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Stopping Smoking AGAIN

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

I am glad that I found this site

I am stopping smoking on Wednesday for the hundredth time (second serious time)

I have had a very positive response from my husband and a really horrible response from his friend, but at the end of the day it's for me and my family that I am doing this and nobody else!

I wont be telling people that I am stopping smoking because I am not wanting the whole 'how you feeling' 'any cravings' 'how many day's is that now' and just the general reminder that I am stopping smoking.

I know they will be being suppportive but the reminder of fags I dont need.

I will really miss the first fag of the day, the one you have after your lunch and tea, the one when your having a drink (I dont drink very often so that's not a big problem) and the fag before bed. Its the 15 in between that I certainly wont miss.

I have been a smoker now for 15 years and it's awful because I turned 30 in August and I really didnt want to be 30 and still smoking but this time I will succeed because I want nice clothes, holidays, skin, breath and of course the most importantly I want to see my kids grow up and have their own family.

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Good Luck to you and well done on choosing to stop. I know what you mean about the hundreth time of trying ! i'm in my 50's and have being trying on and off since i was 35..obviously not many serious attempts ..i have managed a 9 months and a 3 months as serious quits in all that time..and wish dearly id been stronger with the 9 month one ..i wouldnt be here now getting ready to go for it again .I know i will miss the first of the day and 2 or 3 within the rest of the day BUT honestly i know most are just habit ,i dont enjoy,in fact i'm fed up with the hold smoking has on my life. The funny thing is ,if i'm somewhere i cannot mattrer how long, it doesnt bother fact the opposite i enjoy it !! lol..but when im home its so hard to refrain..stupid eh ?.

Anway I wish all the best and I will be joing you very thing i will add ..if you are usuing nrt, I can recommend NICOGEL..its a gel you rub in the palms of your hands and woosh instant stop craving. The only place ive found it is in the net (that ebay place) but it really is a great tool. best wishes Jan :))

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

I know what you mean about the 9 months stopping.

my biggest regret has to be not stopping when I got a full time job in 2010, I worked full time in a school for 8 months and only had a break at lunch time that I managed to smoke 2 fags through the day so it would have been a lot easier to stop.

Now Im only working 9 hours a week because I did not get that job that I was doing relief work for and Im home most of the time and get bored so hence the smoking a lot so I really need to find something to do through the day. I do have plans to keep me busy this week which did help the last time but there is only so much cleaning of kitchen cupboards you can do and sorting out wardrobes and filling up the freezer by batch cooking you can do to pass the time!

Any tips would be great.............

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I think its really good that you can do all that cleaning and sorting without wanting to smoke even more. Within minutes of picking up a duster I want to reach for a cig. I am so bad at cleaning and stuff that the only way I used to get through it was having many cigarette breaks, so now I'm stopped I have to avoid cleaning and stuff like that otherwise I'd be climbing the walls after a couple of hours. Is there anything you could do on the internet to distract your mind and make you so engrossed you forget all about smoking?

You know what I love about not smoking, being able to wear lipstick. I never bothered with it when I smoked because within half an hour of putting it on I would want to smoke and I hate smoking with lipstick on because the cig kind of squirts out of your mouth and slides around on the lipstick making it not very enjoyable. So stick on some lippy and revel in how long you can make it stay put. :-)

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Trace your family tree, that will keep you occupied.

have you got children at home ? if not you could do a 10-15min workout with a dvd or similar then a pamper with music, or a walk anywhere,maybe the libarary. I always have chewing gum(sugar free) and this can be a great aid. What about trying a new crfat ? knitting ? making a collage ? acyrilic painting ? ..try to find something you enjoy,not a chore,not something for someone else ..something just for you,that you will enjoy..yes it might take some time to find if like most woman ,youre not used to it..but it will be worth the hunt...failing that ..a duvet day !!! lol :)

ps feel free to email me :)

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

yeah I've got kids, they are at school full time though.

