MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 28/04/2014

Happy Amazing Monday Everybody

Lots of winners lined up for victory badges today, massive congratulations to you all – you really really really have done so well and should feel so proud of yourselves – big happy dances to you all!

It’s been an interesting weekend with so many people feeling the strain of stopping, it’s even more interesting when it affects the older members because as a relative newcomer, you really don’t expect that to happen. So I have to say it’s good to know so at least when it happens we won’t be so surprised and can at least try to be prepared for it. To the older members, thank you for sharing and also massive congratulations to you all for staying strong and fighting back, you really are amazing people.

We have to be committed to this and promise ourselves to never give up giving up, even if we are 6, 9 or 12 months down the line, it’s a battle but we can do this!

On that note, hey it’s party time tonight to celebrate our winners and even those who haven’t won anything today – so you are all coming round to mine for red milk!!! So log on and join in and let’s be happy and maybe do a dance or two. My daughter has text to say she left the penguin onesie at home but I can wear it to do the celebratory non-smoking dance if I want!

Have a fantastic smoke free day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

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  • Good morning Chrissie BIG well done to you and all the others who have reason to celebrate today.I am child minding tonight, but will bob in to the party if I get chance. If not have a good time.

    Remember NOPE. :) :)

  • Good Morning All! Back to work... Just remembered I need to pick up a new drinking glass for my desk as I smashed the last one while washing it up on Friday (cold turkey clumsies, anyone). Honest it was an accident...

    Slept for a total of twelve hours yesterday - can't remember feeling this exhausted without being severely ill. Maybe my body has decided to knock me out as much as possible while it gets on with adjusting receptors, repairing nerve endings etc. I see a lot of coffee in my immediate future :)

    Chrissie I agree - I've always assumed that once you get past three months or so thats it - job done. Time to take a second look at my long term expectations... As you say - better to know in advance. In the meantime, I'll keep my eyes to the ground and focus on day four and worry about month four in a week or so!

    Hope you all have a good day!

  • Hi James

    I am just heading for 3 months, on e cig, and i wont lie it has got harder for me the last couple of weeks.....and its infuriating, as i was lucky and kind of breezed the first 8 weeks :(

    However it is better to know the truth so it doesnt catch you you :)

    Are you going cold turkey? x

  • Hello Pinkiezoom

    I am currently going cold turkey. However, I have the caveat in my mind that if this task proves too much, then I will start with some form of NRT - maybe e-cigs? - and break the task down into two parts: give up smoking, then give up nicotine.

    Congrats on the approaching three months! I'm sorry to hear the last couple of weeks have been more difficult for you - and a bit worried as I do wonder if I have had it a bit easy so far as well (though if I can say the same after eight weeks I will be a happy man!) Have I been lulled into a false sense of security? I wonder if I need to start thinking about this as a medical condition and make sure I have some form of NRT about me at all times! Food for thought...thanks for the heads up!

  • Hi James

    I was like you, found the first bit really easy, but and I took the 2 prong attacked approach, get smoke free first, then reduce the nicotine, but I am now wishing i had just gone cold turkey....if you can get away without using NRT then really try, as myself, and another girl on here ~Sinfree are finding it a bit of a struggle to get the nicotine down :(

    But the way i see it is NRT is sooooo much better than actually smoking so it is still better than smokes :) But you have done so well, and remember the nicotine is nearly out of your system.... you mind will try and trick you, but you have actually freed yourself from the just the habit to kick, but you are no longer a slave to nicotine,, so in a really good place :) proud of ya x

  • Hello Pinkiezoom

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! It's great to have a second opinion on all this (I had no idea it was so complicated when I stopped!). I think I'm going to go all out and stick with just the cold turkey - as you say, I've got this far!

    Thanks for the advice :)


  • Hey James, ur doing great :)

  • Cheers! Work day ending - off for a run.


  • Hey James, wow you've nearly completed day 4 - well done young man, that is so brilliant!!!

