Good morning everyone,

As requested by popular demand I am opening todays daily chat. :)

Friday again and the end of the week. Another week of being non smokers , so well done to all

you quitters . Pat yourselves on the back for doing really well.

If you slip up, dont worry you can try again, practice makes perfect.

Have plenty of snacks around the house or work, then when you get a craving just have a little snack.

Keep yourself busy so your mind doesnt think about smoking.

Do some deep breathing exercises.

All these things will help. It doesnt matter how young or old you are , its never too late to stop smoking.

Keep positive, focused, and most of all keep HAPPY. :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    I'm exhausted after all that nonsense last night! :D :D I need a rest today. ;)

  • I bet you are, but dont be hiding in the oven or fridge today , got enough probs with your ankle, dont want a bad back too. enjoy your day. xx :)

  • I have one of those anyway - being fit helps it but as you know I keep getting thwarted on that front! :( :D :D

  • Morning Jilly and Andi, Jilly it's great to see you opening the

    daily chat again, hope your'e feeling OK? And Andi hope your ankle

    is getting better. Day 4 and Mrs Grumpy has gone away, Thank God!

    Feeling much better today and as each day goes past I know it will

    get easier. Have a good day everyone!


  • Good morning

    Lovely picture Jillygirl, shame it doesn't say Yippee It's flippin Friday :) It was a good laugh last night and I think the reason you are so tired today Andi is from sleeping in that over with Sue and Pete :D

    Good that you are feeling ok today Dawn, it's weird how one day you can be feeling great and have no cravings then the next there are cravings and you feel down. As long as we all help each other through those craving, feeling low days we will be fine :)

    Off to get my 2nd coffee of the day, need to wake up a bit :)

    Speak soon xxx

  • Morning everyone, i'm late up today, couldn't get comfy in the oven with Pete and And there as well :D :D

    it's great to see you opening the daily chat Jillygirl, and sounding positive, love your picture :)

    I'm not surprised your tired Andi, i couldn't keep up with all the posts last night :o :D hope your ankle is not to painful today

    well done getting to day 4 Dawn, i'm glad your feeling better, keep strong, you'll do this :)

    hope things are fine with you Kazz, think i need a few coffees myself today :D :) and a rest, my legs are sore with all that running to get away from your spears :o :D

    I'm off to the shops, have a great day everyone ;) xx

  • Good morning Girls and everybody :) :)

    Its great to see you open the Daily chat Jillygirl, and love the picture, :D :D you have a good days rest and put your feet up :)

    Sue you will have to get a bigger oven gal, cus think i've done myself a mischief :o :|

    Andi cheers for kicking me out of the oven last night, flippin love you toooo :P :)

    Dawn, i'm glad your feeling happier today gal :) maybe cus its flippin Friday eh

    Kaz i hope you remembered to get dressed this morning and havnt got your dressing gown on still :D :D

    See you in a bit :)

  • Yes I did remember to get dressed this morning Pete :) I even got up in time to have a shave, as you said, I don't want my boss complaining :D

  • Good Morning Everybody :D

    How lovely to see that you have opened up the daily chat Jillygirl. I hope today is a good day for you :-)

    Dawn, nearing the end of your first week now :-) Have you any plans for this weekend that you may need to think about coping strategies to enjoy a smokefree weekend? Let us know if we can help you with any ideas :-)

    Andi, remember to try and keep your ankle raised higher than you knee to help reduce any swelling, and make an appointment to get it checked. Hope it's not as bad for you today as it has been :-)

    Pete, what are your 'flippin' Friday plans? I think we need to make sure that everybody has plans in place for a 'winning weekend' rather than a 'wobble one' ensuring that you all reach that Super Dooper Saturday and Smiley Sunday :-)

    Sue, hope you treat yourself to something nice whilst out shopping as you are heading into your 7th weekend of being smokefree now, doesn't time fly?! :-)

    I have just been thinking about 'Dressing Gown Fridays, fridges, cookers and spears and think that reading through yesterday's daily chat is enough to cheer even Victor Meldrew up!

