FRIDAY / DAILY CHAT / 09/05/14

FRIDAY / DAILY CHAT / 09/05/14

Good morning all, I hope you all slept well. Bit rainy today but with a bit of luck may brighten up. Well today I am busy , housework and washing and ironing. Got to sort out what I am packing for my holiday on Monday. At least I dont have to worry about packing enough cigarettes. Its a new found freedom when you dont smoke. Remember NOPE

and you will do fine. Emjay please could Elemjay on questions section have the 4 week badge . thank you. xx

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  • Morning grey and overcast here but has potential to brighten up :)

    Oooh Jilly where you off to on your holibobs?

    Well I have a friend down visiting from Cumbria which is the tonic i need at the moment :)

    Have a great weekend everyone xx

  • Morning Al, hope your ok. sorry I missed you yesterday. Off to Northumberland (Haggerston) caravaning. Just hope the weather picks up. Take care. :)

  • Aup Al, I hope your feeling a bit happier today gal :) :)

  • Good morning jilly, Al and everyone. Well very wet, very windy and cold here. It's beginning to look a lot like summer. Don't ya just love it.

    I'm sure you'll have a brilliant holiday Jilly whatever the weather :) sending you lots if sunshiny wishes.

  • Thank you Sinfree. from very miserable wet Yorkshire.

  • Morning all. Sunny and windy here with a bit of rain thrown in for good measure. I am off to the International Food Market being held in our town today. Smelly cheese is always welcome in this house. Then to the supermarket for the boring stuff. Also must think about what I need for my trip to Ireland next week, will definitely include waterproofs but NO CIGS. Enjoy your day

  • KC you have a lovely trip to Ireland hopefully you wont need those waterproofs. :) xx

  • Good Morning, jilly, pinkie, sin KC and all. Jilly where are you off to for your hols? Hope it's somewhere sunny :) it's good you have a friend from Cumbria pinkie to visit you :) how was the book last nite Sin? :) enjoy the market KC :)

    It's like winter here and I have coughed all nite long so feeling rubbish :( hope coffee will perk me up a bit, enjoy ur day x

  • Oh Briar, sorry your feeling down. BIG feel better soon hugs being sent>>>>>>>>>>>> :) :)

  • Ah thanks jilly :) x

  • Put a bit of something in your coffee, that'l brighten you up gal :D :D

  • :D :D :D thanks Monky :)

  • Good morning Jillygirl and everybody :)

    Love the pic Jillygirl :D :D :D and enjoyyyyyyyy your housework etc :P :D :D

    Well, the suns out here 8-) but it is a bit windy and a few clouds about :)

    See's ya soon :)

  • Morning Jilly and all :)

    What a nice picture, Jilly, just trying it out in the mirror here - :D or :P maybe?

    What a miserable day it is, cold and windy, freezing rain it feels like. And I just had my hair done. It's OK tho, it's going to last for a few months so a day of the wild wet look doesn't matter.

    Enjoy getting ready for your hols, jilly, it's beautiful up there, and I'll have fingers crossed for good weather for you.

    Pinkie, a visit will be just the job to lift your spirits. KC, we're with you on that In this house too! smelly is best for a flavoursome cheese!

    Hope you can have a restful day Briar, looking after yourself.

    Monky how do you get that lovely sunshine up there- sun shining on the righteous ;) Well, send a bit down to sin if you can, that there garden will need a bit. :)

    4 weeks tomorrow, yay :) !

  • 4 Weeks Betts thats fantastic It certainly has gone quick. :) :)

  • Afternoon all :-)

    A day in the office for me, playing catch up :-)

    JillyGirl, I've checked the weather diary and booked in some sunny sun sunshine in for your jollies 8-) If it doesn't work, we'll have to leave it to Pete as he's usually the one who can work wonders with the weather :-)

    Betts, there's a badge here with your name on it... shall I take the wrapper of it for you ;-)

    Pete, I hope you're looking forward to the weekend :-)

    Briarwood, I feel the same... Cough, cough, tickly cough, cough some more... I'm all lemsipped up! :-/

    KC I love food markets, hope you bought lots of lovely cheeses :-)

    Sin, we've had the same kind of summer as you here, only it seems to have brightened up heaps now :-)

    Al, have lots of fun, fun, fun and a good catch up with you friend :-)

    It has taken me about 2 hours or so to put this post up, so much to do with so little time!

  • Yes please Emjay :)

    Got my podium ready :)

  • Ahhhhh, their you are Betts :D :D :D

  • :D ;D

    I wish!!! 8-)

  • How do you do that sunglasses face?? I love it x

  • type in 8 - )


  • Cool 8-)

    Thanks jillygirl :)

  • Woo hoo Betts only one day to go before that badge goes up, good on ya 8-)

  • Getting excited already!!!

    But keeping real cool 8-)


  • Hey, Betts, you keep cooooooool gal 8-)

    Tomorrows the BNB day gal, so get some rest tonight eh, cos your going to need some extra energy tomorrow with all that partying going off eh :) :)

  • Will do! Getting ready to rock!

  • 8-)

  • Good evening everybody, I hope your all relaxing now after your hard week at work :) :)

    Emjay, I hope you have your feet up now and chillaxing with a glass of ermmmm, that red milk eh :) Although I take the micky out of you for nodding a lot :o :D :D I know you work very hard to help others to quit the smokes, not just on this lovely quit support site but far afield too :) :)

    Thank you :) :) xx

  • Well said:) Here's a thought - if corn oil is made from corn and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from? :D

  • Well, seeing as you Ladies use a lot of baby oil, I suspect it comes from baby red milk eh :D :D :D

  • :O not the answer I was expecting :D nice try anyway :D

  • Well, what is baby oil made from then ? flippin Woman youuuuuuu :P :D :D

  • Babies doooooooooooooooooooh :D :P

  • Baby what ?? flippin ducks :P :D :D

  • Ha ha ha I'm the later at the moment :o :D :D

  • Nite nite Briarwood and everybody :) :)

    Up early in the morning flippin shopping, oooo how much joyyyyyyy :P :D :D

    Sweet dreams everybody and have a lovely relaxing nights sleep :) :) xx

  • Nite nite All, enjoy ur shopping :D :P

  • Good evening - a bit late on parade tonight! Not been in long - have been to an "official" time run organised by a local running group. It was 3.42 miles and I was out the back with the tail runner all the way round. I made it though. :)

    Hope you all had a good day - sorry you've got a cough Briar, I swear by Covonia original cough mixture these days if I get a cough. Don't bother with the "speciaist" ones, they don't work, but the original one does - especially at night. Get some good cough sweets too for in between.

    It was sunny here most of the day, a couple of showers this morning, but a bit chilly out in the wind.

  • Andi, well done for 3.42 miles, not sure I could do 3.42 feet (don't do metric)....keep up the good work :)

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