SATURDAY - DAILY CHAT - 03/05/2014


Well it's 7.00 am on Saturday morning and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful here in Sheffield with clear blue skies, glorious sunshine and a frost, the birds are singing, it's just lovely!

I hope everyone can forget about the trials of stopping smoking and just enjoy this day - I'm definitely going to take a little walk today to see the bluebells in the woods and get some real fresh air into my lungs, and then I'll worry about everything I have to do (it's too nice to worry about that just now!)

I'ts been an amazing week for successes with lots of badges this week, but it's just as amazing for those who have achieved one more day - so congratulations on whatever you have achieved, and keep motivated and positive and enjoy your journey and be happy

Have a wonderful Saturday xxx :) :)

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  • Good morning Chrissie and everyone,

    Yes the sun is shining here too in Leeds. Well I am off for some bits for my holiday . I go away 12th May to Northumberland so need some walking shoes. Not that I can walk very far, I suppose I mean sensible shoes.

    I hope your all feeling fine and positive. Have a lovely day. xx

  • Morning Chrissie and Jilly

    Beautiful day here in Manchester too :)

    Walking is the order of the day here too - too good to miss!

    Hope you find some good walking shoes Jilly, and you enjoy all that lo Ely fresh air and bluebells Chrissie. I'm going to do the same. Lungfulls of lovely air - so many scents of blossoms, it's like drinking in the wine. Enjoy!

    Have a great smoke free day all :)

  • Good morning Briarwood, sorry gal, a missed you :o Love the pic :)

  • Good morning Chrissie, Jillygirl, Betts and everybody and yep, its wall to wall sunshine here in Derbyshire too 8-)

    Chrissie, I do hope the pains gone now gal, you sound much happier anyway :) Yes we have bluebells out here too, love em I do :) You enjoy your walk and enjoy that lovely fresh air :)

    Sooooo, Jillygirl, your off spending hubbies money again eh :D :D

    Hi Betts, you enjoy your walk too gal :)

    See's ya all soon :)

  • Hi Monky

    Feeling so so so so so so so much better today it's unbelievable! I had a bit of a strange night but did wake up full of the joys of, which was wonderful!

    I've been for my walk (it only takes about 30 minutes) but I didn't find my camera so I need to find that and go back again because it was stunning! It' made me feel very happy :) :)

    So what are you up to on this beautiful sunny day?

    :) :) :) x

  • Aup Chrissie, am soooooo glad your feeling better gal :) and enjoyed your walk :)

    I'm just chilaxing a bit today, cos had a hard week, so will do a bit of pottering about me thinks :)

  • Can't fault you for that sunshine! I'm an expect on chilaxing so if you need any advice you know where to find me :) I'm just doing a bit of pottering myself as it happens - pottering is not hard core chores, it's just .......pottering! :)

    I'm actually waiting for my bedding to finish washing so I can hang it outside - can't waste a beautiful drying day like this now can I????

    So have fun with your chilaxing/pottering and I'll catch you later :) :) xx

  • Pottering sounds perfect :)

    Gonna do a shop then go with the pottering too.

  • Morning to everyone, Sunny here in North East Wales, yes a great day for walking, and getting some fresh air in our lungs. Here's to a Happy smoke free day, :-) :-)

  • Good morning Sunny, I hope your well young Lady :) :)

  • ANDI, have you got your new shiny badge yet gal ??

    I hope you enjoyed your parkrun this morning :) well, thats if you got up early enough eh :P :D :D :D

    See's ya soon :)

  • Good morning everyone on this beautiful, sunny morning. AND I've got my very, very special lovely new badge. :)

    Thank-you very much Emjay. :) (and Pete and Chrissie for downing tools last night - or was it downing something else! :o :D :D )

    So, I got up okay, did my parkrun - 3 miles in 35.42 - happy with that. :)

    Hope you all have a fab day in the lovely sunshine. 8-)

    I think I'd better cut my grass today. See you later. :)

  • Yeh Andi - Your badge is there and I must say it's stunning! I really suits you so wear it with pride :)

  • I saw a friend at parkrun this morning and she said that my pt has been plastering my achievements all over facebook. I said I'm not on fb - I hope there weren't any photos! :o :D :D

  • Aup Andi, WOWWEEEEEEEEE :) :)

    Just looooooooove your new badge gal :)

  • Hey Andi :)

    Great badge, looking good!

