SUNDAY - DAILY CHAT - 04/05/2014

Happy Sunday and May the Fourth go with you!

Sorry, couldn't resist :)

Well I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing bank holiday weekend - will someone please explain to me what has happened to the weather? It's very dullish and definitely no sunshine around these parts - please come back, please please come back !!!

Anyway don't let the greyish/dullish weather stop you doing whatever you fancy today, it's still a long weekend so enjoy your bank holiday without the pressure of thinking about smoking, it really is better that way :) :)

Have a fun smoke free day :)

Love Chrissie xxxx

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  • Ha ha! Of courth you couldn't!

    Dull here too, but you'll be pleased to hear the forecast sounded a bit more hopeful for you on the East side. Here on the dark side we can't expect much, they said. But they do get it wrong sometimes.

    Wishing one and all a good smokefree day, whatever the weather :)


  • Sending you sunshine wherever you are

  • Wey Hey Briarwood - I think it's working - it's definitely brightening up here, well done you!!!

    Good morning by the way :) :) xx

  • Good morning Chrissie, Betts and all, I aim to please ha ha :) any plans for today? :)

  • Actually Briarwood, I did have a date for today but I've cancelled that now so thanks for reminding me I've got nothing to do! :(

    Having said that I'm going belly dancing with Betts now- care to join us????? xxx :D :D :D

  • Morning Briar, lovely sunshine pic, just the job :)

    And I loved the opener Chrissie :)

    Plan to keep busy. I am not a happy bunny at the moment, and don't know if it is the stopping smoking or not, just don't really feel myself, not quite comfortable in my skin.

    So I have to keep busy, or I dwell, and that's not comfortable.

    So about to have a go at an old belly dancing CD I found (!), then clean, clean, clean, then go for a walk about 2. That should do it, I hope :)

    Wish me luck. And wish my hubby a good ride too! He has to be a saint just now. btw he has gone down the garden again :)

  • Ah Betts, you are absolutely fine sweetheart, just keep telling yourself that and it will be true! Besides you can't beat a bit of belly dancing to lift the spirits, I wish we could all join you, that would be such a laugh!!!! Oh I wish we could - I'm laughing here just thinking about it! So get those parts shaking girl and smile whilst you are doing it - and just know that we are all with you shaking our parts too (although Monky really isn't very good at this is he????? :D :D :D xxx

  • Oh I don't think we girls want to see him shaking his bits anyway :D

  • ha ha Ha - that made me laugh out loud - he'll be so disappointed though :D :D :D xx

  • Good afternoon everybody, I hope your all having a lovely day :) :)

    Hmmmm, as for us blokes belly dancing, we can seeeeee :P :P :D :D :D

  • Wow, I don't know what Briarwood was thinking! Those guys look good to me! :) :) xx

  • Ha ha ha some toy boys for ya Chrissie :D :D xx

    Hey, I bet you cant guess which one is me :o :D :D

  • Phew, well that was a good excuse to take another look! I think the one on the left - am I right? :) :) xx

  • Ha ha ha, no am in the crowd at the back :o :D :D

    Well, av got to go and do something today, cos I got fed up doing nothing yesterday, not sure what the something will be, but it will be something eh :o :D :D

  • I agree - re doing something instead of doing nothing I mean - so I'm going to go and do something now too - actually I'm hungry so I might have something to eat and do something whilst it's cooking - good plan!!!

    Catch ya later aligator! :) xx

  • Well, I've done the cooking, so will have to ermmmm, potter about the garden I think, there is always something to do in the garden :)

    Yeahhhhh, see's ya later alligator :D :D xx

  • Ha ha ha ha Jillygirl, am flippin wizzzzzzzzing around in my comp chair now :D :D :D

    Erm, I hope you dont mind me asking, but which one is me :o :D :D

  • The one on the left. with the homegrown roses. :D :D

  • Ha ha ha , hey Jillygirl, that could become the new Monkiss dance eh :D :D what do you think :o :D :D

  • Brilliant idea. :D :D

  • Love the backing for your dances Pete.

