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Daily Chat Thursday 13th March 2014

Daily Chat Thursday 13th March 2014

I see some of us are having trouble seeing the comments on some posts :o

I very nearly always use Google when on the internet, and I found that whilst on my computer on this site, there were some comments missing from some posts !!

Well, the other day, to cut a long story short, I was on Internet Explorer and just thought I would bob on here to see how things are going, as you doooooo :D :D and found that I could see ALL the comments on the posts :) soooooooo, I quickly logged onto Google, and those comments just wernt their :o :o

So maybe its Google thats having a bit of an ifffffy time eh ? and not Health Unlocked :) this time :D :D Erm am not sure about Tablets or I pads or mobiles, but just try changing your Server :)

Like I say Ladies & Gentlemen, just a thought :)

Good luck to all of you that have quit smoking ermmmmm, where the flippin heck are we now :o its the 13th today, soo good luck for yesterday and today :) :) Please Please, if you have any trouble with your NRT, or you want to ask a question, or even just flippin want a good old rant and rave, then come on here, cos there's loads of help and support for you :) what ever stage your at :)

Rite, thats enough of me rabbbbbbbbiting on, so I will now go and crack a cannie a lager open if anybody wants to join me :) alright, alright, I will pop the kettle on tooooo :P :D :D

I hope you all have a lovely, lovely day, take care now :) :)

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Hi Pete, good to see you opening the daily chat. I hope you didnt work too late yesterday.

Will chat later if your on site. and not grafting away. :) :) :)


Aup Jillygirl, I hope your very well :) :)

As for me, am always flippin grafting gal :P :P :D :D :D

I think am working nights next week :P but I will see's ya over the weekend gal :) :)

Speak soon Jillygirl, luvs ya loads gal :) xxxx


Hey Pete and jilly and everyone. Happy Thursday to you all.

Well I'm hanging in there with all my recent upheavals. I'm moving to another town on Saturday. I'm on an emotional roller coaster at the moment. Was in the supermarket yesterday and a packet of frozen peas made me burst into tears. Am sitting at the docs at the moment to get results of recent blood tests but the nurse who saw me first is very concerned as my blood pressure is 160/123. Any bloody wonder.

But thru all the heart break plus stress of starting a new job I still haven't reached for a smoke so that's saying something eh? I must ask the doc for the champix extender pack .... I only have 3 days left of the original 12 week program.

Anyway take care everyone. I'll be in touch after I've settled into the new digs. *sigh* water coming out my eyes again :(. Life sucks :((


Hey Mardi, am feeling for you gal, I really am :( But I tell you gal, I bow down to you for staying smokefree after all that you have been through :) :)

As for you moving to a new town on Saturday, I hope everything goes well for you :) just think Mardi, this is a new life for you, with the added bonuses of being smoke free :) looking much prettier :) smelling much nicer :) being a young fit bit of stuff :) flippin richer :) What more could a man ask for eh :o :) :) Please look forwards to your new life, I know thats easier said than done gal, but hold your head up high and flippin ENJOY life again :) :) Am sending you loads and loads of ENJOY life again huggs xxxxx, first class as usual, so you be in that bar to catch em eh :)

Please keep in touch and let us know that you safe and well :)

Ps, I should get tinned peas in future gal :o :D :D


Thanks pete and I got those ENJOY life hugs. They arrived last night and I was there to greet them. They really do help :)

I've moved to devonport which is where I'm working. It's about half an hour away from my hometown. I moved in with a work colleague who was very kind to offer me her spare room. It's hard tho.....I would prefer a place of my own but financially that's just not possible at the mo. All in good time :)

I've just taken my last Champix ...... Now it's all up to me to remain smoke free. I really think I can do it.

