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TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 27/05/2014


Well the bank holiday was a bit of a wash out around these parts but it was nice to have that little break and it's back to work today :)

I hope that everyone is fit and well and enjoying their smoke free lives - I have to confess that yesterday given the horrible weather and apart from a couple of telephone chats with my daughters, I did something I haven't done for ages, I sat and watched a whole series (6 x 1 hour episodes) that I recorded a couple of months ago from beginning to end and I absolutely loved it! What a way to spend a spring bank holiday Monday!!! :) :)

Oh, good luck to Monky and anybody else who is starting their quit journey today - you can do this, believe in yourself and be positive and never look back - this is the start of your new non-smoking life so really really enjoy it!

And remember NOPE - Not one puff ever!!!!

Have a wonderful day

Love Chrissie xxx :) :) :)

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Morning Chrissie and everyone dipping in here

I have a dream to do that one day too Chrissie, with this Game of Thrones series people I know rave about, but I haven't seen and can't get. Glad you enjoyed a bit of spoiling yourself. Did you have the boxes or bags of stuff to munch and sip too - popcorn maybe :)

Grey day here and off to an appointment shortly, then back to pack for my hols, woopee!

Have a good smokefree day all :)

Stay strong!

And Go Pete! we're all behind you here :)


Good morning everyone (just).

Grey down south too but no rain as yet. Hope you all enjoyed your last Bank Holiday for a while. :)

It's lovely having my nephew and girlfriend visiting. She's got a bee in her bonnet about seeing Brighton so they've gone off there overnight, giving me a liitle breathing space to catch up on here. ;-)

We went Stock car racing yesterday and the rain started just as we parked the car on arrival so it rained the whole time. Apart from not being able to sit down we were prepared for it. The best bit was at the end when they did a caravan destruction derby - that is just so hilarious, and one guy actually managed to get himself into the caravan in front of him. The "race" carries on until it's the last car that's able to move. :)

Don't forget, like Chrissie said, NOPE - Not One Puff Ever!

Have a good day. :)


Hi to all our fellow quitters. I am finding it reasonably easy whilst staying with my youngest daughter. I am dreading going home to the stress, chaos and anxiety when I return at the weekend. I wish you well with day one Monky :)


Maddy123, run a hot bath, light a few candles, bring a book and a glass of something cold or a mug of something hot.....all your anxieties will seep into the water leaving you lovely and relaxed :O


Hi sinfree, I got continually caught in the rain today :(

Went to covent garden and bought my new trainers... it rained :(

Walked to trafalger square....it rained :(

Walked up to Fortnum & masons and thought Id treat myself to a coffee and fresh cream scone... they gave me the coffee but forgot my scone (was v disappointed) they offered me a coffee while I waited but had lost the will to live and it ruined my anticipation for a cream scone. Left hungry ....... it rained :(

Walked up new bond street then onto oxford circus...... it still rained :(

Went to Debenhams and bought my sister a dress for her birthday on Friday :)

Walked up to the tube...... still blooming raining..........came home looking like a drowned rat ... :(

but apart from that it has been a good non smoking day :D

Monky hope your ok today :D


Good Afternoon all :-)

I am so sorry I haven't been around all weekend but for some reason I couldn't log in via my phone. Now, I do know that HealthUnlocked are working on making the site more mobile friendly - so I just assumed that it was because of this. Did anybody else have similar problems? :o

Anyway, I then planned to put my next plans into place - use my laptop :-) My plans were soon scuppered when I realised that my lovely stepson still hadn't returned it from Friday :X

I finally got it back late last night, so following a few badge awardings I left coming on here properly until today :o

Lots to read and catch up with! :D :D

Fresher - Big belated 'well done's' to you on reaching your 8 week mark - keep marching forward :-)

Betts - I hope your packing in going well :-)

Sin - I really want to be able to help you to ditch NRT altogether. You say all the right things to everyone else and I'm sure if we had another Sin :o around here going through similar - then you would know what to say to them! How about you decide once and for all about your chosen product - e-cig? Choose a final quit date and then work towards it? You strike me as the kind of person to be quite headstrong and focussed on getting something done when you really want to. Come on, lets do this ;-)

Andi - glad to hear that you are enjoying yur visitors - pity about the weather though :o

Mady123 - don't worry too much about how you will feel when you get back home - Try and live in the now and deal with things as they happen. Enjoy your break away from everything - you deserve it ;-)