I work 4 days a week, although it's only 2 hours each of that days but it's right in the middle of the day from 11.15-1.30 so it means that I can busy myself in the morning with housework and doing tea in the afternoon and other chores.

A workout is a good idea but Im just too lazy for that! lol

I do enjoy walking so that is a fantastic idea, go a good long walk with my mp3 player in

My husband has got a e-cig when he stopped smoking so I've got a shot of that for the moment.

I've got 4 fags left in the packet which I'll finish tonight and tomorrow is a new day smoke free:)

thanks for your support thenunn, I'll keep you in mind for tips and advice and a email to cry on for that stress full days!


Aup Orkneysarah :) :)

A big big welcome to this lovely site, sorry I didnt get to you lastnight, but there was a bit of a hiccup on the site :o :| but it looks as if its running well tonight :) :)

I think the first day is allways easier because your determined to quit, and you can fight the cravings quite easy, but as the time goes on and those pesky cravings keep having a go at you :( they tend to wear you down more :(

Erm I hope you dont mind me asking you a question or two :o :)

You say that your using Champix !! how long have you used it for ?? I only ask this because with Champix, you keep smoking for the first 7 to 10 days and then it should ease things for you :) :)

I've heard it numbs the brain receptors, so you dont feel like smoking :o

I'm on my 5th attempt to quit, and am just about to use Champix, so any imfo you may have will be much much Appreciated :) :)

Good luck on you quit gal, but please please, let us know how you are doing, and any questions you have, fire them at us gal :) you just shoot :) :)

Hoping to speak to you again Sarah :) :)

Pete :)

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

Hey Monkey.

I figured that was the case with the first day indeed, every time I'v stopped the first day is always the easiest!

Champix, well this is the third time I've used it. I didnt have success the first time because I didnt really want to stop, I was stopping for my husband who was moaning at me to do it.

The second time I did it for me and didnt tell him until he got home from work and said 'i've stopped smoking' I managed for 6 weeks but ended up smoking again because I got cocky and stopped taking the tablets.

Yeah I am on my week 2 (day 9)

by the end of Monday (the last day of me smoking) I'd only had about 8 ciggys and they were really starting to taste awful in my mouth and left that horrid taste.

I think Champix is suppose to take away the cravings for fags and it certainly does (did the second time I stopped, not so much this time till later on in the first week)

It does play with your moods though but I suppose that could be the whole stopping smoking too!

Every time I've taken them I've had the strangest dreams, not bad dreams just plain weird so be prepared for that!

Good luck ? hope you succeed you sound determined enough. I myself have not found the right moment to take the plunge, although this web site is very inspirational and encouraging so there is still hope for me yet.

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Hi ya Stella, a massive welcome to this lovely quit smoking community :) :)

You and only you will know when you want to start your quit :)

I have found out one thing about quitting, and thats you have to really want too, for yourself :) :) nobody else :)

You have to sit yourself down, and write down why you like smoking :o and then, write down why you want to stop smoking :) I assure you the later will be a longer list than the first :)

There is loads of imfo & help on here gal :) if we cant help you :o then I know a couple of Ladies who can, they are our lovely quit advisers Emjay & Jarvo :) :) they will answer any questions you chuck at em :) :)

Any questions you have, just blog them :) it's as easy as that gal :) :)

When your ready, you will know :) and we are all here to help you :) :)

I've just found one of Emjay's blogs which may help you :)

Pete :)

Before you reach your quit date, try to understand what part of smoking actually satisfies you....

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE 2 Jan 20132 commentsReport

Quite often, when somebody decides that they would like to give up smoking, they jump straight in at the deep end without giving much thought, if any - to what part of smoking they feel they will actually miss when quitting. It is quite useful to try and understand what it is that you think you enjoy about smoking, both physically and mentally. Here is a simple thought provoking exercise to try before your quit date;

1. Don't worry about stopping smoking but become really aware of each cigarette or roll up that you smoke and the whole process of smoking each individual one. What do you believe you really enjoy about it? Is it the making the roll up, getting the cigarette out of the packet, puffing the cigarette in or blowing it out?

