Good morning everyone,

Mid week and I hope you are all staying strong. Dont forget stay positive and say no to old Nic when he appears his ugly head .

No one says its easy to quit, and we all struggle at times, just remember your not on your own. Any problems just give us a shout .

Try and think of all the good things about stopping smoking, More money, smell nicer, keeping warm, cleaner house decorations and Good health. Just a few reasons to stop.

Have a lovely day. xx

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  • Good morning Jilly - I hope your well. I'm don't post that often anymore, but I do read a lot of the posts. It so nice to see Quit Support is so busy. Lots and lots of people giving up that nasty habbit all around the world.

    Have a lovely day.

    Ian. x

  • Good morning Ian, Sorry didnt reply last night just missed your post. I know when I first quit I had colds and chest infection. It does get better. Hang in there your doing great. Lovely to hear from you. Keep us all up to date. :) :) x

  • Thanks Jilly - I will do :-)

  • Great you're still going Ian, no going back now, eh! :)

  • Good Morning Jillygirl, Moriemoo and all. You are so right jilly it's not easy giving up which is why we need this site and all the helpful people like you to keep us going, so thanks for keeping us going :)

  • Hear,hear Briarwood :)

  • Morning Briarwood, Thank you for the compliment however we are all one big community fighting the same battle. Couldnt work without people like you. :)

  • Good morning Jillygirl, Briarwood, Ian and everybody :) :)

    I hope you are all well and fighting fit :) Well, its quite sunny here, a bit drafty though which is keeping the temperature down a bit :( but its dry :) :)

    Am off to do some more potttttttering around, see's ya all soon and have a lovely day :) :)

  • Morning Pete. Flippin pouring down here :( send us a bit of sun please :)

  • It'll be nice and warm in the greenhouse. :)

  • Hi Andi, yes it is nice and warm in my greenhouse, ha ha even the flippin cats came in to help me :D :D

  • Good morning Pete. haha, it certainly is rather drafty today. It's been raining here nearly all day, I don't think too much of todays weather you've bought in for your hols, is it Smartprice weather? :o

  • Ha ha ha, I must admit Sinfree, it was buy 1 and get 1 free :o

    Obviously it was the free one today eh :D :D :D

  • haha, I like that :D

  • Im 16 months smoke free on 12th may , i still have 1 bad craving everyday but i tell myself you dont smoke anymore .

    You have got to want to stop otherwise you wont, ive got so much energy and i havnt felt fitter , so hang in there everyone it does get better , swimming helps .

  • Well done smokefree, 16months is briliant. Thank you for posting this an inspiration to others. keep up the good work. :)

  • Great going smokefree, I bet the cycling's good too. :)

  • Aup Smokefree, its great to meet you pal :) and a massive well done to you for staying quit for 16 Months :) :)

    Thank you very much for posting this, cos it gives us all an incentive to carry on with our quit, cos we all know now that there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel :)

    Take care now and enjoyyyyyyyyy your smokefree life, Pete :)

  • Morning Monky, enjoy ur day off, hope the weather is good for the garden, it's like winter here! :( grand kids today so I'll be busy with them and I like to take them outside to do a spot of gardening but not lookin good at the moment. Catch up with you all later :) NOPE :)

  • Go to the park and feed the ducks? :)

  • Morning all :)

    Its a lovely day here now but rain predicted for later so got my quit walk in early. It definitely has helped me trying to combine a bit more exercise into my routine.

    Thank you all, this site also helps enormously :)

    Dashing off to have a thing removed from my skin now. Shouldn't be too bad (yeek!)

    Coffee slurped and hope to see you later :)

  • Morning Betts I wish I had done an early walk like you. Hope your skin thing goes well. :) :)

  • Good luck. :)

  • Thanks andi and Jilly. Just a bit sore now, it was by my eye so feels a bit sore, but gone!

  • Morning All,

    Scarlet Pimpernel here! I've only been reading through some of the posts and then sorting Winner's Badges out as I come across them - sorry I've not been as chatty of late - I have been laid up with my back - It completely went on Friday and then I've had the onset of a cold which resulted in me waking up today without a voice! It wouldn't be too bad if I could just be on here type talking but I just happen to have an afternoon of delivering training up in Lancashire this afternoon :o I have stocked up on paracetamol, throat lozenges and cough medicine. I have now gone from having no voice to having a husky one!!