  • Ha ha ha love it Jillygirl, ha ha just flippin love it gal :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D I love the new group!!! :) xx

  • Do you think Simon Cowell would approve? :D

  • Aup Chrissie, I hope you found something to do today gal :o :) :)

  • Well actually I did a bit of something and a bit of nothing - so a bit of mix and match really - I ended up with a real bargain in Tesco - yes it was lipstick again! Oh how I love lipstick :) :) xx

  • Yes Chrissie dearest :o :D :D :D xx

  • So Mr Monky Pop Star person - what did you get up to this afternoon? xx :) :) :)

  • Well, ave done some sorting, some weeding, some painting fencing, and have made a list of what to do this week, while am off work :o but got fed up of that so now I have a cannie a lager in my hand and slurping on that :P :P :D :D :D beautyful :) :) xx

  • Are you off work this week? Lucky lucky you!!! I nearly took this week off myself but then decided I will wait until later in the month - I have to say I've lost heart in my job and I absolutely loved my job before - totally loved it

  • Hey, Chrissie, just give it time eh :) over the last couple of Years, there has been quite a few changes made at our place, some good :) some bad :( mind you mostly bad :( but you have to go with the times gal, just please give it time eh :) :) xx

  • I will do Monky - I couldn't leave them in the lurch if I wanted to - I'd feel too guilty, it's just I don't feel as happy when I'm travelling to work now like I used to - hopefully I'll get used to it.

    Anyway sorry I'm late - it's Sunday night so my dad phoned and honestly he can talk!!!! :) :) :) xxx

  • Thats cos your his fave Daughter Chrissie :) :) If I was your Dad, I would want to talk to you flippin loads and loads gal seeeeee :) :) xx

  • You know that sad thing about that, he barely asks about me - he always asks about the girls though but then I hear all the news of what has been going on down there - it's okay though, I'm used to it :) :) xxx

  • :) :) :) xx

  • It's rubbish when you don't like your job any more, I know, been there. Hope it gets a little better soon.

  • Oh I'm just being a moaning minnie Sin - I'm sure it'll be fine once I'm doing it properly and if I don't like it in a few months then I'll start looking around to see if there's anything else I fancy within the uni - it'll be fine xx :)

  • look what hubby did in 30 days. I did 30 days of biking (sometimes) he did 30 days of gardening, digging, fishing, flag laying, general slopping around in mud.

  • Aup Sinfree, you tell your hubby he has done magic to your garden gal :) and he is right, that flippin boarder just aint right, sooooo, you want to keep the grass, well, just buy a couple of square meters of turf, and square it up eh :) cos I can see some of the grass has been well trodden on :o :) :)

    Hubby has done a great job Sinfree, you be proud of him eh :) :)

  • Am very proud, and it's beautiful. The grass had got worn away from all the tramping around in the mud he had to do when it was raining loads and he was trying to stop the constant flow of spring water under the pond. Plus the dogs don't do the grass a whole lot of good. You don't reckon it'll grow back then?

  • Oh sinfree, you have a diamond with your husband there! Looks beautiful and you can enjoy it all summer. Brill.

    Bet you've got some strong legs there now with all that biking :)

    Got to say my hubby's been hard at it in the garden too. Very proud of him, and his achievements out there :)

    It may or may not have started with finding a quiet place to be away from the quitting wife/banshee (well, from time to time ;) ), but it has been great. He is really enjoying it. Every cloud.....

  • Aww, I will pass on all your kind words to him. Poor thing, when he was slipping and sliding around in all that mud and it rained every day he was sooooo sorry he ever started it. He only carried on cos the fish had nowhere to live. One was living in that old black water tank in one of the pics and the other in a fish tank in the house. We also have a very large tray of frogspawn from the old pond if anyone would like any? :o We did put some in the new pond but the fish ate them, and neither of us can put any more in, its cruel, even though our fish have probably lived off frogspawn every spring. So pretty soon we're gonna have an awful lot of frogs hopping around.

