3 Months quit today

3 Months quit today

A massive big gigantic well done to you PIPPS - Chrissie and Mummykins for reaching 3 flippin whole months quit :) :)

Wayyyyyyy Hayyyyyyyy :D :D :D

I can not fault you 2 Ladies, you've stuck to your guns and done it and I am sooooooo flippin proud to know you, but hey, I'm gona catch you up see cos I'm 3 weeeeeks quit tomorrow, soooo we are 3 something eh :D :D

For some reason, I can feel a party coming on tonight, how is everybody fixed, cos am doing the bum wiggle Droopy shuffle at the moment :o :| sooooo PIPPS looooooook out :D :D :D

See's ya all soon I hope :) :)

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  • Go Monky, Go Monky....... wiggle away :D

  • I see ya, baby, shaking that ass!

  • Hey, Chrissie and Mindermummy PIPPS

    I hope you know that I was out very early this morning running around trying to catch those new shiny badges for you, then I had to wash them, shine em up ready for our Emjay to post them to you, flippin creamcracked now I am :| :D

    A poor old boys work is never done eh :P :D :D :D

    I tried to edit my post to you, but erm, couldnt find a edit button :o sorryyyyyyyyyyy :)

  • okay I have found the edit button....... its the drop down next to the 'recommend' box...... :D I don't like this new look.... its all very trying and a bit stressful :(

  • Well, why didnt they put flippin '' edit '' simples :) :)

    I looked on the drop down thing on the comments, but all it said was '' report ''

    Yeahhhhhh, Droopy, it could turn you back to flippin smoking gal :o

  • :D :D

  • You can say that again :o ;)

  • I've just sent them an e-mail, ermmmmm I think :o :D :D :D

  • Wow - I've just "upgraded" and it all looks very very different and I'm struggling to see things now - will I ever get used to it, and if not, am I allowed to downgrade again? xx :) :)

  • GOOOOOOO CHRISSIEEEEEEE nice bita bling you got there hun....mmmmmm you looking good :D

  • Oh my gosh - I completely missed it! Is it me or does it not look as shiny as before? Whatever, I love it! :) :) :) xxx

  • MONKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY - WOW thank you so much - Mr Hoppy looks very happy and so am I!!!!

    By the way - have I actually got a new badge yet? I haven't remembered to look!!!

    Thank you for your message - you are very sweet and I just can't believe we've come this far - has anyone seen Mindermummy yet? I hope she comes on tonight - us PIPPS need to stick together! :D :D :D xxx

  • A very well done to the fabulous ladies Chrissie and mindermummy xx

  • Thank you so much Fresher - it's amazing how quickly "one day at a time" adds up really isn't it?

    Happy Hoppy Dance time me thinks! :) :) :) xx

  • I know it's scary where the time goes, I've just dropped down to 0.6 so creeping up behind you but a little scared of the Nic free, how you doing on it x

  • Fresher you are doing brilliantly and as droopy says, don't fear it and don't do anything until you feel ready for it! This is your journey and you will get there when you are good and ready, the most important thing is you've stopped smoking for nearly 3 months and THAT is FANTASTIC! So celebrate and don't worry about anything else, just be proud because you should be :) :) xxx

  • Ah Fresher don't fear it hun...... just take it one step at a time and when your ready it'll feel ok, honest :D

  • Thankyou both for that,, I won't rush it too much. Softly softly catchy Monky as they say,,, erm I think lol.... Ooohh :D

  • lol..... he's gone very quiet coz he's trying to figure out the new system.... I seem to have gone back to the old system but not sure how....I'm never logging out :)

  • Hahaha don't press the button, I've not upgraded yet. I bet he's sat scratching his head and saying all sorts of unmentionables to his screen :D


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