    I personally think you can do this cold turkey, but if you do get to a point where you are really struggling, maybe have something as an absolutely desperation back up, just to stop you giving in to any massive cravings which may hit you.

    So how did you feel at work today and were you allowed back into the kitchen? And hey, how was your run? Or are you collapsed in a heap on the pavement as we speak? :)

    I look forward to hearing how it's going today :) :) xx

  • Hello Chrissie

    Day four now completed and all going well. No more breakages in the kitchen at work (hardly anybody at work to see the accident - pride saved!). Work went well - I spent the first half an hour planning the day and the rest of the day delivering it - fortunately at the moment I can control my workload quite well which helps reduce unforeseen stress spikes. Took the usual train back home but timed it so I was waiting two minutes and stood on a different part of the station. I didn't realise until I started deconstructing my routine to avoid cravings what a creature of habit I am!

    The run went well. I'm training for 10k in a couple of weeks and a half marathon in a few months (in previous years I have had to slope off for a crafty cigarette before starting - bit sad really!). No noticeable difference in performance - but I wouldn't expect any after four days. My hope, however is that exercise will accelerate some aspects of the healing process and it certainly helped to get an endorphin fix!

    Now focussed on how to bridge four and half days and my first week!

  • Easy.....count it in get ups! Only 2 more getups until you've done 7 days and 3 more get ups until you start your 2nd week of stopping smoking!

    I'm impressed with your running events - I bet you do better in the 10k than you think you will - I began to really feel the difference in my walking uphill/breathing after a week and I am sure it will help you with speeding up the process :) Didn't you notice anything in your breathing yet? And how is your tongue? Mine was back to being very pink very quickly - but not many people have noticed that happening yet!!! (Maybe my tongue is odd!!!)

    Tee Hee :) :)

  • Good way to think about it! I'm looking forward to getting a week under my belt.

    The main thing I used to feel with the running was when I stopped and for five minutes I would feel like I was trying to breath through red hot wire wool (this didn't stop me lighting up as soon as I could breath again - madness!!) Still a couple of weeks so there could be a pb on the way! Would be a good reward!

    I haven't noticed my tongue changing much yet - just checked - though tar staining may have been replaced by coffee staining (I may have a whole new dependency on the way ;))

  • Oh I am addicted to caffeine as much as nicotine! This week I've started to cut down on the caffeine as well - I bought de-caff coffee so I'm alternating! Hey, why not give myself something else to think about - I'm going to keep doing this until I'm right down and then go cold turkey - it's all good clean fun eh?

    Anyway I'm now expecting a pb - so get training and do us proud!! :)

  • Aup James, its great to see that your still on the long and winding road to be quit free pal :) :) and good luck on your exercising/running cos I know it helps me :)

    Speak soon pal :)

  • Hi Chrissie, Jilly and everyone,

    Well its warm here and the army band is out practicing so quite an uplifting start to the day :)

    Hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was quiet for the first time this month, just chilled out, watched movies, and then went for a walk......feel better for it, and not having to dash around like the rest of them this month :)

    I might try and put my dancing shoes on and pop along to the party, i dont drink so will bring my own irn bru lol!

    So I am thinking I need some sunshine, and thinking of taking a holiday at the start of June. Any suggestions where is good. x


    This is for all the new badge winners and everyone else who has made it this far. Glad you had a relaxed wkend pinkie x :)

  • Oh dear, pic didn't send so I'll try again

  • Morning All :-)

    We have some sort of work going on in the office that means we have no power.. No phones, no PC etc so I'm having to type from my phone with my fat thumb! I've also had to borrow a pair of glasses from someone too!!

    Sin, I've had a 'quick' read but will catch up with you as soon as here allows me... Rather than from my phone. I really do feel for you at the moment and so will put some time aside just to focus on giving you the help needed xx

    I'll also do my best with assigning badges... Please feel free to give me a gentle nudge folks!

