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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Wow, as of lunchtime today we will be officially half way through this week - it's true, time really does fly when you get older!!!

I'm sorry I missed you last night as I was out, but I've noticed that there are quite a few new members who I haven't met yet - all I want to say is a massive WELCOME to this wonderful site, we hope we can support you on your stop smoking journey as we completely understand what that is like, and we also know what a fantastic thing it is to do. So please join in the chats or ask questions or let off steam if you want, we are 100% behind you and know you can do this! :)

It is one of those stunningly beautiful mornings which I hope will last and you all have a wonderful, sunny, smoke free day :)

Love Chrissie xx :) :)

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Morning Chrissie its beautiful here in Kent too, sun is out tress are full and I saw a squirrel outside my office, so all in all, not a bad start to the morning huh :)

Well I am hoping I have turned a corner, as no longer still "wishing" I was a smoker, but to get to that mind set took me a lot longer than I had hoped, but have stopped thinking/obsessing about having a smoke at last :)

Hope everyone has a great day, and a smoke free day xx


Hi Pinkie, this is wonderful news and I am so pleased for you. You have climbed that mountain now so you can put all those thoughts behind you and feel refreshed - great, they are gone!!! I am so pleased for you and I really hope you are proud of yourself because after everything you have been through your commitment has shone through time and time again! Well done sweetie xxx :) :)


Good morning and Happy Wednesday Everyone :-)

Well, there appears to be a bright orangey thing peeping behind some beautiful looking white clouds set on a fantastic looking blue sky this morning 8-) I wonder will it be wearing a hat on and hip, hip, hip, hooraying later this afternoon? :D

Al, I think you have turned a corner too which is good to see,especially after everything that this lovely life threw at you as a huge test! Lovely to see how the weather and little squirrels can lift our moods ;-)

Morning Briarwood, lovely picture :-)

Chrissie, lovely to see you are as bright and bubbly as usual :-)

Have a lovely smokefree day all :-)


Hi EmJay it's lovely to see you again. It sounds like you have been have a bit of a tough time of late both healthwise and workwise which always seems to happen at the same time! So I hope you are feeling much better now.

Send out love to the chicks

xx :) :)


Morning everyone :)

Lovely day here too, tho having to watch it through the office window today. Just love to see that sun 8-)

Great stuff pinkie! Putting that crazy wish behind you :)

You find the best pics Briar, happy sparkly pics for happy sparkly people, especially our Chrissie :)

Have a good day Emjay :) Let us know if you see the hat, and manage to get out to play, hip hip hooray :D

Wishing one and all a good smokefree day :)

Stay strong :)


Hi Betts - well I was in the same boat as you but it was still wonderful to see such a lovely day - it makes everyone feel brighter and happier doesn't it! The traffic didn't even bother me on the way home tonight - I just had the music blasting (Gabrielle today actually) and was singing along with her!!!

See you soon sweetie xxx :) :)


Just got home from work and what a lovely day it's been. 4 months Nic free now where has the time gone? Tomorrow I will be packing for our week in Ireland really looking forward to spending time with my family.

Can someone tell me how you post all these lovely pictures in your posts. I am a bit of a technophobe

New badge welcome


Wey Hey, that's fantastic KC - wow I can't believe how quickly that last month has gone, it's amazing!

So how is your throat how, have you recovered from that now? You sound so happy and upbeat and I'm so so pleased for you - congratulations and have a really fabulous time in Ireland (lucky you!)

xxx :) :)


Love it Briarwood :D :D


Hi Monkey, how ya doing? Not working too hard I hope :D


Hi Briarwood, yeah better day than yesterday gal :) still late finishing, but were getting their, thank you for asking :)


My throat is about the same but he did say it would take some time.


Hey that badge looks fantastic KC - you must be so proud of yourself!! Ah I hope you start to see a difference in your throat soon but only because you will be so happy when you do! xx :) :)


Good evening everybody :) :)

Chrissie, a lovely opening today gal :) even without a pic :P :D :D

KC, That new badge really suits you gal :) but I reckon a 5 Month badge will look even better :) :) A great big well done to you :) :)

Do you want to put a pic on a reply ? Or do you want to put a pic on a new post ?

Pete :)


Both Pete


Aup KC :)

This is how to put a picture on your Post.

Write your Post

Then go down to the bottom of your Post

You will see – choose file

Click on that

Then go to My Documents, pictures or downloads, where ever you have saved the picture too.

Then click once on the picture you want, to highlight it !

Then click open

And hey – presto you will have a pic

PS you wont see the picture until you preview or publish your Post :)

I hope this has helped you and will let you know how to get a pic on the reply's :)


Hi KC, am here again :o

If you want to put a pic on a reply, am afraid you cant off your pictures that you have saved to your computer !!

But you can go onto the web and get them :)

Open a new tab

Click on images

Write in the search bit, what you are looking for, then click on the search button :)

Then a load of pics will appear

If you right click on the pic you want,

A drop down menu will appear,

Go down to - copy image URL,

Left click on that,

Then right click on your comment,

A drop down menu will appear again,

Left click on paste,

A picture wont appear, but the link will

So all people will have to do is click on it and the picture will appear

Ps, dont use the top 3 rows of pics, cos they dont turn out sometimes.

If you have any problems KC, just give us a nudge and I will try to sort it out for you :)


Are these instructions if you are using a PC? I am using an Ipad at the moment. I don't turn my PC on much these days. I can't see "file" at the bottom of my post


Hmmmm, I'm on my PC, erm, I will look on my phone, cus I aint got an Ipad :o


KC, go to Images :)


Well, have you tried it ?

Gosh, this is like waiting for you to put your make-up on ready for going out somewhere :P :D :D


Nite nite everybody and ENJOY being smoke free :) :)

I wish you all a lovely nights sleep, with of course a few sweet dreams in it too :) :)


No I can't even find "images" maybe I am too tired will look again tomorrow x


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