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SATURDAY - DAILY CHAT - 24/05/2014


Well here we are on our final Bank Holiday weekend for a while, although I have to say it's been a blast all these bank hols being together, I do sometimes wish they were spread out a bit more! Never mind, I'm not really complaining, it is nice that we get them.

Massive congratulations to everyone who has completed another week on this journey. As Monky has said this week it is vital to stay focussed for success, although that doesn't mean you have to think about it all the time, it just means be aware that Mr Nic can strike at anytime, even when you think you have got this sussed, and in a weaker moment it is easy to give in to temptation.

And a massive welcome to all new members to the site, I'm sure you have realised that there are lots of lovely people who will advise you and support you and even inspire you on here so please say hello because we would love to get to know you.

I'm hope that the sun shines for you all this weekend and I hope you have a wonderful smoke free time

Love Chrissie xxx :) :)

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Morning Chrissie, can't believe another week has just flown by, I don't remember it going soooo quick when I was at school :(

I have taken Tuesday off so have an extra long weekend and it couldn't come quick enough...Double WHOOHOO

Am off to Wembley this afternoon for the Championship playoffs with my big sis...WHOOHOO :-) I hope they have the roof closed as its been chucking it down all morning :(

COME ON YOU 'R's..........Super HOOPS

Hope you all have a fandabidosie and smoke free extra long weekend xo


Hey are you a QPR fan? One of my friends who actually lives just across the park from me is too - I expect he'll be at the game today although I'm surprised he's not posted that fact all over facebook.

I hope you have a fabulous day and get the result you want, especially against DC - us Leicester City fans don't like them! ha ha ah xx :) :)


Aup Julie, does 'R's mean the Rams :) or the Rangers :P

Hmmm, I see Rangers beat us anyway :( :( 6 flippin minutes from the whistle an all :P :D :D :D

I hope you enjoyed the match :)


It's got to be the Rangers Monky, because of the "Hoops"!!! And oh no, don't tell me you are a Ram? Foxes and Rams really don't get on you know, although I describe myself more of a fan than a supporter these days, so I'll let you off :D :D :D xx


Hi Chrissie, Julie and everybody :) :)

Chrissie, my e-cig didnt come yesterday :( BUT its come today :) hmmmm, only one thing wrong though, they havnt sent the flippin charger with the pack !! :( I've got 2 x e-cigs, 2 x 10ml bottles of e-liquid @ 18mg strawberry flavour and a nice little case to put them in :) I hope your having a nice relaxing day :)

Julie, I hope your side wins this afternoon, cos then you can go celebrate and have a glass or two of that there red milk stuff eh :) :)

Have a lovely day and see's ya all soon :)


Oh no, wasn't there a usb charger in the pack? One you plug into your computer and then screw the battery into that? If not then you need to get to the shops right now and buy one, they are not that expensive and are obviously absolutely vital in this. Are you going shopping today? There must be an e-cig shop somewhere near where you live, I'm really not sure if the supermarkets stock them but be careful, do not use chargers from other devices, the power is too high I think.

Anyway I'm really pleased you've received the rest of it, have you actually tried on of the batteries, the last one I bought was actually fully charged when I got it so I could use it straight away, so you could try that.

Remember it is not like smoking a cigarette, so take little puffs at first or it could make you cough! You will get used to it very quickly though so good luck!

And what a stinky day it is, don't get too soggy out there :) :) xxx


Aup Chrissie :)

No, there's no usb charger or mains charger which I ordered !! there's no instructions either :o sooooo, am not sure how to fill the tanks up :D :D

How do I know if the batteries are charged ?? xx


Unless you have a funky battery like I do ( :) ) you can't really tell how much charge is in the battery other than by attempting to turn it on.

Okay so first of all you have the top half which is the tank for the fluid - unscrew the mouthpiece and if you look you'll see the hole where the vapour comes from, the trick is to not get fluid down there, so you point the nozzle of the e-fluid between that and the side of the tank, it's easier to do this by slightly tilting the tank - then squeeze the liquid bottle very gently and you will see it going down the inside of the tank. There should be markings on the side of the tank which tell you where the maximum filling point is, don't over fill, it only causes problems, I tend to fill below that level so keep checking as you go along.