  • Gonna show him those photos one day, inspiration! It might be a bit much just yet - something to work up to.

  • :) :) haha yeah, once you've dug the hole there's no going back.

  • Hey Sin - I think it looks absolutely fantastic, honestly it just shows how much work has been done and it looks amazing! Such a lovely sitting out area now, I am so jealous!!! xx :) :)

  • Hey, Chrissie, I know you live in a flat, but havent you got a window box, cos I could make a patio on that, so you could sunbathe on it eh :o :d :d xx

  • That would be wonderful but unfortunately I don't have a balcony and we're not allowed window boxes - nice of you to offer to make me a patio though - if I ever get out of here I shall take you up on that offer!! :) :) xx

  • Thanks, I will pass on your compliments. He has been a busy bee. He's done most of it this last week. I'm very surprised he hasn't got a broken back, laying all those flags. It's just a shame that bit of the garden is in the shade most of the time.

  • Hey is that Mrs Monky joining in. ? :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha that is her I tell ya Jillygirl :D :D :D

  • Definite contenders for Britains Got Talent - I'd vote for them! :) :) xx

  • Hey, its the Euro vision song contest soon isnt it, please tell me when, cos I aint flippin watchin it seeeeeee :o :D :D

  • 6th 8th and 10th May. Just googled it. You could always enter.

    Now what song would be suitable ? must think about that. erm! :P

  • Jillygirl, you've cheered me up no end gal you have :P :P :D :D :D

  • Jillygirl, I will sing this song to you :) :)

  • Ha ha that brought to tears to my eyes with laughing. Hubby thinks I`m crackers. (dont know why). :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

    I give it 4 laughs :D

  • How about whey hey we`re the Monkeys,

  • Jillygirl, does this mean you want a party ??

    Cos it could be arranged you know, quite easily eh ;) :) :)

  • Why not . Chrissie has the red milk. :P

  • What should we name this party then ??


    Swinging Sunday night special.

  • :D :D :D

  • Did someone mention red milk?????? hey I love that orangutan - actually I think Monky is more of an organutan now - Monky change your name!!! :) :) :) xxx

  • :D :D :D

    Thought Pete was bringing the red milk for us. But I think hes hiding again. :P

  • Jillygirl, Chrissie, your wish is my command Ladies :) :)

  • Cheers Pete, Cheers Chrissie :) :)

  • Oh my gosh, that actually made my mouth water!!!! Cheers Jilly and thank you Monky Orangutan - I actually loved that dancing oranguant - I actualy want him! :) :) xx

  • in the pink and ready to party. :D

  • Oh my gosh that's so cute! xx :) :)

  • Sorry Jillygirl, cant see note on my comp :o

  • Jillygirl, just managed to find the pic, all I can say is, thats my girl :) :)

  • He's a flippin Monkyyyyyyy seeeeeeee :P :D :D :D

  • Go to Jilly's post about the red milk, it's up the page a bit - now that's not a monky!!! xx :) :)

  • Ok ok how come you flippin Women always get the better of me eh :o :D :D xx

  • Cos your a man. :P :P

  • It's like a Michael jackson Orangatan - brilliant!! :) :) xx

  • I am getting bog eyed now so I will wish you both goodnight and sweet dreams. xx :) :)

  • Hey Jilly - it's been fun tonight - night night and sweet dreams xx :) :)

  • Sorry Jillygirl, had to go and turn my bike around eh :o :)

    Nite nite Jillygirl, I hope you have the most wonderful nights sleep :) and the sweetest dreams too :) :) xx

  • He Monky - I think I'll call it a night too now - just watching a fascinating programme about looking after animals in the zoo - haven't seen any monkeys yet though! Night night and very sweet dreams hun xx :) :) :)

  • Nite nite Chrissie and I do hope work gets easier for you :) :) you are doing ever so ever so well with your quit, please tell me if you have a problem eh :)

    Sweet dreams and get through work huggs heading your ways gal :) xx

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