DAILY CHAT/ FRIDAY/ 12/09/2014

DAILY CHAT/ FRIDAY/ 12/09/2014

Good morning/afternoon /evening.

I hope everyone is well.

Welcome to Ali who has just joined us this morning. I am sure we will all support and advice.

Big well done to TheNunn who has reached 1 year today as a non smoker.


Right off to docs this morning, nothing serious. Just more tablets. :)

Have a great friday everyone. xx

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  • Hello all

    Hopes you all have a great day,

    Droopyj - you have survived your first week back at work :)

    Shanti - Hopes you are enjoying some quality time with that sister of yours :)

    Cornishlady - I do hope your breathlessness as eased for you :)

    A big huge congratulations to theNun for one year quit..awesome effort :) :)

    welcome to Ali and all our other recent members :) :)

    have a fantastic Friday everyone xx :)

  • Hiya Glolin.... yep just about survived.... ;) Hope you had a lovely sleep hun :)

  • Aup Droopy :)

    You got through the first week then :D :D hmmmm, what about next week :o you still on them easyyyyyyyyyy shifts :o cos I am, am off next week and ave ordered the flippin sunshine toooooooo :D :D 8-)

  • Do you have a few weeks of fully reduced hours or do they gradually increase each week?

    I find it interesting how it differs from country to country and here it differs from state to state.

  • Hi Monky and Glolin.... yep I will still only do 3 days next week but will increase and do an extra hour on the each days, will prob be back to full hours in about 4-5 weeks.... I am in no rush to go back to what I was doing before (hours wise). You get nought for being a hero in my job so why shoot myself in the foot !

    Glolin - for us it will vary from organisation to organisation and it also depends on your manager..... I have a new one who had a mild stroke about 2 months ago so he is all for taking it easy :)

    Monky what you got planned for your days off? no idea what the weather is gonna be like.... but you have a lovely week off you here :)

  • that has to be and added bonus having a manager that will ensure that you ease your way back in to full time work :D :D Enjoy!!!!

    We have such a glorious weekend here with the weather, Hubby and I are jumping on the motor bike today and going for a ride. He was telling me about this field of canola that drove past during the week that he thinks i would love a photo of. (I love taking photos of fields and skies) All the canola fields look fantastic at the moment but occasionally one just has a bit character like a dead tree in the midst of it or a old windmill.

    It be a nice way to spend a Saturday :) :)

  • Good morning Lin :)

    I expect your having a lay in this morning cos its Saturday for you allready isnt it :o you flippin enjoyyyyyyy gal :) :)

    As you may have noticed, I'm talking very softly soooo's not to wake you up :| :D :D See, I can be thoughtful sometimes eh :D :D

  • up about and about - still in my pj's :D :D.. The sun is shining - what more could a gal want huh..

  • Good Afternoon everyone hope you are all feeling good and smiling. I'm feeling much better now thanks, still on my diet! I hope I lose a pound or two ! I was very tempted to cheat yesterday, my husband was eating sweets! GRRR ! Fruit Pastilles, I could have strangled him! ( but I didn't) ! But if he does it again I just might lol xx Have a lovely day ! xx

  • bet he can't eat one without chewing :D

  • Hey Everyone,

    Sorry I'm not around that much (last night and yesterday afternoon) I am busy working away on a piece of work that I have a very tight deadline on and so have my head buried in pages of documents and different website pages!

    I can't believe it's Friday already, it's be Easter before we know it :-/ :D ;-)

    Big welcomes to all our new members, remember to stay positive and that planning and preparation (all the way) is what will secure your place into a smokefree lifestyle :-)

    I'll be dipping in and out of here today but will definitely be around this evening :-)

  • Aww, I wish. How wonderful it would be to go to bed tonight then get up tomorrow and its Easter, umm, hibernation always seems so appealing :)

  • NOOOOOOO I wanna see what santa has put in my sack and I need to lose a few pounds before I have all my easter eggs (besides there's also pancake day in between the two :P )

  • this ones for you Droopyj :P :D

  • ooooh thanks Glolin - hit both for me :D Thanks :)

  • I could quite happily skip Christmas and definitely skip January and February, and probably March and April too, in fact wake me up when its summer again.

  • Hibernation would be good. Even more than a couple of hours sleep at a stretch would be heaven :o :)

    Think it might be my age. Talking to friends we're all awake in the early hours - should be having pyjama parties :D

  • Think it might also be the weather..... I am having a mare sleeping at the moment and its driving me nuts :O keep waking about 3am and then not dropping off til after 5.... whats that all about?? :O :)

    Think I'd be up for a PJ party.... although I'd have to buy some PJ's first .... :P

  • The weather is lovely. Mind you there's a definite nip in the air at night. My feet and legs are freezin.

  • Thinking autumn things already. Booked up for a Halloween weekend in the van. Looking forward to that - field full of witches and pumpkins.... Hmmm Might be scary :o

  • Now that sounds like a real hoot.... hope your gonna get dressed up :) do you go trick or treating around the field ?? :D :D

  • Got the outfit from years ago - if it fits :o ! Better fish it out.

    Think it'll be a party, maybe a bit of Black Sabbath?! Not sure. I'll try not to go sweet begging, but it'll be tough :o

  • That sounds good. Haha, reminds me of once years ago, we had a caravan then and went to a bonfire meet thing at Delamere Forest. Obvs bonfire night, it was November. Nearly froze to death, it was so cold the gas froze (we had the blue bottle, should have had red for winter)

  • Maybe gonna need a lot of hot water bottles. Cool huh :D

  • Gas freezes!!!!!?????

  • Yeah, the blue butane bottles freeze below a certain temperature, you need red propane for winter. Mind you it was very cold, there was that much frost we couldn't see through the windows first thing.

  • Good tip. Newbies here so got all that to come. Family are booking up too, so wewe'rere pleased about it getting used. All tips welcome :)

  • I'll let you know if I think of anything. :) Ah well I need to go to bed now, have a lovely weekend and hope you get a bit more sleep tonight :)

  • it's v warm here - not long in and no cardigan required - short sleeves all the way!

  • lucky you. I have had long sleeve t shirt and a hoodie jumper on all day!

  • :D :D

    Sure be an interesting party, dress optional

  • mmmm don't tell monky that as he has a habit of going out without pants.... :O :O :P

  • :o :o

  • I don't have that problem touch wood. I don't go to bed til gone 12 but always sleep til morning. Must be a nightmare to be awake half the night. You have my sympathies :)

  • Been listening to a lot of talking books. Getting real well read :D

  • need to be more like my mum who falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow, when she gets up for a pee in the middle of the nite, she don't wake up and can still sleep in in the morning - in fact we are not allowed to call her before 10am ! :O :)

    Well I am off to my bed, so sleep tight and good morning Glolin - hope you all have a fandabidosie weekend :)

  • Night droopy

    Dream a party, but stay asleep eh xx

  • Night droopy, you have a lovely weekend too.

  • nite ladies :)

  • nite nite droopy..sleep well :)

  • Got to go to bed now. Have a great weekend too sin

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