    The support that you offer to each other on here is amazing. You have most definitely found ways of distracting each other from temptation of those awful white sticks that try so hard to shout all your names. Keep up the good efforts everyone :D

    Remember, the longer you go without smoking, the easier it becomes :-)

  • Hi Emjay, and good morning. when you talk about distraction, thats exactly what my lung cancer specialist nurse said to me yesterday . Distraction and laughter is one of the best medicines. Told me to go and enjoy myself with hubby . ( dont quite know what he meant by that. :D )

    Take care. xxxx

  • Good morning Emjay i hope your well :)

    Hmmm what am i flippin doing today ?? Christmas shopping for one thing :( :) a bit more to do in the garden while its fine and a few odd jobs around the house, erm i think that will do me for flippin today :D :)

    What you up to then ?? :o

  • Aup Jillygirl,

    Mmmmm just what i flippin needed gal :) :)

  • Its supposed to be late night coffee> let ya off this once. :D

  • Oy Pete, that was my coffee I was saving it until later tonight .... greedy guts ! :P

  • :D :D How do you do this!!! There is no way I would have ever thought you would find an image with flippin Friday on it :D Genius, love it :)

  • I have google chrome which seems better for pics etc. just type in what you want and then go into images. You can go into photos or clip art. have a go. :)

  • So rry Kaz forgot to say when you find the pic click on it. Then right click and then copy image url . then past into comment box. thats another right click.

  • John you are doing really well. the mouth spray is ok 1000 times better than a ciggy. I do believe you have cracked this quitting thing. Well done again you non-smoker. :)

  • Hi John nice to see you, sounds like you've got this quitting off to a T pal :) and as Jillygirl says well done you non-smoker you :) :)

    Speak soon John :)

  • Thanks Jillygirl, I use Google Chrome at work but not at home and images on Explorer don't seem to say copy image url, they say copy shortcut so I think you get the whole page not just the image.

    I wonder what Sue is buying at the shops, hope she's getting some choccies for us :)

    Well done John, you are doing really well. I don't think about having a cigarette in the morning these days and not even having a niQuitin mini until around 10:30 or so in the morning. I would certainly have one if I needed one though on those craving days. Keep up the good work.


  • got that for you Pete he he he :)

  • t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn...

    just back from town, thought of you all, here's some choccs for you :) xx

  • John you should feel proud of yourself, I am sure your wife is with you in spirit and will still be proud of you trying. roll on end of november you can do it. :)

  • I have been exactly the same this time John, I have told hardly anyone that I have given up. Some people say tell everyone so that you have more support and I have done that in the past. I get all the support and encouragement I need from here as everyone knows exactly how I'm feeling, and what I'm going through and achieving. You have to do it in whatever the best way is for you to succeed John.

    I am loving today, it's flippin Friday and so many choccies mmmmmmmmmm sorry Pete I know that Monkey was for you but I have just bitten it and it's yummy :) Thanks for thinking of us Sue when you were out shopping, both yours and Pete's chocs look like the expensive kind, so a real treat mmmmmm You did the link Sue, did Pete give you further instruction or did you follow Jillygirl's instructions to me this morning?

    I've just had a cup of coffee and some shortbread :)


  • Hi Kazz, i followed Jillygirl's instructions and managed to do it :), thanks Jillygirl :),

    i've put the shopping away and had a cuppa, time to put my feet up now, i didn't treat myself, i've got a grandbaba, to save up for , so all my spare money is staying in the bank :) xx

  • Sue the monkey cake is brilliant and so so so cute. :)

  • Those chocs look like thorntons yummy.

    I am beginning to think my prob in my lung is a baby I keep fancying silly things. Last night was marshmallows. Today red licorice shoe laces, cant wait for tomorrow. Nah not expecting thing I`m going back to my childhood. :D


  • marshmallows and red licorice is yummy, i love all the sweets i ate when i was a kid :) penny dainties, lucky bags, black jacks, i think i'm with you there Jillygirl, loved the sweets, and the prices :D :D :D

  • Good afternoon all.

