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Congratulations to everyone on this stop smoking journey. If anyone has any doubts about giving up, please read Jilly’s post from Sunday about the 15 different types of cancer caused either directly or in part by smoking – it should really make you feel happy and proud that you have given up the deadly weed and help to strengthen any wobbly resolve as well!

This is a fantastically positive thing we are doing for our health and our lifestyle and our finances – If nothing else I feel so relieved that I have taken back control and made the decision that NO, I’m not doing that any more – it’s empowering and the sense of freedom and relief is amazing, actually, it’s no wonder I’m happy!

So never doubt your choice no matter what this journey may throw at you – IT’S A GOOD DECISION so be proud!!!

NOPE everyone, and have a really great day, even if it is back to work (like me!)

Love Chrissie xx

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  • Good morning Chrissie, and everyone,

    You are so right about staying positive. Its no joke being told you have cancer. It happened to me. I was fortunate they could operate. So 1 lung missing and shortness of breath I live to tell all of you please dont smoke.

    Its amazing how we think "it wont happen to me" attitude. Where in fact it does happen. so stay focused and have a lovely smoke free day. xx

  • Good Morning All!

    Chrissie - hope you have a productive break over the week - see you at the weeekend. Jillygirl - thanks for the post: very interesting and a good spur to continue.

    Monkey - hope you managed to get out into the garden?

    Everybody - hope you have a great day!

  • Good morning Chrissie, Jillygirl, Briar, James and everybody :)

    I hope you all have a lovely day :)

    Well its wall to wall sunshine here at the moment 8-) 8-) so am off out in the garden when I've finished my cupa :)

    See's ya soon :)

  • Knock knock, is anybody coming out to play !! :o :o :D :D

  • Hello I thought I heard you shout. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl :)

    What you been upto today then gal :o :)

  • Not much, washing ironing, cooking Oh yeah! and won a fiver at bingo. What have you been doing?

  • I've just been trying to find Andi on fb to see what her pt says about her :D :D

  • :D I tried that last night but I couldn't find her, did you have any luck?

  • Helloo Jilly and Pete. Hey Pete, you were right about ordering some good weather for your hols from work. It's been really nice today. Stupid weather app on my tablet said it was going to rain today so I didn't plan anything properly and its been really nice. What you both been doing?

  • You must have got our sunshine, didnt rain but got pretty cloudy.

  • aww that's a shame, mind you its looking pretty black out there now. Be back shortly, just filling in a Carvery survey to get a voucher for our next carvery :D

  • :D :D :D Sinfree, your a one gal, you are :) :)

  • Jillygirl, its been lovely here, had my shirt off for a bit, then it got a bit breeeeeeeezy, :o its gone all dull now, but am not bothered, cos ave done what I wanted to do :) :)

  • Hi Sinfree, you just listen to my weather forecasts eh :D :D

    I've just about finished planting all my tubs and baskets plus, pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuus ave been for a lovely walk over the fields to ermmmm, think about things and to get my mind in prospective :) :)

    How about you gal ??

  • oooh, I'll be back in a sec. Just started filling in a survey, but I don't think it will take very long :)

  • Well that survey was a waste of time cos I need to print the voucher and being as I'm on my laptop which isn't connected to a printer and it hasn't done the usual PDF style voucher I couldn't save it and so I missed out in the end :o oh well.

    And have you got your mind sorted now then after your walk? :) I made a website this morning to go with my garden and pond. I like making websites, I've got one for my bike rides and one for my office sorting, I need that to keep me motivated. Then went out this afternoon for a present for my son's birthday which is on Friday. I have no vehicle at the mo cos both the van and the car needed taxing in the same month which gets a bit expensive, so we decided to put the car on a SORN for a month. Beginning to severely regret that idea now. I can drive the van but unless I can find a parking space that I can drive out of I'm stuck, cos I'm not reversing a van that you can't see out of the back of. :o

  • :D :D :D Sinfree, you dont half tickle me gal :D :D

    Look in the flippin mirrors gal :o :)

  • Nooo, cos the mirrors can't see right round the back of the van - don't forget it's a transit.

  • What was wrong with your bike?

  • It's a faff chaining it up when you get there. There's never anywhere properly to chain a bike to when you go to shopping places. Makes you laugh doesn't it, they're having the Tour de France going through our town but they must be the least cycle friendly place in the country. What really annoys me is there is a Halfords there with a whole top floor dedicated to selling bikes but nowhere outside to chain your bike up tsk

  • Yeah, and if you run, you get a bit sweaty! :D :D :D

  • Run :o I don't do running, besides it's about 4 or 5 miles away. I'd need an ambulance by the time I got there.

