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Back from girlie trip

Hi guys

Just catching up after my jolly.

There were times when I really really wanted a puff, but resisted but it's amazing how few people smoke. I only saw 2 people smoking and although I tried to get some secondary smoking, I had no chance.

I actually went on holiday with no fags, never bought fags and didn't bring any fags home. WOW!

My friends were well impressed that I'd stopped smoking.

Following my doctor saying my cough was anxiety and my asking for antibiotics I can say that I'm no longer coughing & I feel great.

Weather was brilliant and had a great time.

A change is as good as a rest.

Still sometimes want a cigarette but tomorrow it will be 3 whole months.

Emjay, can I have label - 3 month winner!!.

Thank you guys for being there

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Wonderful feeling when you don't have to search out the sinbins, isn't it? A great feeling of freedom. Well done, and 3 months to boot! :)


Well done Teric, so glad you enjoyed your jolly and resisted any temptation along the way. 3 months no smoking and you feel great, that's fantastic :) :)


Thanks andi22 but we all know it's an upward struggle and it's continually hard. All it takes is one little weak moment.

How do you feel as a 1year winner, does it get better?

Sometimes I feel like this is so easy then I get past a hurdle (like now after a holiday, pat on back etc) and I'm in fear of getting complacent.

Phew it's hard


Thanks Briarwood

Onwards and upwards I hope


Wow - 3 months - fantastic and well done you Teric! Wey Hey girl!

Okay so we need details, where in that beautiful Isle were you and how did you spend your time there? Were you lounging around the pool, did you try the beach, did you get tan lines? Did you get dressed up in the evenings to go out for dinner and a few "girlie drinks" - did you have a laugh IN SPITE of stopping smoking - so was it the change of scenery/rest and relaxtion which cured your cough or the antibiotics?

I'm still wowwing at the 3 months by the way - Amazing! :) :) :)


WELL DONE on a terrific 3 months.Hols are HARD IMHO,one of the toughest times in my quit was our hol 2 months into it.You've done the hardest bit now so no going back,and yes,have to say it honestly honestly does get a LOT LOT easier.I'm nearly at 8 months (9th May will be 8 months) & I have days when I don't think about smoking at all in fact the whole smoking thing just seems so stupid now,I really really wish I'd managed to quit sooner.You've cracked this now so stay strong.Hugs on a fantastic achievement.H x


Hey Teric, thats just fantastic news gal :) soooo, glad you could enjoy your jols without ermmmmm, you know what eh :)

EMJAYYYYYYYY, there's a young Lady here who is in need of a brand new 3 Month badge tomorrow please :) :)

Sorry, Teric, but you have to shout our Emjay, cos she nodds a lot see :o :D :D

You be PROUD gal :) Pete :)


I echo the same sentiments, fantastic job well done and 3 months quit fantastic keep going terai you are doing great


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