    Dawn, I hope you don't get tooooo much into the partying mood this weekend - something may slip but I think you're much stronger than that! :)

    John, you're doing grand. :) Stick with us on here and you'll be at the end of November before you know it! :)

    As for the rest of you lot! :o I don't hold out too much hope - especially when those chocolates start taking their toll! :o :D :D

  • HA HA - not partying this weekend Andi. Babysitting for 2 of

    my Grandchildren so would'nt smoke around them anyway! No,

    I will have a glass or two tonight seeing as it's flippin friday but

    I will not give into temptation on the ciggie front! Feeling really

    good today although a bit tired but it is the end of the week HHOORRAAYY!

    Have a good weekend everyone

    Dawn xxx

  • What are penny dainties? I know all the others, love black jacks.

  • t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn...

    that's one Kazz, you also got them thicker, but much smaller, they cost 1d, that's old money :D :)

  • It's ok Andi, you can be our fitness instructor. As you can't exercise too much with your poorly ankle, you can boss us around from the settee :) Sorry I meant instruct us not boss us :D I

  • Well I haven't had much chance to put my foot up yet today. :( I had a mammogram a couple of weeks ago and got recalled today for a follow up. Went this morning and everything's fine, fortunately, just a small cluster of cysts. Had to hang around there for hours though. :) Just enough time for a bit of lunch then off to the doc's for a professional view of the ankle. Let you know later what she says. :)

  • Hope everything goes okay at the doc's :) xx

  • John that recipe sounds really good . got to try it out thanks. :)

  • Thanks for that John, that sounds yummy, and no flour is good for me too, i've bookmarked the page so i don't lose it :)

  • me as well, cake is my downfall, i can't eat many though cause i'm gluten intolerant, so have to get gluten free ingredients, it's such a pain, but that's life :) thank you for the tip :)

  • Hey Sue what you done with Pete I think he must be hiding under the bed.


  • Hey Jillygirl, thats funny about you thinking of marshmallows, cus the other week i had a dream that i ate 2 massive marshmallows, woke up in the morning and my pillows had disappeared :D :D

  • Jillygirl your just ace at finding these pics :) :D

    Hmmmmmm where have i been :o i',ve been to buy your flippin pressie, thats where i've flippin bin :) :D

  • Now that sounds good. :) :) :)

    If these flippin gremlins keep away, taken me about an hour to get back on site.

  • Jillygirl am here now gal, i will protect you from them flippin gremlins, cus i've just found these in my garage, and there ready for anything :) :)


    I think these will do the trick :D :D

  • ouch! looks painful. :D


  • Perhaps you should lend them to my surgeon. :D

    Send the big C scarpering. :)

  • Jillygirl i would do anything to send that flippin big C scarpering gal

    God do i want to give you a flippin big big hug or what gal :) :)

  • John thats lovely to let your love birds fly around in you computer room, i bet they love it :) :)


    John you obviously like Spain, cus of the recipes, did you and your dear Wife go for hols there ??

  • I'm gonna try these out John :) hopefully i'll lose a bit of weight :D

    Awwwe it must be great having lovebirds fly about, there such beautiful birds :), i could never get any pets cause they triggered my daughters asthma, now she's away i might just get one i'll see :)

  • Aup Sue, you cant just get one love bird, you have to get two, preferably him and her, if you see what i mean :) :D

    Dont you flippin go getting an ostrich cus if that fly's over your head and does a wooopsey, ha ha you would know about it :D :D

  • hahahahahahaha i'll try to do that Pete, might just send the ostrich your way

    whoooooooooosh, quick, duck :D :D :D

  • Sue dont worry gal, cus its just landed, erm but its got his head stuck in a bag of sand :D :D

  • You've had a bit of a day of it then Andi. I'm glad it was good news at the hospital and good luck at the docs. Let us know how you go on.