    You're getting to the stage of being a blur that streaks past with those speeds ;) They won't be able to get the snaps for FB going that fast!

    Just walked the same sort of distance thro woods and about, in an hour and a half :{. Stopped to take it in a bit. I'm puffing a bit on the steep bits (breathless, not fags) but that's OK. Glad there's no-one with me tho'! Like a steam train!

    So pleased you feeling better today Chrissie. A bit of sunshine works wonders for us all,

    Nice to see you Mrs Sunny, enjoying the sunshine too.

    What you up to Pete? Any more direct action planned ;) You've got plenty of back up here, what a great group!

    Love the picture Briars! Warmed my cockles :)

    Iz at the coffee again now :)

    Keep loving the sunshine all, make hay, hey?


  • Hi Betts, hmmmm, my direct action plan for today is to do nothing, not sure whether I can actually do nothing though :D :D :D

  • Just want you to know I'm right behind you all the way ;)

    United in the Struggle to do nothing ...

    Harder than it sounds :)

    Can only do our best.

    ... :)

  • Actually I had forgotten that Monky and I were on strike last night - I am proud to have played a part in the protest :) :) xxx

  • Ha ha ha, well Chrissie, it just shows you what doing nothing does for us eh :D :D :D

  • but I thought we had to not do nothing - ie do something! It's today we can do nothing because we are not on strike anymore! Silly :) :) :)

  • Hello everyone, joined yesterday after receiving a bit of a health shock. Taking this a minute at a time, but not lit up today, a first in over umpteen decades! Keeping busy, trying to take my mind off my diagnosis, and trying ever so hard not to think about you-know-what.

  • Hi Pixiedixie - welcome to the quit site and it's lovely to meet you. I am so so sorry that you are worrying about your health but please be assured that giving up smoking is the very best thing you can do.

    Make sure you convince yourself that this is what YOU want to do, take the control back and be positive in your stop, it really does help when fighting the cravings. You will feel withdrawal from nicotine and you will feel the effects that stopping smoking has on the body - they may not be pleasant but they are proof that the body is recovering from the effect that smoking has had on it for all those years - so see them as a positive sign and think this is just a phase, I can get through this and I will feel better.

    Take it from 1 minute at a time to 5 minutes at a time and then 10 minutes at a time, all those minutes add up to hours and hours and up to days and before you know it, you will have got through the worst and you'll be stronger to face the next phase.

    Stopping smoking is definitely the best thing you can do for your health and your future, you are not denying yourself something you love, you are eliminating something that can only cause you harm and it's time to take control and say NO - I do not want to smoke, I will never smoke again so go away cravings because I'm just not interested - the more times you do that the less cravings you will get :)

    Do whatever you have to do to distract yourself - JillyGirl on here has a wonderful list of ideas. Think of changes to your routine at your heaviest smoking times - the list of distractions will help with that - and never fail to come on here and tell us how you are feeling - you will get lots of friendly people giving you loads of help and advice and supporting you 100% in your stop, and every single one of them understands what it is like to stop smoking so you know the support is coming from the heart.

    We are here for you so don't hesitate to join in but most importantly of all - believe in yourself - YOU CAN DO THIS - and promise yourself that you will NEVER smoke again. That's history, that is gone, it's time to start the next chapter and it's wonderful!

    Take care and keep in touch

    And big hugs are coming your way to support you on your journey

    Chrissie xx :) :)

  • Hi Pixie, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site :) there's loads of advice and help on here :)

    I'm sorry that you've had a health shock :( and a massive well done to you for keeping off, ermmmm, the you-know-what eh :) :)

    Yes keeping busy is great to take your mind off things, drinking plenty of water helps too :) try thumping a cushion or having a good shout !! and there's this breathing exercise, which may help :)

    This exercise can be done anywhere from sitting down in a chair to waiting for a bus. Follow the simple stages described below;

    With your mouth closed and shoulders relaxed, inhale deeply and slowly to the count of eight.

