members feel comfortable enough to be able to start up the daily chat as it helps others to engage more. This forum is for everybody and we want everyone to feel that it belongs to each and every one of you :-)

Kaprin, have a lovely, lovely day. I'm going to Google Brockholes, I pass it every Thursday on my travels (in fact Friday as well this week) and I always wonder what it is. Enjoy your quality time :-)

Betts, I hope you feel better soon. I am just at the tail end of my cough and cold - my voice has now returned to normal! I echo everything that you have said about everyone, all stars! Enjoy your sunshine 8-)

I have heaps of posts to get through so I can have a proper catch up. I'll pop the kettle on first as I have a fair bit of reading to do!

Anybody fancy a cuppa? :-)


Ladies & Gents, I got up early (before 9am) and cut my grass, done some food shopping, just sitting eating a huge cream apple turnover with a cup of coffee and it's the housework next :(

Then I'm off to try and figure out how you use a pressure washer and clean off the grime on the patio before my friend pops round for dinner.... great smoke free day :) x


Sounds wonderful droopyJ - a truly great smoke free day :) :) I'm enjoying picturing you attempting to use the pressure washer - good luck with that one girl and enjoy your day :D :D :D



Good afternoon Chrissie and everybody :) its wall to wall sunshine here today :) 8-) 8-) :)

Chrissie a lovely opening today gal, YES, I should of asked for help when I needed it, but, I thought that I could cope, but obviously I couldnt :o I'm a man you see and I dont like asking for help, but now know that I should have erm, lowered my ego and asked for help, I'm sorry. I will ask for help next time :)

Rite, down to the nitty gritty, I have finally got myself focused on my next quit :) and my new quit date will be 27th May 2014. I've set this date cos I am going to try the e-cig this time, so it gives me time to get one and like you Chrissie, have a practice run for a couple of days :)

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is where I need your help please, there are soooooo many e-cigs out their, I just dont know what to get :o soooo, I would be so greatfull if you could point me in the right direction and to what strength I should use :o I have heard that the 24mg is very strong, so I will perhaps start with the next one down, what ever that is eh :)

Well, thats enough of me babbling on, sooooo, I will let you get on with this beautiful sunshine :) ENJOY :) :) 8-)

Pete :)


Wey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Monky is back!!!! YIPPEE :) :) :)

It's so good to see you and it gives me great pleasure to call you a TWIT!!! Ah that felt so good :D :D :D

Okay - you can keep the TWIT badge until your stop date and then you can have a CHAMPION badge, because you are definitely our champion Mr Minky Monky Motivator Pete!!! Well done you for planning your quit date - I'm really really really really really really really really really really really really happy! :)

Right regarding e-cigs which I truly hope helps you as much as mine have helped me, I would definitely recommend buying at least 2 of the vape variety - that will give you 2 batteries which you can swap around and always remember to charge the spare whilst one is in use. If you average 20 per day you should start on e-liquid around 1.8 mg - or that is what I was told, the 2.4 is stronger and more than you will need on that level of smoking. You can buy e-cigs cheaper online, but I cannot tell you how much help I have had from my lovely young man in the e-cig shop - he went through absolutely everything with me and even showed me how to use it because at first it made me cough. They will supply a usb charger and you can choose to use that or buy the electric plug-in charger as well. When I bought my kit I actually didn't want to buy any cigarettes after that so I just used the e-cig once it had charged for the first time (that takes several hours) and then just carried on using it the whole practice weekend!

I'd advise in your case to have lozenges and or gum as well for times when you can't use your e-cig or if you forget to charge the battery.

To me this has been a god-send so I really hope you enjoy using it. It is much much much less harmful than smoking those stinky cigarettes so it's all good.

So a MASSIVE well done to you Monky and good luck - you are going to be absolutely fine xxx :) :)

Did I mention how happy I am for you? :)


Thank you sooooooo much Chrissie dearest for the information about the e-cigs and of course the big TWIT welcome back tooooo :P :D :D :D

Hmmmm, I quite like being a twit :) does this mean I'm a twit until my quit date then :o

Thank you for being so happy for me :) xxx


Yes TWIT, you are a twit until your stop day and on a positive note, it will give you the motivation not to be a twit again! Simples!!!! :) :) On the minus side, it means I will not be able to call you a twit again - drat I never thought about that :(

I am so pleased you have planned your stop day so soon, man you are awesome! :) :) :) xxx


Thank you sooooooooo much Chrissie :) :) you are one hell of a lovely, lovely young Lady :) :) and you have given me the motivation that I needed :) but I am not awsome, just a TWIT eh :D :D xxx


Okay, you're an AWESOME TWIT - does that feel better? :D :D :D


Go on then, I will go with that, an OLD AWESOME TWIT :D :D :D


Now that suits you perfectly - so have you cut the grass now? xx :) :)


So good to see you back and all planned up for your quit :) :)

It might be worth getting 2 liquid strengths, so if its too strong or weak you can make your own special monky mix :) just right for you :)

I mix a 1.8 and a 1.2 liquid.

All the very best, getting excited for you already!



Aup Betts, I hope your well :) :)

Thank you for that Betts, just might get 2 strengths and mix them if need be eh :) Good idea gal :) xx

Rite must get my lawns mown before it rains eh :P :D :D :D


Hey, Chrissie, if my 1 brain cell is working properly today :o wont you need a new badge tomorrow then :) :)

EMJAY, can you please get that badge polished up ready please :) :)

Rite, thats my coffee break over with, got to go cut the lawns now, cos had to work yesterday see, ooooooooo what joyyyyyyy I'm going to have :o :D :D

See's ya soon :) xx


Yes your 1 brain cell is definitely functioning again and it is 8 weeks tomorrow for moi and Mindermummy, and Fresher is not far behind that either - wow I'm trying not to get emotional but WOW - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??????? I really do believe that we should be given a day off work on badge days as a reward - it's only right :D :D :D xx


Hey Chrissie! 8 weeks!!!


You sparkly star you :)

8-) xx


Ah Betts thank you so much - I'm actually beginning to feel sparkly about it if not a little stunned!

Loving the cool dude sunglasses by the way - ha ha ha :D :D :D xxx


Hey, Betts, if your out in the sun gal, I hope you dont look like this :X :D :D :D


Can we mix these up a bit, then we'll have it ;) ? Sort of red nose, big smile, thanks to you 2, and cool dude shades????

:D :D


Chrissie, if I was your boss gal, I would give you the day off :) :) xxx


Whoa Monky your back....... we missed you :D Glad your getting back on that saddle so quickly :D what is it about men and their ego's.....looking forward to all the :) :O 8-) and any new one's you come up with

Welcome back hun and good luck :) Julie


Aup Drooooopy Julie, thank you :) and its lovely to see you too gal and still keeping smokefree toooooo :) :)

I have got this one, just in case I say something wrong to you, then you can use it to tell me off eh :D :D

:X Pete :P :D :D


loving :x its reflects how I was feeling yesterday..feeling a bit more human today, well as human as I can get....... :p


EMJAY, can I have my TWIT badge please :) :)


Nite nite Sinfree and all, got to get some kip now, cos am noddin see :o :D :D

Sweet dreams to you all and have a good nights kip eh :) :)

Luvs ya :) :) xx


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