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Back from our hols and still not smoking : )

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Still in London but flying to Newcastle (home) this p.m.after our hols which I have to say I hated.Just didn't like Boa Vista or the wretched hotel at all.Came very close to smoking on more than one occasion specially as the cigs were really really cheap 25 € for 200, however I'm still a non smoker

The times I came close to giving in I did imagine Eye and EmJay and all of you telling me not to so I carried you all in my heart for the last 2 weeks in Boa Vista and home again.Thank You ALL XX H

5 Replies
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Welcome home Ysd, You should be so proud of yourself for not giving in. :) Sorry you didnt like the hol, but never mind there is always somewhere else to try. Keep being strong and positive. Well done you non-smoker. :)

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Hey YellowSnowDrop,

welcome back to not so sunny UK :-)

Great to hear that you managed to stay strong under a trying time and never succumbed to any temptations!

I hope you have had a safe journey from London to Newcastle and have a nice warm home waiting for you :-)

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Hi yellowsnowdrop,

Welcome back from your hols, sorry that you didn't enjoy it but a big well done on not giving in and smoking :) i know how hard that can be under stressful times.

Stay strong, your winning :)

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Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Whoopie whoopie doo, WELL DONE YOU YOU DIDN't do it, that is fantastic cos that is a really really hard time not to smoke. Sorry you didn't like the place but oh so cool that you didn't, brilliant. :)

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Aup H :)

A massive well done to you gal for sticking to your guns and not smoking :) :) Shame you didnt like your holiday, but hey, look on the brighter side, you wont be going their again in a hurry eh :o :D :D

You did just ACE gal, you did :) xxx

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