When filled replace the mouthpiece and screw the tank into the battery.

On mine you have to press the button on the battery 5 times quite quickly, it flashes a couple of times then to tell you it's switched on

Then to puff you just press and hold the button, you will hear it working, and when you release the button it will stop vaping. Don't vape it dry, keep topping up the liquid when it gets low.

It is a little bit tricky at first but just keep trying, you will get it to work and then you are off and running!! It obviously helps to have a charged battery though! :) xx

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Thank you everererererer sooooo much Chrissie :) :) :) I will now attempt to do as you say :o :D :D

Ps, I've just pressed the button 5 times on one battery and it lit up blue for a few seconds, then it lights up when I press it again, soooooo maybe they are charged eh :) I will let you know how I get on :o :o

Thank you again Chrissie :) xx


Wayyyyyyyyy Hayyyyyyyyyy strawberry flavoured smoke :D :D :D cough, cough, cough !! did you say not to suck tooooo hard :P :D :D :D

Thank you soo much for helping a poor old twit :) :) xx I can now have a practice with it :)

Rite got to send an email to Myciggy to find out where my charges have got too eh, see's ya soon Young Lady :) xx


Oh did you go to myciggy? I didn't realise that!!! You should have said because I could have popped down to the shop to tell them and it could be on it's way to you now! Anyway did you actually get yourself another charger until that one arrives? I doubt those batteries will last very long without a full charge, but having said that, this is just your practice at the moment anyway - ah I'm so pleased for you xx :) :)


Aup Chrissie, I should get my charges on Tuesday :) just hope the batteries last a bit eh, but I have bought an E-Light cig which looks like a real ciggie, so that might help :)

I've tried the e-cig a few times already and, yeah, I think I can get used to it :) :)

Hey, you on that red milk yet, cos ave just cracked a cannie open :| :) hmmmm, I wander if you can get strawberry flavoured lager :o :D :D xx


Hi there, I'm sorry when I posted above I didn't realise that you had posted 4 hours prior to that so you should have caught them in the shop and they would have got it out to you tonight which is brilliant!

I'm afraid I'm not on the red milk yet, in fact I don't think I've got any wine at all at the moment, but I might treat myself to a vodka and tonic later - you never know!!!

Are you going to be online this evening? It seems ages since I've been on here and had a good chat - xx :) :)


WHAT !! no red milk on a Saturday night gal :o :o well, I suppose a couple of V & Ts will do the job just as well eh :) :)

Yep, I will be online this evening and yes I've missed you this week :( so it would be good to catch up eh :) xx


That does it, I'm going to check my cupboards just to see if I have any red milk in there - failing that I may even have to pop to the shop to get some!!! Oh my gosh, I've just found a bottle of pink milk in there - it belongs to my daughter but I can replace that, wey hey, I've just saved myself a trip to the shop :D :D :D xxx


:D :D :D

Red - pink !! crack the bottle open gal :D :D xx


Ha Ha Ha - it's chillin as we speak man!!! I might stick it in the freezer actually to speed up the process a bit

:D :D :D xxx


HEY, dont you forget it, cos you will have one hell of a big ice-lolly to suck later :D :D :D xx


I know! You are just going to have to remind me, in say 10 minutes I think, just looked at the time, I didn't realise it was so late!!! :) :) xx


Boo Boo Boo Boo Your pink milk is perfectly chilled Madam :) :)



Perfick, that actually looks exactly like the glass I have sitting next to me here! :) :) :) xx


Hi everyone,

Just looking in to see how you're all doing. :)

We had torrential rain off and on most of the night. It stopped at 8.30 this morning, just in time for Parkrun and only started again about an hour ago. I've got a bit more cleaning to do before a proper sit down cos my nephew and his girlfriend are coming from Austria to stay for a few days and I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Pete, don't overdo it with the ecig will you, you know you can manage a few weeks at a time with nothing so you really should just save it for those times if possible. I know, it's a new toy and when we get a new toy, we like to play with it all the time. If you play with it too much though I'll have to send you another new toy to play with - a cold turkey! :D :D :D

Chrissie, enjoy the weekend and don't have tooooo much of that red milk. ;-)

Waves to everyone else, stay strong, you CAN do it - just tell yourself that you don't smoke any more - it really helps. :)


Hi Andi, its great to see you again gal :)

I will have you know young Lady, that I am not overdoing it with the e-cig seeeeeee :P :D :D cos am just practising with it at the moment :)

I hope the weather changes for the better for when your Nephew gets their eh :) and it will be nice for you to have some company :) to cook and clean for eh, its about flippin time you had a good clean up gal :P :D :D

Saying that, me thinks its time I wasnt here ;)


Hi andi - well I think your heavy overnight rain came up here for the day - it's been horrendous!!! Having said that, it has stopped now and the sun is trying to come out from what I can see through the raindrops on my windows anyway!

