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Late Daily Chat Sunday 24th March 2013

Hi everybody, :) :) sorry am late, cant help being slow :P :o

Dins done, lumpy gravy erm lumped :o so a normal Sunday really :)

Yep ers dumped another load of snow on us :o hmmm am going to have to have a quiet word with her I see :) will have to find her first though :o

Erm I let the cat have a day off today, cos she did work well yesterday, when I found her that is :o :) so she is having a lay back day while I do the work :) :) as in digging my van out ''again'' well I have to today cos av got work in the morning :P :P

Just a little reminder for you :)

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve all aspects of your life... no dieting, no exercising, just stopping smoking.

We understand that for some of you it may be quite a challenge. However, you may be surprised to find that it could be really easy. You won't know unless you try. Success comes from learning from past attempts and to keep on trying until you get to where you want to be.

How about listening to how it may have worked from for others? We have many members who have now quit who are more than happy to share their experiences so why not listen to their stories, ask for advice and then use the advice that best suits you?

Think about it...

Plan it...

Put into action...

Remembering that together we can do this :) :)

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Hi Pete and everybody, can't believe you've got more snow :o and here's us with none, it's still cold though, according to the nurses, so asked hubby to bring my cosy jumper and coat for tomorrow :)

I hope you get to work safely tomorrow, or even better, you mind get snowed in and not manage to go at all :)

So monky is gonna do cat things today then, eat and sleep, bit like me at the moment :D :D keep warm when your digging van out :) xx


Again this site would not let me post a pic :P :P take that :P :P Emjay where are you when I need you gal :o :| huh like I said yesterday, you can never find a good Woman when you want one :o :) :)



:D :D :D love the picture Pete :D :D


Hi monky and sue52 Hey, don't bother about being late - that's what Sundays are for - lazy days - let the world go past and just hop on when you feel like it.

Not had any more snow here (not yet anyway) but 8" is more than adequate thank you - very cold and icy underfoot but not going far as dogs quite happy to play in garden - good job as it's that thick on the ground I can't walk on it without sinking and younger dog is so tiny so if snow won't take her weight (not going to find out either) she would disappear!

Hope hubby remembers jumper and coat and that they 'release' you nice and early and you get home quickly and safely.

Hope the digging out of the van goes well and that Mother Nature (another woman) doesn't wait until just as you've finished digging, she dumps another load from right overhead!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend everyone.

Take care.



Thank you Buttons :) :)


Hi Buttons,

It's a good idea not go a walk in the weather your having, we're very cold here in Dundee, but at least no snow. I probably won't get out till after dinner, need my stitches out first, I can't wait though, there's nothing like your own bed :)

Hope you have a great day :)


Sue thats just great news gal :) just hope hubby remembers your erm duvet for you :) :)

Jumper duvet, whats the difference :o :D :D


the duvet would be warmer Pete, I'd be a snug as a bug in a rug :D :D :)



Laptop ready Friday night but only just got it due to the horrid weather. I was getting withdrawal symptoms. Anyway at least Pete wasn't being teased by me. :D

will come back on line later. :) :) :) xxx


Hey upppppp chuck :) :) WELCOME BACK :o :| :P :) :D ( work that one out :D )

As for missing you tease me :P I aint see, cos THE flippin cats bin duin that allll flippin week :o :(

Flippin bless her :) :)

Speak later, :) :)


Hi Jillygirl, WELCOME BACK :) :) xx


Glad everything going well Sue.

You have the right idea Pete, stay in and keep warm. Son just been and said that on the main road from Chesterfield to Derby drifts in middle of road about 2 - 3 foot deep.

Glad you back Jillygirl missed your posts.

Buttons my dog is happy inthe garden with the snow, she is loving it but if we took her to local park would lose her.

Everyone enjoy rest of the weekend and Sue hopefully when you come on site tomorrow it will be from home. Take care and keep smiling Sue cxx


Hi Sue c, Thank you :) I hope that is the case.

Your having such a horrid time with the weather down there, I hope we get a summer this year, think we all deserve that :)

Have a great rest of the weekend :) xx


I'm off for a sleep now, I'm getting tired tonight, hopefully I'll see you all from my home tomorrow :) I hope you all have a great evening :)

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxx


Nite nite Susan :) :) I do hope you get out early and get back home soon :) yeah today has bin draining for some reason :o cos I feel kn____ erm tired out now :D

Enjoy your evening Sue and have a good nights sleep gal :) ready for the big escape tomorrow :) :D :D xxxxx :) :)


Night night sue. see you tomorrow. xxxxx :)


HI Pete , I know what you mean about feeling drained. I too have felt like that over the last couple of days. Never mind new start tomorrow. so night night Pete. and everyone else.

see you tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :)


Ooooooh Jillygirl a missed ya, am sorry gal :(

Nite nite and God bless ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :) take care now and sweet dreams :)

Hopefully speak tomorrow :)


Rite am off up the apples and pears, cos am noddin, soooo nite nite all and sweet dreams :) try to get a good nights sleep, so that you are ready for what ever tomorrow brings :) luvs ya all :) xxxxxx


Thank you John that is beautiful, I love flamenco. Hope you get out early Sue and get snuggled down in your bed at home. There is no snow here in Stirling so all you snowy folks have my sympathy. Nice to see u back Jilly and look forward to your teasing Pete.

Night night Simba, madimad and Buttons too.

Have a great week ahead everyone and stay strong we can do this xx


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