    As you breathe in, push your stomach out.

    Hold your breath for the count of four.

    Breathe out slowly to the count of eight.

    Repeat the cycle five times


    If you dont mind me asking you Pixie, are you using any form of nicotine replacement therapy ??

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Hi Monky - how is doing nothing going for you?

    I can't do nothing anymore, so I'm going to do something!!! I'm going for a stroll round a local retail park and hopefully bag a new lippy :)

    Now is there anything I can get you whilst I'm at it? :) :) :) xx

  • Flippin booooooooooooorin gal :D :D

    Yeah, a brain cell or 2 wouldnt go a miss please, if there going cheap eh :D :D

    Enjoy your shopping, and I hope you find what your looking for :) :) xx

  • Monky those brains cells were not cheap, and in truth I didn't know where they came from (poor packaging if you ask me!) - so you could have ended up as a chicken or anything! Couldn't take the risk - besides, you are coping okay with your 1 brain cell aren't you? :) :) :)

  • ok, maybe I am, cluck, cluck :D :D

  • Hi Pixiedixie, like I said yesterday welcome aboard. Coming on here will certainly help or at least distract you. Take care. xx

  • Hi Pixie

    So sorry you have this to go through, we all fear health shocks when we smoke, suppress it a lot.

    Like Chrissie has already said, you are doing the best thing ever now, A huge well done! it is brilliant knowing that as soon as we stop taking that lousy stuff in, out bodies re oxygen nd that is just great.

  • Whoops! Sorry. Finger trouble!

    Just to say. Stay strong, we are all rooting for you here, pixie.

  • Hi pixiedixie, sorry to hear about your health shock. Welcome to the site. Lots of friendly people here to help you through a difficult time. Stay strong, we are all right behind you :) x

  • Welcome pixie. :) The others have said it all so I'll just say welcome aboard and just jump in and join in the chat. :)

  • Good Afternoon All (sorry for late "hello" been slaving in the garden). Monkey and Chrissie - hope the not doing nothing is working well! :) Congrats Andi on your special two years badge!

    Hope you're all enjoying the sun! Back out to continue planting - see you in a bit

  • Hi James - I've been meaning to drop you a line over the last couple of days but I've just not managed it - sorry! Anyway, you do realise that with all that gardening you will turn into Monky don't you? #justsaying #youhavebeenwarned !!! :) :) :)

    So anyway how the devil is your quit going? You always sound so amazing - I'm thinking it's going well - and you know me so you know I have to put this in capitals...MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS JAMES on achieving, and indeed, passing your 1 week quit - absolutely fantastic and well done you - I hope you are feeling more than a little bit proud of yourself - because you absolutely should do.

    You have done this with style and I am so impressed - just stay positive and you will overcome any temptation and every one you overcome makes you stronger - you've got this!!! :) :) :)

  • Hello Chrissie - may be a bit late on the gardening front (however, if this happens do I get a 2 month badge automatically - is that cheating?!?) ;)

    Everything still going well though it all very nearly came crashing down: I lost my wallet on Thursday afternoon and after going through all the stress of cancelling cards etc I found myself walking home in a foul mood and feeling a bit stupid. Came so very very close to breaking... At one point I'd even convinced myself that this wouldn't have happened if I'd smoked! Crazy - but that's addiction for you. People were looking at me strangely but I was standing stock still in the middle of a busy pavement!!! The moment passed - as indeed, did my fellow pedestrians... :) Phew

    Very proud to still be on the path and heading towards the end of day 9! Part of what kept me on the path was the thought of repaying all the support I've received here by giving in - so a big "thank you!". Another part is: I covet the winners badges! Neither of these were on my list of reasons for quitting but they are now!