I hope it is better tomorrow, it's been so dark and depressing around here. Anyway no red milk in stock I'm afraid, at least I think that is the case - so I probably won't be having a drink tonight!

I hope you have a lovely evening and enjoy your visitors - it will be lovely :) :)


Flipping heck - it's pouring down with rain again! Oh well, I guess that's a good excuse not to go out tonight - although I didn't actually have any plans anyway!!

Monky I've got the pink milk out of the freezer now, nicely chilled, glass poured and the bottle is back in the fridge - Cheers everybody :D :D :D xxx


Awwwwww, I was going to pour it for you :( huh, typical flippin Woman, just cant wait for a man to do things for her :P :D :D :D xx


Well actually I walked into the kitchen, headed for the kettle and then remembered what was in the freezer, I thought I would save you a job tonight sweetie :) :) :) xx


Well one job anyway, next time you can go to the fridge for me to save me the trouble!! xx :) :)


OK, I will let you off this once eh :) :) xx


I haven't seen anything of Betts and Briarwood for ages, do you think they might have gone away for the weekend? xx :) :)


Briarwoods on her jols, not sure when she gets back :o

Not sure about our Betts !! :) xx


Of course, I had forgotten about that, she went last weekend didn't she - lucky thing!

I feel bad because I haven't been online much lately so I've missed seeing everybody xx :) :)


Right, hoovering done, kitchen "tidied", that'll do - too knackered for anything else. Time for a nice glass of ......... water! :D :D :D


Well you can still say cheers, even if it is a glass of water! :) :) xx


Cheers Chrissie :) :)


And a great big CHEERS to you too Monky! I hope that lovely chilled lager is going down well tonight after the week you've had! :) :) :0 xx


Thank you Chrissie Dearest, its going down just fine, I tell you slurp, slurp :) :) xx


I hope your Nephews bedroom is nice and tidy toooooo :P :D :D


Cheers Chrissy, Monkey and Andi,, oooh it's very quiet on here at the minute everyone must be watching the silly football hahaha. I've just sat down with my drinkie poos to have a chillax :) x


Good evening Fresher, it's lovely to see you again - how are you doing? And what is your poison this evening? Wine, beer, or something with a mixer in it? :) :) :) xxx


Good evening young Lady :)

It's lovely to see you on a Saturday night, and yes, you put your feet up gal and juuuuuuust chillax eh :) :)


Good evening, have to say sounds very common but on the chilled lager tonight ;)


There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! I love a chilled lager, preferably with a drop of lime in it, especially on a warm summer's evening sitting outside a pub! Cheers my dear! :) :) :) xx


OYyyyyy, I drink flippin common lager tooooooo seeeeeeee :P :D :D :D

You enjoyyyyyyy Fresher :) :) cheers.


Hahaha cheers monkey,,, x



Monky.... The Rams..... you been drinking tooooo much of that cheap lager :D

Had a great day today, although the game was appalling the result was fandabidosie :D :D :D went back to my sisters for Chinese and my parents turned up with my two nephews.... I reckon my little bro will be knocking back the cheap lager somewhere in shepherds bush....:D mum says if he comes back and is sick then his wife can clean it up :( gross

Been reading the messages between Chrissie and Monky and have only just cottoned on to what red milk is DOH

I'm quite stoooooopid sometimes :P x


Hi droopy - Wey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you did it - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I guess we'll be seeing you in the premiership next season then as LCFC went up too! :) :) :)

Red Milk - ah that goes back a while now, although I have to say it was pink milk tonight, red milk was out of stock in my kitchen!!!

Glad you had such a fantastic day :) :) xxx


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