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Daily Chat Tues 10th August

A very good morning to you all!! there is a definite change in the air as Autumn seems to be arriving. What a long and lovely summer we have all had! I look around and see how all the plants and baskets have flourished - positively humongous!!

I have looked at the calendar and am a 22 week old non smoking babe, . . . . and that is some going for me. Think I will invite all round for coffee and cakes when I reach the 6 month mark later in the month!! My house smells like a non smoker's house and the windows don't get sticky with the tar and yuk stuff them there fags produce. So all in all, am secretly chuffed with myself.

So - all you guys out there - keep at it - never thought I would be a non-smoker after 42 years on that little nasty piece of addictive smelly goddam aweful tobacco.

Have a lovely day - and lets hope we all have yet another one to add to our non smoking totals.

Vee xxx

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Good morning Vee and everyone,

A big well done to you Vee, 22 weeks is absolutely brilliant :) :) if i was on my computer, instead of my phone, i'd send you a huge card right now :)

I love that you sound so positive, that's what will help you right now :) and isn't it great when your house smells so nice and fresh, it makes me wonder how i lived with the awful smoke smell so long.

I hope your feeling good today, and have a brill smoke free day :) xx


Good Morning Everyone :-)

Congratulations on reaching such a great milestone Vee, another 4 weeks and you'll be a half year winner :D :D


The weather most certainly is changing, I'm wearing boots for the 2nd time this week! Still short sleeves though so it's not too bad :D

Sue, I'll make a quick cuppa before you have to get on with some packing ;-)

A gentle reminder for Sin... Don't forget to monitor those lozenges :D


Hi EmJay, first that's very brave of you - short sleeves. I have a vest top, jumper and cardigan on today and my feet are freezing and so is my nose. I have had 2 lozenges up to now today. I took Pete's advice and cut one in half this morning which I think might be better for my teeth because they only last half as long.


Hi ya Emjay :) and yes, ave got my patch on :P :D and yes Emjay, your so rite about the weather, cos its got rite erm, autominal now gal, if thats how you spell it :o :|

Yes I court a glimpse of you in you boots earlier :o


There's some flippin booooooot there gal, thought I was going to have a bit of ado with my ticker :o :D :D :D Keep up the good work Emjay, cos we all luvs ya :) :)


Very good morning to you all and especially Vee

Vee many many congratulations on 22 weeks - that is over 150 days "smoke free" and so good to hear you appreciating the benefits of NOT smoking. I think I smoked for about 34 or so years and even after only 6 weeks or so I am just so pleased / relieved to be free of the smoke. As Sue says it is great that you sound so positive, this will make all the difference and have a great NOPE day.

Best wishes to everyone



Hi all,

You should be really proud of yourself Jonathan, your doing amazing :) i hope you have a great NOPE day :)

Thanks for the cuppa Emjay, think i need that, got a lot of hard work coming up :) we have a dull day but it's not cold, unless it's just my body on the blink again and it's really freezing :o :D :D

Hope you have a brill day :) x


Thanks Sue

You have a great NOPE day as well.

Best wishes



Good evening everybody :)

Vee, its lovely to see you open the Daily chat gal :) and a ginormous well done to you for getting to 22 weeks quit gal :) :) erm, here's a little something just for you, from all of us flippin lot :) :)


Stay with it Vera, cos you are one hell of a gal :) sending love and huggs to you, so you had better close all windows, lock the doors, button down the hatches and maybe get your rolling pin at the ready eh :o ;) :D :D


Hi Pete, how are you doing, I hope you had a great cravung free day :)

I've been in the phone ordering the 12 skips i'll need for hubbys rubbish :D :D


:D :D :D


Sue Ive had a good day today thankyou, hardly any cravings at all :) :) Hey Sue, have you had a post card from Jiilygirl yet ??


I'm glad you've hardly had any cravings Pete, you deserve that, your doing brill, keep going you'll get there :)

No i've not had a postcard, if she sends one i hope it comes before i move, knowing our posties it probably wont :D :D


Sorry Sue, but will have to say nite nite to ya gal :( cos am noddin off :o I need some kip I thinks !! so I will luv ya and leave ya for tonight, and will speak again soon :) take care now sue and dont you get chucking hubby in one of them there skips, do you hear me gal :o :D :D :D Sweet dreams Sue and God bless you :) xxxx


Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, love and hugs :) x


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