    James.. Keep smiling, your doing well :-)

    Al, enjoy listening to the band! I had plans for a 'doing nothing' weekend but all was soon scuppered! I've come into work for a break!

    Morning Chrissue, Briarwood and JillyGirl and anyone else around :-)

    Well, even the radio has now gone off, lights are out too...

    Speak to you all properly in a bit :-)

  • Chrissie what time does the party start?

    Heres Petes onesie for tonight. what do you think?

  • haha, that's lovely. :D

  • I'm loving it Jillygirl :D No fur coat for you tonite I see :D

  • Ha ha ha ha Love it Jillygirl :D :D :D erm, not sure who it is ??

  • Hi everyone. Congratulations to Briarwood and Fresher on your 4 week badges they're lovely :) Well done. Congrats to Pete, who I think is 8 weeks? Hope I haven't missed anyone out. Am busy, busy today. That office of mine is coming on an absolute treat and so many memories wandering down through all those past years. Can see the wood for the trees now. It's been a long haul, been at it for weeks off and on but gonna be so worth it. It's quite sad sometimes though when you see all those years, all that stuff all packed into one teeny little room, all finished - history, a lifetime experience gone through the shredder, up in smoke or in the bin. :( I've also reunited myself with my old spotify account where I'd built up quite a collection - what's playing? Ironically Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy..I'm drumming my virtual drums as I sing haha.

    Feeling much better today and a lot of that is thanks to you guys, you really are the best support and the best tonic anyone who's trying to stop smoking could ever have. You are all so lovely and totally deserve the very best of health as reward for all your hard work.

  • Hi Sin, I see you are very busy but just for the record I'm into week 6 so maybe you're thinking of someone else :) Don't worry I fully understand :O Glad you feeling better today anyway x

  • Oh, haha, well congratulations on the start of your 6th week. Um so who is 4 weeks besides Fresher. I must keep up.

  • Hey, Sinfree, you been on that red milk of Chrissies already :o :P :D :D

  • hehe, hi Pete, yes I quite like red milk.

  • yes she has - most of the first bottle has gone already!!! tee hee :) :)

  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    Sorryyyyyyyy am late, got a bit held up, but am here now see :)

    Off to read the posts now :)

  • WOWWWWWW WEEEEEEEEEE just you look at that new shiny badge :) :) :)

    Emjay, do you know what gal, as you grow older, the prettier you look :) :) creep flippin creep :) :)

  • Woooooooooow monky, fantastic to see your new badge! Good work, well done. Seems I got a bit of catching up do now huh :O :D x

  • Cheers Briarwood and thank you for your comments :) :) am sure you will sooooooon catch me up gal eh :) :) xx

  • Oh my gosh - get your Mr 2 Month Winner - that is sooooooooooooooooo cool - suits you sir, suits you :) :) :) xx

  • Why thank you young Lady :) :)

    And how are you this beautiful evening ? :) xx

  • Ha ha ha nice one gal :D :D

    How come you all think that I am a monkey ?? I just cant understand that :o :P :D :D

  • Oh I must tell you, I made my dinner this evening and guess what??????

  • Lumpy flippin gravy :P :P :D :D :D

  • YES! Lumpy flippin gravy - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! :D :D

  • Oh dear me, you must be hanging out with a bad boy :D

  • Hey, I bet you cant make lumpy gravy gal :o :P :D :D

  • I think you're all quackers, that what I think! Ha ha :P

  • tee hee xxx :) :)

  • Well, its about time you learnt how to make lumpy gravy gal :D :D

  • It just doesn't happen to me - I was gobsmacked! And I thought - oh my gosh I'm turning into Monky!!!!!

  • That comment was meant for Briarwood by the way! :)

  • Oh no Chrissie, one monky is enough on this site! :D

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • I know, it's quite sad really, I might start around scrambling up trees and swinging from the branches - and I have been eating a lot of bananas lately too! :)

  • :D :D

  • Cheese on toast :o :D :D

  • Quack quack :D

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