    JillyGirl, I can't seem to keep up with so many posts lately, always grateful for the gentle nudges from you ;-) I really am amazed at how much our community has grown :-)

    Pete, I hope you enjoy your pottering - My Sweet Pea is growing nicely now - probably almost nearly a foot tall. I also bought some bark chippings from Home & Bargain - only £2.99 a bag Agnes and Gertie can't wait for any bugs who want to go hiding in them :D

    Betts, I hope all goes well when you get whatever it is removed from your skin :o As long as it's not your head from your shoulders :D :D

    Briarwood, you are really helpful too, the site wouldn't be the same without you :-) All our members are invaluable to our online 'family'. All the help and support shared between you all is priceless :-)

    Smokefree1966, welcome aboard to Quit Support and congratulations on continueing to lead a smokefree lifestyle. I'll sort you a 1 year Winner's Badge out now and start getting your 2 year's one at the ready ;-)

    Ian, lovely to see you popping on :-) Are you due another badge now? :o :D

    Well, I better get the kettle on and start packing up my car ready to leave for my training session this afternoon. I'll be around later this evening though :-)

  • Good afternoon Emjay, its lovely to see you gal :)

    Sorry you've had a bad back and got a cold toooooo :( but I expect hubby enjoyed you not being able to talk :D :D :D Sorryyyyyyyyyyyy :) :)

    You take care now and try to keep warm eh :)

    Maybe see you later, Pete :) :)

  • Hi Emjay

    I hope all goes well for your training event. So sorry you have been suffering though, one thing after another :( Sounds like you need a good rest, so hope you can. Look after yourself.

  • Good morning everyone. Busy on here this morning, which is a good thing, all keeping busy and supporting each other.

    Hi Emjay, was wondering where you'd got to lately, sorry to hear your under the weather. :( My friend lost her voice a couple of weeks ago and had a few days off work with it. What with your back as well, maybe you've been over-training of late! :D :D (note the double-entendre) Perhaps you should come down and see my chiropractor who worked miracles on my back. :)

    It's still windy down south and the sun keeps popping out from the clouds but I don't think it's rained since about 7a.m. which meant I stayed dry on my run. :)

  • Good afternoon andi. You were right, it is Thyme. I think your sleeplessness was catching, took me ages to get to sleep last night, had to read my book at 1.00am so I could get to sleep. How about you, did you sleep OK last night?

  • Hiya Sin, yes, I think that was my sleep for the week. Had to get up twice but got back to sleep quite quickly so felt like I had a whole night's sleep for a change. :)

  • My 6th day today without the e-cig. Not really missing it any more, it was trouble anyway. Little bit sick of the lozenges though. Weather is total rubbish here too. Been raining off and on all morning and its piggin cold. Back to my jumper today.

    EmJay just reminded me with your talk of hens we went to a garden centre on BH Monday that we've not been to for years. Was always a bit of a skanky place really. Wow, they have obviously come into a bit of money cos its all been done up and revamped. And they had sooooo many different breeds of hens for sale you would have had a field day there EmJay. Some were gorgeous with lovely fluffy feathers. I would love a cockerel, I like the noise they make at ungodly hours of the day :)

  • Hi Sinfree, just been for a walk , got wet through :( I think they have the map of England upside down when it comes to weather. :P

  • Yeah, its certainly not very fair in its sunshine distribution is it. We get something like one day good - 5 days bad on average. Oh well. I sometimes try to tell myself that I love rain,...........doesn't seem to work though :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, hmmmm, so you didnt take a broll with you then :o :D :D

  • haha, that's andi out for her morning run.

  • Naghhhhh, just googled Andi :o :D :D

  • H jillygirl, glad you managed to get your walk in, but sorry you got soaked! Just watching the weather forecast :) - might be needing sou'westers over the next few days. Keeping my wellies by the door here :)

  • I was thinking about your lozenges a while ago. Can you cut them up into smaller pieces so each one does say 4 goes? I used to do that with my polos when I was getting low on them. :o

  • Aup Andi, what you up to today then, anything exiting :o

  • Been for a haircut this morning. Just washed 2 net curtains and cleaned the windows for them - only been threatening to do that for 2 years! :o :D :D

  • Ha ha ha, only 2 Years eh :D :D

    One my Nephews is coming around tomorrow, so he will cut my hair for me :) He's bought another car, so he wants me to give it the once over, fair exchange I think :)

  • There's no end to your talents monky!

  • Ha ha ha, Betts, me flippin talented gal :o :D :D :D

  • Hey, what you doing this afternoon with your pt then ? do you know or do you have to wait until you see him :o

  • Andi you are never still! Inspired to get off the sofa and wash some curtains now - boy, it's tough trying to keep up :D

  • Well am off out now into the rain to do some shopping. Birthday card and wrapping paper for my sons birthday on Friday. See y'all laters alligators.