  • Yeahhhh, tooo flippin right Andi, and whats up with your flippin pins gal :o

  • Just been watching neighbours from hell. so glad my neighbours are nice. Some people are disgusting.

  • Yeah, Jillygirl, ave watched that before !! flippin eck gal, I think I would have moved house :o :D :D

  • Good evening everyone.

    Chrissie, enjoy your few days break from here. :)

    Pete, you won't find me on fb cos I'm not on there. I don't even know what's written although I know that my name has not been mentioned! :o

    It was sunny here today too with cloudy spells. Only problem was a horrible cold wind that put me ff going out to do some gardening this afternoon. :-P

  • Hey Andi, have you been for a dip in the sea yet this Year ?? cos I think about this time last Year, you went for one :o or is my 1 brain cell malfunctioning again :o :D :D :D

  • That looks like a duck, ducky :D :D

  • should have gone to specsavers!

  • Bin their done that, got some ermmmm things you look through now :D :D

  • Blimey, have you been raiding my photo album? :D :D

  • Nope, ermmm, have you got one then :o :P :D :D :D

  • Any way, you havnt said whether you've bin for a dip or not :o

  • Just checked last year's calendar, 1st day to the beach was 6th July. I'll find my diary now, you're probably thinking of when I had my first paddle and not had one of them yet this year. I did see some mad people jumping off the rocks at Portland Bill on Sunday and some kids in swimmers on the beach in Swanage yesterday. Brrrrrr!!!! :o

  • Andi, your spot on gal, just looked in my diary and found this pic of you from last Year, huh, talk about easy life eh :o :D :D


  • Where`s the pic ?

  • I think ave lost the plot gal, but it should be there now !!!! with a bit of luck eh :D :D :D

  • Hey, flippin Jillygirl hawkeye, you dont flippin miss much do you eh :P :D :D :D

  • I think the first time I went for a paddle was 1st June so plenty of time yet. ;-) I think your brain cell must be getting tired. Either that or you're starting to get "forgetful". :D :D :D

  • Sorry Andi, what did you say ;) :P :D :D

  • I think hes so tired his brain cells gone to sleep. :D

  • Thank you soooooo much Jillygirl, I really really loooooooove you tooooo :P :D :D

    Typical flippin Woman youuuuuuu :P :D :D

  • See you can swim :D :D


    Not as attractive as Andi.

  • Ha ha ha and am flippin not picking my nose seeeeeee :P :D :D :D

  • I'm pretty tired too cos I haven't had a proper night's sleep for a while, I must be due one soon. :o

  • Andi, am sending you the mostest, biggestist, massivest go to sleep huggs you did ever feel gal, cos we do need our sleep to mend things in our bodies seeeeee :) :)

  • Talking of the seaside. I've just bought an aromatic herb plant for my garden. Oooooh it so reminds me of the winding path that goes down the cliff side to Goodrington Beach near Paignton in Devon. It must have been growing there in the gardens. That is the only place I have ever smelled that smell. It reminds me of sunshine, sea and childhood holidays, so glad I bought it. Will have to keep going outside to smell it though. People's are gonna wonder what I've got planted there if they see me keep going outside sniffing my plants and smiling :D

  • :D :D :D

  • What's the plant called then? I'm sure it would have had a label in it.

  • This is Asda we're talking about here :D It just says aromatic herb. It's got tiny pink flowers on it, looks a bit like heather

  • It must have a name on it somewhere, surely? :o

    Oh, I know, it must be thyme. :)

  • Well the ticket thing may have fallen out I suppose but it was only £2, I don't think you're meant to eat it. I wouldn't fancy eating it anyway, it's a bit dry and prickly

  • Have you watered it lately :P :D :D

    It isnt Lavender is it ? cos that always looks dry :o

    If its got very small leaves on it, it could be a thyme of some sort :o

  • Yes it has tiny leaves on stalks that stand up very straight with little pink/purply flower bits on the end of the stalks. Well am not eating it, yuk, just got it to fill up the rockery bit. I don't really like fresh herbs, I grew some Basil once. Chopped it up and put in a spaghetti sauce, eeewww it tasted like cat wee.