Chrissie - I'm not one to sit in front of the telly that often, but do like a full series fest every now and again - my last one was 'Breaking Bad'. I don't seem to have any time for anything lately :-/

Veekatz - lovely to see you popping on :-)

TerryOR - what a lovely oil painting! I think you should share some more of your work. You have an amazing talent there. Also, I love your post and metaphor about the boats on a lake :-)

KC1946 - Enjoy your trip to London - I think the views you get will be slightly different from your Irish ones :-) ;-)

Julie - Oh dear! Rain, rain, go away, come back another day! Aside from your wet trip, I'm glad to hear that you are finding our community supportive. We're all in this together :-)

Ian - I hope you are feeling heaps better now following on from your latest post. I'll pop my head round the door later and see if you're okay :-)

Nonsmokernow - How are you finding Champix now? Hope it's working well for you? :-)

Pete, I'll try and catch up with you tonight and see how you are getting along with your e-cig :-)

I'm away home just now but will be back on later. I'm hoping to have an update from Sarah about our lovely JillyGirl :-)

Speak to you all in a bit...



Hi all....good luck monky!!! Haven't been on for a while,....tbh , I got stuck into the breaking bad series....and actually got to watch lots without having to keep pausing for fag breaks!!!!! So watched all the series ...the whole thing in 4 weeks!! So that's kept me busy!! :p

Hope your good Chrissie ;)


It's official, I'm the only person in the world who has not watched one episode of breaking bad - and it sounds like compulsive viewing as well!!!! I must watch it soon otherwise I'll never be cool!

And how are you Mindermummy - it's lovely to see you again, and wow girl, another week under our belts - now how cool is that! :) :) :) xxx

You know what, I remember when we reached double figures in days (10 days!) - now we are on the verge of doing double figures in weeks - can you believe that!!!! So how are you doing with it? I'm down to 0.6mg on the e-cig and my next purchase will be some 0mg liquid, as well as some 0.6mg to mix it with - are you nic free now or still using the e-cig occasionally? I hope all is going well with you xx :) :)


I know the time is flying by!!!! I'm still shocked!!

Try BB....it is compulsive viewing, although there is SO much smoking in it ...it's hard to I watch in that way!!! Lol

I'm using e cig still....but sometimes can go days with none! Then other days few puffs in a day...and then with drinks quite a lot...it's quite random.

But def easier now.

I'm happy with the e cig....better than smoking properly and I don't worry about coming off that complety for now...maybe one day....but helping me too much now!!!

Well done u too. Xxx


Well done Chrissy on getting down to 0.6, I over bought on my 1.0 so I'm still using that yet as I've loads of it lol, what a plonker. Everyone sounds like they had a pretty good bank holiday weekend, we did to went out and about doing kiddy things. Have a good week everyone 8) x


Hi Fresher - and can I just say, that badge looks absolutely amazing on you - CONGRATULATIONS BABY!!!! And very well deserved it is too :) :) :)

If you are on 1.0 you are doing brilliantly, I am going to have a go with the zero liquid next week, but I do think I might be on the 0.6 for a while longer yet and I'm not going to put myself under pressure, I just want to see how it is, but I'll definitely be mixing first! Hey we are doing great girl!!!! :) :) :)

So glad you enjoyed your bank jolliday xx :) :)


Thanks soo much Chrissie and yes we are doing great aren't we,, I still don't believe it yet that we've got this far, finally,. No don't blame you sticking on nicotine for a while, theirs no rush and you've dropped down brilliantly, I would have give it a go with the 0.6 I've bought but must have gone a little mad with being chuffed I was on the 1.0 and went mad, and I'm not wasting it it's not cheap :D xx


I know, I know, I know! It's so exciting isn't it! :D :D :D

You do realise you are nearly on 1/2 what you started on only a few weeks ago - we are going to get nic free at some point and that will be amazing! xx :) :) xx


That's very true, I was thinking that the other day that we forget where we started. I actually wish I'd written a diary of the first 4 weeks to remind myself of how I felt and how far I had come. Was thinking about when I was 2 weeks in and struggling on the weekends, I decided I'd have a go at some maltesers and some monkey had eaten them all hahaha I was not a happy bunny but it was funny,,, :) xx


Oh I remember that well - and it was funny!!!! You were soooooooooooooooooo fed up about that - wow doesn't that seem a long time ago now! :) :) :) xxx


Yes it seems like ages ago, probably 6 weeks ish lol x


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