    I know what penny dainties are now, you're getting good at these pics now Sue :) We just used to call it Highland Toffee :) I prefer penny dainties though, sounds much nicer. More like 50 p dainties now though. xx

  • Aup Kaz, do you remember these :o


  • your lucky Kazz, there more like 75p now up here, i'll need to come to your neck of the woods to get some :D :D :D

  • I am so sorry John for being ignorant, but is this the female of the two love birds :)

    Whether female or male it looks gorgeous John :) :)

  • Going home now so I wish everybody a lovely smoke free weekend!

    On Monday my 1st week will be almost over so the worst part of the

    battle will be done!

    Dawn xxx

  • Dawn you keep strong over the weekend, :) :) do you hear me gal, or do you want me to shout :X :D

  • They look a pair of beauties John, they really do :) :) just wondering though, how big is there cage :o :|

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm not feeling too good tonight so i'm gonna sign off :(

    I have all my spears ready, if any of you need them just shout and they'll come winging your way :D :)

    Have a funtastic flippin Friday, i'll see you all tomorrow luv yas :) xxxxxx

  • Nite Sue , take care of yourself. see you tomorrow xxxxx :)

  • Where's the flippin's :o :P

  • Aw Sue, am flippin so sorry that your feeling a flippin bit off it tonight gal, you flippin just get yourself flippin tucked under that flippin duvet of your's, cus i reckon thats comfier than the flippin oven gal :D :D

    Nite nite Sue, and god bless you young Lady, have a good flippin kip tonight and flippin luv ya xxxx :) :)

  • hey think everyone is worn out today. Even the cat is flippin tired. :)


  • Oy Jillygirl, my flippin cat aint worn out, i flippin tell ya


  • I thought you cat would be worn out dodging all those spears, has she changed colour or has she gone grey with all the excitement. ?


  • She's gone grey to look like me :D :D

  • You mean sophisisticated! :D

  • Yeah thats what i said :P :D

  • Good flippin evenin.

    Am finally back (about 1/2 hour ago!). Grabbed a cuppa, din in the oven (ONLY the dinner! :D :D ) couple of phone calls. Amazingly I didn't have to wait too long at the doc's but she didn't like the look of the bruising so sent me off to A&E for an xray just to be sure. I could have had one while I was at the other hospital this morning! tu! Came away after 2 1/2 hours there and the doc reckoned it wasn't broken, PROBABLY ligament damage. No running, walking, cycling, rowing or any weight-bearing exercise for at last a week. And cancel my pt session on Monday! I could do a bit of yoga if I want. :o :o If still a problem after 2 weeks get my gp to do a physio referral. He reckons you get to see a physio within about 4 days. Watch this space. So, once I've got my flippin din-din it's off to the couch. See you in a bit. :)

  • What a shame andi, at least it wasnt broken. what a funny lot we all are hospitals doctors beds etc. Flippin Friday at least its the 9th not 13th. have a good rest love. :)

  • Aup flippin Andi, its took you all day to flippin find out what i flippin told you last flippin night :P :P

    Mind you, you are a Woman :o ;| :P :D

    No Andi, you do exactly as they say gal, cus i know a torn ligament can take 1 week to heal :) :) or it can take 8 weeks, it all flippin depends on you gal, and how you flippin rest it :) :)

  • Ok I will call back later I am off to get a bath now. :)


  • Jillygirl, you enjoy your bubbly, as in bath and drink :D :)

    :P :P :P :P

  • Hi Andi, so glad that your flippin ankle wasn't fractured or broken, but take care of yourself. You could do what Pete suggested yesterday and raise your legs in the air until you get a flippin 6 pack :) Night night Sue, sorry to hear you are not feeling to good. I hope you sleep well and feel better tomorrow xxx

    Pete, were those sweets called Pontefract cakes? That's what they look like anyway. I do remember them but I didn't like them.

