I'm a non smoker,,,,!!!!!

Aw really I am,, but my wee girl lost her iPhone 5s and is gutted her estranged father bought it for her ,,,she is riddled with guilt so now I need to try to get her new phone don't suppose any of you are selling a cheap phone as my non smoking only saved me just over 100 boo Hoo hoo,,, no wonder people go back on stinky fags times like this would be so easy to light up!!!!

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  • Hang in there toots...and YES you are a non smoker..Things will happen where previously you would light up...but when you think about..having a smoke is not going to bring the phone back and its not going to help you feel better, infact it will make you feel worse as you would undo all the hard work that you have done. :) :)

    so give your self a pat on the back for not caving :) :) ..Getting through challenges like this will continue to make you stronger :) :)

  • Your always here for me and your right it won't bring it back will make me feel worse ,,,, still my girl needs a phone I'll jupst keep saving till I can get her one

  • Hiya toots, yes it's really easy to light up again but you don't want to ruin your great quit for a few smelly puffs😩

    Sorry to hear about your daughters phone but she'll just have to understand it will take a while to save up for another. When things go wrong we automatically think we need to light up but as Lin says it won't solve anything. In fact you'd just feel worse. You are doing brilliant with your quit, very proud of ya. Keep up the good work hun😊x

  • Great news Vicky! Now you can save on smokes AND phone bills.

  • Ah ha ha lol. It was her only contact with her father who lives a country over. He pays that bill never mind hope whoever found it has fun with it. As it's lost now xx

  • Sounds like it's in dad's interest to cough up for a new phone. Your daughter needs one like mine...$30 for 6 months pre paid & all I do is rack up credits. I'm lucky if I make 2 calls a month.

  • Hi toots 😃

    Sorry to hear about your wee girls phone, as everyone said having a smoke isn't going to bring it back.

    You're doing great and have proved you're a strong and determined person by not lighting up, well done you 🎉


  • Have you got house insurance?

  • I haven't but it was more the fact she had lost only contact with her father! Who stays in another country and only phones her on her phone . She will be fine as will I just she was feelin it and I couldnt replace it xxx thank you all xx

  • well you'll save UP for it a hellova lot faster NOT smoking than you ever could smoking.. ? ( perhaps thats something you can put the money you SAVE towards?)

  • i have an Iphone 5 that I'd gladly give you at the end of my contract with Bell Canada. Don't give up or in. God never puts more on our plates than we can handle....Don

  • What a lovely offer if I still haven't got one I would gladly buy it from you for her ... You made my day 4 know god won't send me anymore than I can handle and with friends on hear like yourself I won't fail promise xxxxx<3

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