2. Next, again without trying to stop, try and go for as long as you can without smoking. However when you feel that the craving is too much, really think about what it is that you are feeling... Does it feel physical? Is it in your tummy? In your chest? Does your mouth water? Does it feel more in your mind? Like you can't concentrate? Feeling a bit tense? Upset?

3. When you feel that you can't take anymore of this awful feeling, go and get your cigarettes.

4. Notice at which point does any part of this action take that awful feeling away. You may feel better once you pick up your cigarette packet... without even having to light your cigarette. The feeling may go when you take the first puff in, maybe when you blow it out. The feeling may not even go until you have finished smoking and put your cigarette out.

Only you are able to recognise and answer any of the above for yourself then you can work on the next step of moving towards your quit date.

The key to successfully stop smoking and staying stopped, is all in the thinking, planning and preparing beforehand.

You really can do this, so lets start by taking just one step at a time

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

You have to stop for yourself and nobody else, the time will come for you and you will take the plunge.

The chat is good on here, i find it good and if you need to moan you can.


Hey Stella, as Sarah said, you have a moan if you want too :) :) cos we all do from time to time :) :)

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

Bloody moaning hubby and kids here today, they moaning coz im grumpy

Is it any wonder?

They are home and doing my nut in telling me i cant do this and cant do that, seems im not allowed to do anything

in reply to Orkneysarah

Ha ha ha Sarah, you have just met LIFE gal :D :D

Cos your grumpy, that makes your hubby & kids grumpy toooooooooo :)

So just tell your kids that you've put them up for sale on Ebay :o :D and your hubby, if he dosnt stop getting at you then you will part exchange him for a newer model :D :D if that dosnt work, then tell him that he can iron his own clothes :D :D that is a dead sert gal :) :) :)

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

Im just a tad grumpy today and everything is getting to me i doubt.

Wasnt allowed to have lunch before because i dont pay for the food coz i dont being a big wage into the house, just the same argument as we always have, before i would go for a fag, now i cant and that bothered me.

Told him i might as well start smoking again if i wasnt allowed food coz the dags would kill my hunger pangs.

The mainreason i am stopping smoking is because we have no money, is that not good enough for him????

I seem to be making a HUGE effort to save as much money around the house, i dont have any heating or lights on when im home in my own and i eat very luttle anyway and when i do its out of date stuff and old bread...... grrrrrr3rr

in reply to Orkneysarah

OMG Sarah no wonder you turn to ciggys. If my Husband stopped me eating he,d be out the door pronto, thats awful sitting in the dark with no heating and having nothink to eat its going to make you ill, you have to eat, drastic action need,s to be taken in your house before you end up in Hospital, you can,t eat stale food and out of date stuff. Its winter and very important to keep well nourished and warm.Make some soup thats cheap enough and nutritious also.You have to look after yourself love.

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

He never used to be this bad, i do make soup with the leftover stock from the chicken we make and leftover veggies

We use upevery bit of scrap food we have and dont waste a thing when it comes to that.

Unfortunately he can not see what he is spending in a week/month on other crap such as dvds, beer, book lights, mem,ory sticks and god knows what else.

Maybe i'll get at him yet once he see's that its him thats spending the money and not me lol

in reply to Orkneysarah

You do that love, he needs to be told, b....y men, lol. Hope your feeling a bit better today.


Well done and good for you, see how you go but if you feel deprived or crazy for a fag and you are missing out i would recommend a book to read called Allen Carrs Easyway to stop smoking, this is how I finally kicked the habit and you feel so positive in stopping and have a different mindset, like it is going to be so positive and easy that you don't care who knows you've stopped. Try your own way but like I say if you are getting cross or stressed please give the self help book a read :)

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