  • Jilly, know how you feel. I'm volunteering at our parkrun on Saturday. I've done it twice before - New Years Day and the following Saturday. They couldn't have been worse for the weather - torrential rain and blowing a hooley on both occassions! I've just seen the forecast for Sat and it looks to be pretty similar to then again. At least I won't be running in it. :)

    We've had a couple of mini showers and the sun's out again now. Off to see pt this afternoon, see you later. :)

  • Evening all. :)

  • Good evening Andi, I hope your not stiff from this afternoon :o :) :)

  • Hi Andy, how did your pt session go? Betts, hope u feeling ok after ur skin removal, and Sin you off ecig a for 6 days, brilliant :) monkey u still in that greenhouse? :D had a good laugh over all your banter today :D think u could get your own comedy show :D

  • Good evening Briarwood, and I hope your well :)

  • I would be much better if you called me young lady ha ha :D :D how are you doing anyway? :)

  • Bloomin phone keeps going tonight every time I want to come on here. :o

    Briar, I think you're a bit of a comedian yourself. ;-) Not sure that anyone can beat that monky though! :o

    Pt session went okay, ta, he reckons I've gone up to the next level this year - whatever that means! :o

  • Hi Andi, in answer to your idea earlier today about cutting the lozenges up? Umm dunno, wouldn't really be worth having, they're smaller than a polo to start out with. I think I'm getting a bit better at actually not having anything in my mouth for a short time. Nicotine must build up over the day cos am better at night than in the mornings.

    On another level eh? That's good.

  • Just wondering how much nicotine in the lozenge? :)

  • I've got both 4mg and 2mg. I use the 4mg most of the time, but sometimes later on in the day I'll have a 2mg

  • Did you ever try the gum Sin? :)

  • Yeah, I like the gum, used to chew it a lot even when I smoked, never gave it up from the last time I tried stopping smoking but when I started having problems with my teeth just before I stopped smoking I stopped using the gum as it's quite a thick gum and I don't think my teeth would last very long with it anymore.

  • Thanks for that, just that I'm thinking of trying something else to see what it's like :) sorry for so many questions :O this is like snail mail - it's soooooh slow :D

  • haha, it's not too bad on a laptop. There's all sorts of lozenges now, those niquitin mini's - very expensive those though. I use cheapy ones but I'm used to them now.

  • All this talk of lozenges - haha, I'm going to have a 2mg one now before I go to bed.

  • Hey Andi, the next level sounds like you must be very good. Are you an elite athlete? :)Yes monky is definitely the KING of the jungle :D :D I won't beat him but I might kick his butt if he doesn't behave :D

  • I think the monky's fallen out of his tree! :D :D

    Yes Briar, I am an elite athlete. :)

    Sin, I thought you could just have a smaller hit for a shorter time - maybe a bit like trying to get yourself off sleeping pills or tranquilisers. :o

  • Yeah, cos a whole lozenge actually lasts an hour, I suppose its worth a try. I've been setting a timer when i finish one so I can't have another for an hour, but sometimes I have one anyway - no willpower or I forget to set the timer so have to guess. I've also been having XXX extra strong mints instead of a lozenge - :o my poor old teeth.

  • I think Pete is copying off you. He said his nephew was coming round tonight so he would get a haircut in exchange for looking over his nephews new car

  • No, nephew's coming round tomorrow.

    How about switch/alternate extra strong mints for sugar-free polos? :)

  • Aww, but am naughty with polo's I eat about 3 at a time, plus those sugar free ones seem to melt in your mouth. haha I'm not very help-able am I.

  • You are not a lost cause. :o :D :D

  • I'll get there one day. I don't really mind the lozenges, I just worry all the time about my teeth. The lozenges are supposed to be sugar free but I dunno. Now cos the dentist hasn't sent me a reminder basically because they're not very well organised with reminders I won't contact them cos am really scared of what they'll say. Like - "your teeth are all gonna fall out in the next six months" Some of them do look like they're hanging on for dear life now.

  • How about this for an idea.......

    You bite the bullet, go to the dentist, get them all taken out and a lovely new set of dentures made specially for you. Bob's your uncle - and no more nasty dentist visits! Simples. :)

  • Noooooo, that is not an idea, that is my worst nightmare. That is as depressing as the weather forecast I've just watched. :( :( its rain, rain and more rain :( They just said last May was the coldest in 50 years, up to now the temperature hasn't got as high as last May.

  • :D :D :D

  • :D don't be cruel :D

  • Hmm.... that wind's deffo putting me off doing the gardening. At least the rain gives a much better excuse for not doing anything out there. :) Btw, there's a heatwave coming, don't you know. :o :D :D

  • Really?? There's a heatwave on its way every year, am still waiting for last years heatwave. I mean it was nice and all that but it didn't really melt the tarmac

  • Right, that's my lot, I'm off to bed.

    Nite nite Sin, Briar and everyone, sleep well and see you tomorrow. xxxxxx :)

  • Night andi, hope you sleep well again tonight, I certainly will, am worn out from only getting about 5 hours sleep last night.

  • That's a cute pic. I'm going to bed now too to read my book in the hope it sends me to sleep. Mind you its a good book so maybe not ......night Briar, sleep well.

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