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Is anyone putting weight on?

On day...24....doing well. Not even reaching for the patches or e cig...as much. :)

But....def been picking more on food and put 2 lb on since stopping. I do regular keep fit sessions each week and do TRY to eat healthy...but I know I have been picking more in compensation for not smoking...its almost been like a treat for me instead!

Has anyone else put on too? Is this common? Is it myth you put weight on anyway...or is it just cos im picking more (cos I know I am!!!) . xx

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Hi Mindermummy,

Luckily for me i have lost weight... but that is more to do with losing my appetite due to stupid men lol! But i think it is really common, and once you have a handle on the whole quitting thing, i am sure you will shed the extra couple of pounds in no time :)

Sounds like you are pretty active anyway.Blame it on easter :) x


Hi Mummy

I've put weight on too, but the problem is my weight fluctuates so much with my flipping hormones I don't know if it's the stop smoking or just over indulging! At work we have too many goodies - biscuits, chocolates, you name it, it's there! So I'm always picking at them anyway, but I would say that I've not been eating as healthily since stopping as I did when I smoked! Can't focus on 2 things at the same time! I'm not worrying too much though because I will do more exercise, especially now the weather is improving and my girls will be back for the summer so I always do healthy meals for them.

Emily has gone back to York to study now but Danielle is coming back to me tomorrow and she wants us to go swimming together and also she is a healthy food addict so I'm sure I will behave myself again then!

A couple of pounds is not a lot and at least you've noticed it - get some healthy nibble like carrot sticks and celery and cucumber chopped up instead of crisps and sweeties - they are great for the skin too! xxx :)


Lol, I'm the same can't concentrate on the two things!!! Good idea...will get some bits chopped up in fridge. Need kids to get back to school, as too many picnics and choc eggs around not helping!! New diet starts next week. How u finding the habit side of it now Chrissie!? I'm actually forgetting a lot of the times I used to smoke and not hanging around thinking about it like first few weeks!! Just seems having a drink time is my worse time now.


I am finding the habit side quite easy now hun - but I think I'm probably using my e-cig much more than you are so you are really doing brilliantly! The thing is I'm not looking for my cigarettes anymore - in fact I don't think about cigarettes at all unless I get a trigger, and even then I know I don't want one - and I rarely get a trigger now anyway. So things are going well with that which makes life a bit easier I have to say. I'm sticking with the same strength e-liquid until it runs out and then I'm going to buy 2 at the lower strength and 1 at the same strength and hopefully start to reduce that way. Strangely drinking has been fine, except I'm convinced that I get tiddly quicker since I've stopped smoking - are you finding that as well? xx


Hi, Mindermummy, know I'm picking more than when I smoked, coz it used to be coffee and smoke or tea and smoke. Now it's coffee and biscuit or tea and biscuit. I'll have to try Chrissie's tip of healthy alternatives. X


Hey MinderMummy, I replied to you on this post yesterday but it all seems to have disappeared :o :-/

I'll pop up an old post of mine from a year ago, it saves me typing out whatever it was that I waffled on about yesterday! :D


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