  • Andi, am not really into watching cycling as a sport cos I think its quite boring but you might know the answer to this because its sure puzzling me. Why is the Tour de France (which I thought interpreted to English is tour of France) going through England this year ??

  • I wondered that too Sin. Is it a european thing. :O

  • Strange. I was going to say is it coming through Yorkshire but then I remembered reading how much Yorkshire have spent on resurfacing the roads in readiness for it, they have used all their budget up for road repairs, so any potholes that are left - well they've got no money to fix them :o

  • Yes they have done the roads near us.

  • Sinfree, good flippin question gal :)

    Well, Andi ??

  • All I can think is cos the British team won it last year? So maybe it sets off from whatever country won it the previous year.

  • Going to wish you all a goodnight. Sweet dreams and catch up tomorrow. xx xx xx :) :) :)

  • Night Jillygirl. Sleep well. :)

  • Nite nite Jilly, sleep well. xxx :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, I hope youhave the most sweetest dreams ever gal and wake up refreshed and jumping for joy :) :) xx

  • Alright, keep your hair on - I'm just being driven up the wall with comments not posting and the thing not getting to the bottom again to reply! Grrrr! :o

    Firstly, Sin, what's the name of that plant you got then? :)

  • :D haha. It's soooo rubbish these days this website isn't it. Bad enough on a laptop, anything mobile - huh just forget it. Aww night andi, hope you get to sleep tonight.

  • Tour de France.

    It's simple really, every year they like to do the start in a neighbouring country and this year it's our turn. :) I'd love to be up in Yorkshire to see the stage go by. :)

  • Oh right. Thank you for answering that mystery :) It'll probably be raining so you won't miss much, except a good soaking. :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Right, that's my lot now cos I want to get up early and go for a run in the morning. ;-)

    Nite nite Sin, Pete and everyone else, sleep well and see you tomorrow. xxxxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Andi, and hey you take care gal :) :) cos I dont want you getting any ripped calf muscles or something like last Year eh :)

    Sweet dreams and like I said, am sending you some really sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy huggs eh :)

    Speak tomorrow :) :) xx

  • I'm going now too Pete cos it's turned a bit freezing now and my feet are cold so am going to bed. You reckon there will actually come a time this year when I don't need to put that electric blanket on :o Night Pete, have a nice day off tomorrow. :)

  • Rosemary :)


    Nite nite Sinfree :) :) I am sending you some feet warming huggs to keep your tutsies warm eh :) :) Hey, but dont tell hubby rite :o :P :D :D

    Have a lovely nights sleep Sinfree, and see's ya tomorrow :) :) xx

  • See you tomorrow. Nope it's not Rosemary.

  • Good evening Briarwood :)

    I hope your well young Lady :) :)

  • Oh sorry wrong picture I'll try again to send the right one :O cdn.mdjunction.com/componen...

  • Briarwood, thats just flippin gorgeous gal :) :)

  • This site is just not mobile friendly, arghhhhhhhhh :O

  • That's what I keep saying. Does my head in on a phone, in fact I've given up altogether, to be honest it's not been that much better on a laptop tonight - soooooo slow.

  • Hey Sinfree, dont forget a lot of us cant type eh, like me, I just use one finger soooooo, its soooooooper fast for me eh :P :D :D

    Just calm down a bit gal, just calm down :) :) xx

  • Calm down. Now you didn't tell Briarwood to calm down and she was cross with the site too :p am always being picked on me for being grumpy. Other peeps get cross, s'not just me. :p

  • SORRY Sinfree, I didnt mean it in that way gal, honest :( :(

    I consider myself well and truly slapped ok :(

    Again, I apologise to you for what I have said wrong :(

    I bet you cant catch me to bash me :P :P :D :D :D

  • Oh yes thanks, I'm good. I had to splat the greenfly tonite and then when I saw all your posts, my silly mobile won't let me in and so I thought it was easier to say goodnight and then I sent the wrong picture oh dear :O I enjoyed reading it all anyway, sweet dreams x

  • :) :) xx

  • I am going to bed in a minute Pete if you're still there. Am just finishing off last nights Cherry pie. Andi was quite right it's Thyme. According to wikipedia it makes good groundcover - yup that's what we got it for, but can be shortlived although is easily propagated from cuttings. For gods sake. I don't want to propagate and faff, I just want to plant and forget. Do they have computerised plants at all :o

  • :D :D :D nite nite gal you have got me in stitches I tell ya :D :D :D

  • I think it's funny your plant is called thyme, especially as there is a TIME issue with this site :D

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