    The pics of cats were flippin gorgeous I love the little kitty asleep under her pink blanket, she lools so comfy : )

    Hi John, your lovebirds are gorgeous. My mum has a cockatiel and he is a real character, he keeps us amused with his antics.

    Have a good flippin evening everyone xxxx

  • Aup flippin Kaz, how you doing gal, and yes they were called Pontefract cakes, they were licorice yum :P yum :P

    Hey flippin Kaz you have a nice evening as well :) :)

    Here is a little something for you


  • well I`m flippin wrinkly now,


    flippin foam has disappeared, so got dry . red jim jams and a flippin flimsy dressing gown on. flippin tired now so going to sign off get ready for the super dooper saturday! take care . nite nite love you all. :) xxxxxxxxx

  • Hey flippin Pete, i no wot you said but i had to get it flippin checked didn't i? :o

    Hey flippin Jilly, where d'you want them to put your flippin bath?


  • Nite nite Sue.

    Nite nite flippin Jilly.

    Hope you both manage a good kip tonight. xx :)

  • It's good that the flippin pussies haven't spotted the flippin lovebirds isn't it? :o

  • :D :D :D :D flippin eck, what would have happened if they had :o :D

    Hey Andi you ok gal, cus its flippin friday ya know :P :D

    You'd best have that flippin foot up of yours :) :)

  • Right, I need an early night after last night and today so am signing off now too.

    Nite nite Pete and Kazz, sleep well. :) :)

  • A very good night to you too flippin Andi :P :P

    Nite nite Andi, and you rest your flippin foot :o :)

    Jillygirl nite nite to you, luv ya so much gal, you stay strong now, will see you tomorrow :) :) sweet dreams & luvs ya xxxxxxx :)

    Night Andi and God bless xxxx :) :)

  • Thanks for the coffee and biscuits Pete mmmmm that went down a treat or was it my bedtime hot chocolate? Do you remember Pacers, they were like opal fruits but mint flavour, they were my favourites and I miss them along with Old English spangles.

    Night,night Jillygirl sleep well my lovely and I hope your red nailpolish didn't wear off when you were soaking in the bath :) That wrinkly puppy was so cute, I just want to give him a cuddle :)

    You want to get a dressing gown like mine, it's nice and cosy.

    Well one of those kitties was fast asleep Andi and the other looked to shattered and bedraggled to do anything, I think he needed a good meal and a bath :)


  • Night night Andi, sleep well and sweet flippin dreams. Hope your ankle feels a bit easier in the morning.

    Speak to you tomorrow on Super Duper Saturday :D

  • Aup Kaz, glad you liked the coffee & bics, they were for bed time :o but what the heck you flippin Ladies do your thing dont you, who am i to say when !! :D :D

  • hey Kaz whens super duper Saturday then ?! :o

  • whoops super dooper saturday :) I think that's on saturday :D then it's Smiley Sunday :)

    You didn't specify that the coffee and biscuit was for bedtime Pete, I'm not psychic. Anyway there were 3 drinks and I only had 1 so I've still got another 2 for bedtime unless they weren't all for me and i'm just being greedy again :o

    You did that earlier, Jillygirl sent you a flippin Friday coffee for bedtime and you drank that this morning so it's you setting a bad example :P

  • Its not my fault, cant help it if i'm a bit dim. can I :( :(

    So super dooper Saturdays :) on Saturday then :o :| hmmmmmmm :D :D

  • No it's not your fault :D It's not my fault I'm an idiot either :D I think it's genetic, nothing to do with me :D Derren Brown in on tv now talking about giving up smoking channel 4 if you want to watch.

    Yep it's super dooper saturday tomorrow, I will remind you tomorrow in case you forget :D

  • Night night Pete, I'm off to bed with my other two cups of hot chocolate and biscuits now :) I will heat them up in microwave for a bit first though :)

    Speak to you tomorrow super dooper Saturday.

    Sleep well and sweet dreams laddie xx

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