Once again as per usual you are so supportive and caring and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx


Aup Mardi, am soooooo glad you have found somewhere to park your bum gal :) :)

Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, so you just take your time and get settled in with your new work colleague eh :) I know what you mean about wanting somewhere on your own gal, It will come :) :)

I have got flippin FULL confidence in you gal to remain smoke free now you have finished the champix :) but just in case you need em, am sending you smokefree settle in huggs to ya, and their from the bottom of my heart toooooo see :) :) xxxx

You take care now Mardi, a luvs ya ta bits gal :) :)


Hi there Mardi, Hope you get sorted at the docs. Next time put them there peas back in the freezer, fancy upsetting you like that. :( Good luck with your move on Saturday. Take care and well done on staying smoke free. :) xx


Good luck mith the move Mardi, hope all goes to plan for you. Big well done on not using the smokes. Take care, :-) :-)


Thanks so much sunny :) new beginnings ...... smoke free all the way :)


Thanks jilly :). I ended up moving a day early. I had no choice as I needed the ex to help me as he had a trailer. He couldn't wait to get me out of town so rushed me out yesterday. I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone but I'm only half an hour away so I guess I'll sneak back in to town to say my farewells.

Yep last day today of Champix so now it's REALLY up to willpower!!



Oh Mardi flower,

I'm glad you got some new digs sorted,just sssssssoooooo very proud of you for not reaching for a cig.You have iron willpower girl,you just go find someone who'll appreciate it.Hope you get the blood pressure sorted as well.Stay strong & I bet that some time in the future we'll all be celebrating that you found someone new.BIG Hugs heading straight at you.

Helen x


Awwwww Helen thank you so much :). I don't really feel like I have iron willpower but I must have something I guess :)

As for finding someone new.........there is a loooooooong list of selection criteria and anyone new is going to have to tick every box this time...NO exceptions!! I'm so over being stuck with losers. Yes I did love him but even one night away and I can see I was fooling myself over so many issues. Onwards and upwards!

Got ya hugs btw! They were warm and comforting and so appreciated xxx


It's very easy to be fooled I think,I just know you'll be fine.H x


Hi Mardi, I don't know all your story as I'm new to the site and not very good at finding my way round lol. I do want to say how Brilliant I think you are to go through what you are and not turn to the dreaded weed, a massive Congratulations to you. I went through a Divorce many years ago, I changed my job due to Financial reasons and also had to sell my home. I Know how tough it is for everything in your life to change at once. Please take care of yourself and recognise any early signs of you not coping mentally. I actually lost the plot completely for a while and didn't realise how bad I had been until I was better. You should be VERY VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF and remember every day holds something new xx Good Luck for your future xx


Pete,did we tell you that you could come out of hiding yet & does Beth know ??!!(just joking!!!) Good to see you open up & thanks for the info on Mr Google.How's it all going? You must be nearly at 2 weeks by now YAY YOU x Very proud of you Mr Pete,You make me smile & very proud to have you as a 'virtual' friend.: ) Hugs to you H x


Hi Helen, I do hope your well :)

Yep am out of hiding, but am working lates this week, soooooo dont get on here much :P

H am 2 weeks on Monday gal :) and thank you for being proud of me as being a virtual friend :)

Speak soon gal :) xxx


I dunno Pete. I always use Chrome on my laptop and have never had any problem with the site or comments. Just on my phone and tablet. I use Chrome on my tablet and some generic browser that I don't even know the name of on my phone. Ipad's as far as I know use the Safari web browser I think. Many moons ago before the advent of internet surfing phones and when tablets were something you swallowed there was Internet Explorer and there were other browsers that only geeks used. In those days websites that were coded and specifically aimed at Internet Explorer had slightly different coding to that used by other browsers so you might find that stuff that showed up in Internet Explorer didn't show on other browsers. However good web developers always tested their websites to make sure they worked on other browsers and not just Internet explorer. But that was a long time ago and I can't see why there should be any difference in using Internet Explorer than any other browser these days.

I am wondering if its something to do with tablets and phones having a less powerful graphics processor than computers and laptops because it's like a memory thing. Health Unlocked's mobile website doesn't have an exit button and the only way I can ever get off it is to go into my phones Task Manager and close the browser app when I'm using this site. If I've been on here and there are a lot of comments and I've had to scroll down and back up again the RAM shown in the task manager for the browser is glowing red - I presume to mean its hit full capacity of the phone. What am trying to say is I think they need to optimize the tablet and mobile version of this website to handle better on mobiles and make the coding a bit less cumbersome. And they STILL haven't sorted that "Reply Button" on mobiles which drives me mad. The links hidden behind the buttons must be within a fraction of a cm away from the Recommend Button.


I totally agreeeeeee Sinfree :o :D :D


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