Daily Chat: Thursday 2nd January 2014

Daily Chat: Thursday 2nd January 2014

Good Day to all you winners :-)

I hope today started off in a positive way and is a good sign of things to come. Stopping smoking can be as exciting, as difficult, as fun or as barmy as you look at it. Remember that it is you who determines how it goes :-/ :-)

If you are struggling in any way at all, take note of how you are feeling - is it psychological - in your mind or is it a physical feeling. Once you let us know how it is for you, then we can help you through it. Remember that this feeling won't last. Just ride that moment through and you will become stronger for the next round.

Stay strong and remember that you can do this :-)

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  • Good morning Emjay, I presume your back at work today. Take it steady . Lovely to let someone else open the daily chat just for a change. :) Kettles on. :) :)

  • Morning JillyGirl, yep back on it like a car bonnet ;-) I've cleared my diary this morning so that I can get more Quit Support type work done.

    Cup of tea greatly received!

  • Good day Emjay, Jilly and everyone.

    I guess a lot of people have had to go back to work today. I wonder how many of them will have quit as a New Year resolution. Let's hope they find us and come and join in so we can help to keep them on track through all their ups and downs. :)

  • Hey Andi :-) I reckon that there's loads of folks giving up for New Year, however I reckon that it will be the next couple of days that they will be looking for that extra help and support. Being one of our 'over 12 month quitter' you'll know what it's like when the cravings set in ;-)

    Oh yeah, I done my 2 press ups today for my press up challenge :D

    A Bruno Mars song has just come on the radio and it always reminds me of our Pete :-)

  • As I'm not really doing anything exercise-wise at the moment, I'll join you in your challenge. Don't think I'll last too long though. Are you doing the girlie ones on your knees or are you doing them properly? I've opted to do them properly for a change. :o ;-)

  • I'm not really a girlie girl so being the classy girl that I'm not I'm trying them the 'man way' ha ha :D :D

    Only 2 days in and having now completed a total of 3 press ups in 2 days :o and I can feel it already!

  • Where? :-o :D :D :D

  • I cant do any press-ups yet, cos am ill :o

  • :D :D :D :D I like it JillyGirl - a one arm press up, my party trick... not! :-/

    Andi, I seem to have developed a fair whack of upper body the past couple of years and so having to lift it leaves me feeling something! :o

  • my problem is my buttocks as forrest gump would say. :D

  • What's the problem with your buttocks then? :-o

  • Too BIG. :D :D

  • Good evening Emjay, Jillygirl, Andi and everybody :)

    I think that Woman flu has turned into Man flu now, cos I feel like s___ erm sleeping all the time :( :(

    Hmmmm, whats all this about 1 Year Winners then :o Think I will go and have a nosey :|

  • Hiya Peetie Weetie, where have you been all day if you're so poorly? Did you foolishly go to work or were you in bed all day? :( :-o

  • have I just found "us" on facebook?

  • Hola! Only just spotted this sorry. Our Roy Castle Charity has a face book account but we are only just in the process of setting up our Quit Support one - so as soon as it's ready, we'll let you know ;-)

  • Good evening all and happy new year!!

    Well..........I'm just gonna get this out of the way.........ummmmm......well it's like this. NYE I was in full on party mode....way too many celebratory drinks........

    Dammit I had 2 cigarettes.......

    There.....I've now admitted it....I feel better.

    I'm not even sure why I had them as they tasted like crap and I certainly haven't been tempted since even with my partner smoking around me. I've also decided not to beat myself up for it, but instead learn from it and move on. I'm looking at it as just a hiccup! Not sure if this changes my actual quit date or not......I would still like to think that it's ok to say I'm nearly on day 11 but will understand if it means I'm back at day 3. *sigh*

    Anyway I trust that you are all well (except for you pete.....I hope you feel better soon. Man flu is the absolute worst.....just ask any man eh?? Lol)

    By the way my absolute bestest friend in the whole world is going to join this site after my recommendation. She got her script for Champix today and knows the support that I have received already. Not sure what she'll use as her user name but I expect we will see her on here in the next day or so :)

    Anyway cheers all and good health for 2014

    Mardi xxx

  • Hi Mardi, at least your honest with yourself and its good you didnt enjoy those ciggys, Good news you and your friend can stop together, Happy new year. :)

  • Mardi, I've just spotted this so will respond in today's daily chat for you :-)

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