    (I've since been phoned by the police who told me that my wallet has been handed in! Fortune favours the nicotine free?)

    How is everything with your quitting journey? - I hope its going well! Red milk o clock? :)

  • I knew it, you are turning into Monky already - after 1 day of gardening!!! No you can't have your 2 month badge early - but nice try Mr!!! Has he been training you by the way? :)

    I'm really really sorry, but actually it's because I understand exactly how you were feeling - but that 2nd para made me laugh out loud! - Oh my goodness that is hilarious - well we can laugh now that you got your wallet back - but honestly I can just picture you standing in the middle of the pavement with all this stuff going through your head - fighting with your trigger being stared at by passing strangers - honestly you couldn't make this stuff up - it's priceless!!!

    Very proud of you for still being on the path and yes, I know what you mean - I wouldn't fancy confessing a slip up to this lot! I rather stay stopped smoking I think :D :D :D

    Yup, you only got that wallet back because you stopped smoking - if you hadn't stopped your wallet would have gone forever!!! (I'm enjoying this :) )

    Oh you know me, I'm hunky dory and plodding along nicely. Had dental work yesterday which left me in agony and I noticed I didn't get one message of sympathy from you - but I'll let that one pass this time :D

    yes, I think you are right - it has to be red milk time - you've just made my day (still laughing at para 2 - ah bless you :) )

    have you started drinking yet?

    xx :) :)

  • It was a truly special moment! I wonder if my facial expressions mapped which part of my brain was winning! Chuckle to myself now - :) :)

    Sorry to hear you had to suffer with the dentist (woops - missed that) - hope the pain has stopped now? Dental work is one of my greatest fears. Glad everything else going well

    I have experimented with a return to the drink and its OK as long as I take it slowly - it seems to hit me harder without cigarettes (weird) and I worry about getting too drunk this early on (this JD is strong stuff.... oh...) ;)

  • Hi James, great going there and now coming to the end of day 9. Good for you! :) If you're going out on the razz tonight, just take extra care and remember to say "I don't smoke any more".

    Love the new avatar btw. :)

  • Hello Andi! Taking it easy on the old party front - especially at such a tender stage of my quitting journey. Plan to ease myself back in (a couple of drinks at home, a couple of drinks with non smoking friends and so on).

    Hopefully my avatar will become as relaxed as yours with time - for the moment however... brrrrrrrr! :)

  • Aup James, hmmm, I was wondering where you were :o but thats great pal, still on the track to freeeeeeedom :) :) am so happy for you :) and in the flippin garden too, I was going to plant out today, but we had a flippin good frost last night, and it gives a few more too, so have decided to leave it for a couple of days.

    If ever you feel you need help, we are all here for you :) :)

  • Hello Monkey! All good here - though very nearly crashed earlier in the week... still on the path of the free though!

    We've been quite lucky here in the mild mild south west - no frosts and sunshine all day. Great minds think alike - will be planting out tomorrow here. Spent today digging a new veg patch (I'd forgotten that earth smells). Looking forward to enjoying the taste of homegrown veg with new nicotine free senses! :)

    Hope all is well with you and the frosts ease up soon!

    Thanks for the support as ever!

  • Aup James, am soooo glad your still with us pal :) :)

    Soooo, you can smell that earth now then, isnt it lovely :) :) you will be able to smell loads more things too, erm, some good and some bad eh :o :D :D I could always smell freshly cut grass, but since I've been quit, It smells even nicer than it did before :) and when I walk into my greenhouse, I can actually smell my tomato plants :) :)

    It just shows you what we have been missing for Years eh :) Take care now James and maybe planting out tomorrow too :)

    Keep focused and positive on your quit, your going great guns pal :) :)

  • Oh yeah I left the party early last night - before the trouble kicked off! :D :D Monky and Chrissie on strike, Andi half naked! :D :D I told you jillygirl what would happen with all that drink and NO NO NO Chrissie I didn't run off with the Jack Daniels :D :D - I wish I had ha ha :P :) Glad you all enjoyed your day :) Luving the new badge Andi, it suits you better than last nights outfit ha ha :D :D x

