Daily Chat Wednesday 5th February 2014

Daily Chat Wednesday 5th February 2014

Good Morning everybody :) :)

I hope you are all in good voice this fine, wet, cold, windy, Morning :) After me please :)

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Bithday to youuuuuu

Happppy birthday dear Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Happy Birthday to youuuuu :) :)

Pinkiezoom, ( Al ) I and am sure everybody else on this lovely site wishes you a wonderful, happy and lovely Birthday gal :) :)

Although, your not with your Family at this moment, I hope we can be just a little part of it today for you :) Luv and huggs heading your way Hun :) xxxxx Like it or flippin lump it Woman :P :P :D :D :D on one condition, YOU keep kicking mr nic into touch :) :)


I hope everybody has a lovely mr nic free day :)

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  • Good morning Pete, are you on lates again or early shift? What a great opening Happy birthday Al. xx

    Now let me think is it someone elses birthday soon? Nah! just my imagination. :D :D

  • Lol awwwww that is awesome thank you x

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me too Pinkiezoom,

    Have a great day, xx. :-)

  • Happy birthday Pinkiezoom. :-)

  • Awwww thank you guys what a lovely surprise :) x

  • Hey Al


  • Lmao that is brilliant... And minions are one of my favourite things too! My ring tone for messages is " it's so fluffy " from the movie... I may like unicorns too lol x

  • Happy Birthday Al, enjoy the break. :) Hugs always


  • Thank you my first birthday in 20 years without a fag x

  • Thanks Helen is it cold up north? Just packing now x

  • Happy, Happy Birthday Al! Bestest of wishes for a super duper happy birthday! :-) :-)

    Have a lovely, lovely day :-)


  • Lol love it x

  • Happy Birthday...hope it's a good one

  • Lol brilliant x

  • Happy birthday enjoy the break x

  • Thank you x

  • Yep,it's cold and VERY wet. Rained for most of the p.m.not sure what the forecast is for tomorrow strongly suspect more rain!! Pack warm, NOT tropical :) lol.

    Safe travels


  • Happy Birthday Al. Glad to hear you enjoyed it smoke free this year. How proud are you then? :) Don't forget to pack your wellies and have a great weekend. :)

  • Thanks monky made me smile x

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