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DAILY CHAT / SUNDAY /21/09/2014

DAILY CHAT /  SUNDAY  /21/09/2014

Hello everyone,

Sunday again another week over one more to tick off the quit smoking list. I hope your all well and have a lovely day today.

Dont forget anyone new to the site , introduce yourself, you will be made more than welcome.

Right I am off to get ready for my supermarket shop. Bit of lunch, See my daughter, then off for a walk whilst the weather stays fine.

Catch up later. xx

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Hello all,

I do hope that you are all enjoying your Sunday :) Mine is almost over. I have had a fantastic weekend with my 3 granddaughters :) :) and have just returned them home to mum and dad :) :)


Gosh Lin, the weekends about gone already gal :o

I'm soooooo glad you have had a lovely weekend with your granddaughters :) and I know you have just loved having them with you :) although they may have made you exercise moererere than usual eh :D :D

Well, its about midnight at your place now, so am saying nitey nite to you and sending you some calming, sweet dreaming, slow down and get ready for work huggs :) :)

Hoping you can get a rest at work eh :o :D :D


if you copy this address and put it in your address bar and open for interesting video.

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Aup Jillygirl :)

Alsoooooo, if you highlight the address above, it will go blue, then right click on it and left click -go to - it will take you to the vidio :) :)

Thank you Jillygirl :) Have a lovely walk and I hope the suns shining like it is here :) 8-) :)



Why do people smoke tobacco, is it good for you?,

Cowboys have tobacco that they sit and chew,

They look so very grown up, sending smoke into the air.

It doesnt really smell nice, but they dont seem to care.

I wonder why they shout at me when I say can I try,

No way! can you smoke, it will make you die.

Grown ups are odd, as they say we are only looking after you.

So WHY do they smoke? IS it good for you?

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Just love it Jillygirl :) :)

Like it says, children try to copy us eh :o cos they think its grownup :o and that is what they want to be :) soooooo, if we dont smoke infront of them, or dont smoke at all, they will have nothing to copy and no argument :) :)


Thank you for your lovely morning greeting, so happy that you are doing well and sound


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Just to let you lovely members on here know, that this flippin site aint working rite :o :(

Take no notice of the BELL, cos it it it its a bell see :o nothing else :D :D


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