  • Briarwood, you have just convinced me that, although you have more than 1 brain cell, you are just as flippin stupid as I am seeeeeee even if you can ermmmmmm, do 2 things at once eh :D :D :D

  • It takes one to know one ha ha :P

  • In that case Monky must have hidden it, I swear he thinks I get rowdy when I'm tiddly, it's just not fair! Sorry for accusing you Briarwood, but you did have your eye on those bottles earlier so you were my number 1 suspect in the crime!!! :) :) :) tee hee xx

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Your forgiven hun, that cheeky fella gets into a lot of mischief x :)

  • Who, little old me :o :D :D :D

  • Nail bighting match!


  • Hi Betts, sorry to change the subject but I've got a feeling you are getting close to your badge - when is your 4 week anniversary? xxx

  • Aup Chrissie, I hope your shopping trip went to plan :) and you got some nice ermmmm, was it lippy :o :) :)

  • I did, I did, I did - get some lippy that is. Actually haven't tried it on yet - I'll do that now!

    Hmm, not bad - a little paler than I'm used to - what do you think? :) xx

  • Ermmmm, sorry Chrissie dearest, but ermmm, I cant seeeee anything :o :D :D

  • ha ha ha - I know!!! Just kidding :D :D :D xxx

  • Hmmm, I think this is more you Chrissie !

  • That is actually a compliment! That is more like my daughter actually - when she gets all glammed up I mean! xx :) :)

  • Hey Chrissie, what is they say, like Daughter like Mother eh :) :) xx

  • Oh what a charmer! :D

  • he thinks he can get away with hiding my JDs last night by being charming! Well actually he can but don't tell him!!! :) :) xx

  • Hey, Chrissie dearest, as if I would hide your JDs from you :o :)

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Definitely GUILTY as charged - and you owe Briarwood a bottle of gin that you didn't let her have the other night as well! You are a cheeky monky!!!!! xx :) :)

  • Sorryyyyy, just been to shake hands with the vicar :) and yes Chrissie, I have washed my hands, before you flippin start on me seeeeeee :o :D :D

    Hey, what bottle of gin ?? I dont drink that soooo itr wasnt me gal :P :D :D

  • Gin! Did somebody mention Gin? :O

  • The bar is open in red milk corner

    By the way you made me laugh out loud then - reminded me of Father Jack in Father Ted - so funny! :D :D :D xx

  • I feel like him as my iPad on this site with all the posts goes into meltdown, very frustrating! :( so if it takes ages to answer you, that's the reason :O

  • it's because the post gets too long - move over to the red milk post honey xxx

  • Sorry I missed your attachment - wow that is hot red if you ask me!!! Very nice actually xx :) :)

  • Hmmmm, sooo your a bit of a hot chick then ;) :) :) erm, I will have to have a sit down now, cos have come all over wiggly :o :D :D

  • Just love you toooooo flippin flippin Briarwood seeeee :P :D :D

  • hey, Betts, you flippin scream gal, you flippin scream :)

  • What match - I don't know what you are talking about - tell me, tell me, tell me (please!) xx :) :)

  • All good now. Calm deep breaths.

    :) Man City just beat Everton. Got a house full of testosterone, a d that's just me! Dads a nd lads contributing a bit.

    Changing the subject just a bit, the lippy sounds good, subtle :)

    Changing it


    It's been 3 weeks, feels like 3 years,!!!!!!!

  • 3 weeks when? ie when do you get your badge sweetie? I just knew it couldn't be long away!!! :) xx

    ps Congrats on MC - you can have another beer now!!! xx

  • Well not long till you get that first badge Betts, it will all be worth it then x

  • Yeah, I know just what you mean Betts, but it does go quicker as you go gal :) soooooo, this time next week, its flippin party time then eh :) :D :D :D

    You stick with it Betts, cos your doing so so well :) :)

  • Just popping out now to feed daughters cats.

    What an evening

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