Weight issues

Hi all hope you area all doing well. Not been on for a bit due to holidays and work and family commitments.

Well had my holiday, my first smoke free, yipee, but now my weight has ballooned. I've put about 14lbs and just feel blah!!!! I'm quite petite (well I was) and I just feel so unhealthy. I'm actually struggling to do things and get a bit out of breath, something I never had when I was smoking. Does the weight even out as time goes by or will I just get bigger. I've not changed my diet in fact I think I'm eating healthier.

Another question does stopping smoking change your skin in anyway? The reason I ask is that while on holiday my skin seemed a lot more sensitive to the sun and I got quite burnt while using a high factor sun screen. I have never suffered from sunburn before, so wondered if anyone else had come across this?

Have a lovely smoke free day and get the last of the sun before the rain :)

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  • Hi Shantimar, Welcome back hun, you must be nearly 3 months quit now????? Hope you had a fantabulous time away as a non smoker :)

    I too have put on a stone but that's because I am now addicted to Haribio's although I haven't had one for about two weeks now...!

    It should plateaux (hopefully otherwise I may just explode) out but some people on here do something called exercise??? never tried it myself, think it's a foreign thing but not really sure :P ;)

    How's your sister doing by the way? Hope she's keeping well :)


  • Hi droopy,

    My sister is as positive as ever, she's finished her treatment at the moment and had a break to my other sister, keep saying that she will outlive us all. :)

    Yeah I actually worked it out and I am just over 3 months nic free. Can't believe its as like I never smoked. My sisters are over 2 years quit, they're using e cigs and one of them is away to start zero nic. So well done to them.

    Glad to see your dealing with your addiction to haribo, tell me is it easier than giving up the cigs lol ;0

    Hopefully my weight will sort itself out or I will be getting rolled along the road. Do you remember the wheebles ? Well thats me.

    I do remember someone mention exercise, but like you I think its an alien concept to ensure we are in pain. ;0;0

    Off to work now will look in tomorrow on you lovely people


  • Yeah I wobble but unlike the weebles I cant get back up when I fall down.... :D; :D

    great news about your sister :D Enjoy your day at work.... Im actually off today and sitting in my garden :)

    MONKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY we need a 3month shiny glittery badge for Shantimar over here pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Thanks hun


  • Well done on an awesome 3 months,you should be really really chuffed with yourself.I'm one of the poor souls that's had to resort to exercise to tackle the 2 stone weight gain,like droopy I hit the Haribos hard.My practice nurse told me a couple of weeks back that it was better to be a non smoker with weight to loose than a thin smoker.The weight really does not matter,you can loose it in time.What's more important is that you stay smoke free.Hugs H

  • Hi Helen, you are a shining example, no doubt about that :)

    No nicotine, no haribos, think you should be our poster girl :)

    You are amazing, well done hun :) x

  • Hi Shantimar, congratulations on your 3 month badge and well done :)

    Happy to hear your sister is staying positive, a good thing for us all to do :)

    As yellowsnowdrop said, better to have weight and be a non smoker so it is :)

    Your first no smoking holiday over you as well, be proud of yourself :) x

  • Thanks for your replies, and I love my shiny badge.

    Yellowsnowdrop of course your right. Think it was maybe a nic trick getting me to think about how smoking can make me slim.

    Right healthy eating plan and exercise starts tomorrow :) or maybe not :)

    Catch up with you all later have a fantastic smoke free weekend xxx

  • A little ugly reality Shantimar....... Smoking DOES make you thin. It supresses your appetite & increases your metabollism.....it also destroys your health & keeps you poor (& an addict). I read that weight you put on when you quit is what you would probably weigh if you had never smoked. I've put on 14 kgs in the past 12 months, most of it due to quitting. Now the good news. There are ways to lose weight besides smoking. I'm about to embark on a diet & exercise programme. Imagine if every 5 minutes we gave to each cigarette we committed to some form of moderate exercise. I'll bet we'd all be trim taut & terrific.

  • Hi Roneo

    I too had read that and think its to do with the nicotine. When I was using an e cig I never put on weight but I stopped because of allergy issues, and I didn't want to be tied to charging e cig and ordering e liquid either.

    And I know I shouldn't moan about a little weight but as a female I am a little vain :) and I try not to dwell on it but I don't want to go back to smoking. I actually thought about going back to e cig because the nicotine in it would help me lose weight. I decided against as I thought it would be a step back for me

    I am actually less active since giving up, I used to walk to my work when the weather was fine, this enabled me to have a few smokes, now I just jump in the car.

    I'm off on holiday again in October so I am really going to try a diet/exercise programme. I had bought a few new dresses for my holiday just past, they fitted me fine at the time but on holiday they were too tight.

    But as yellowsnowdrop's nurse said better to be a non smoker with weight issues that a thin smoker.

    Right away to look at healthy living meals.

    Have a great but rainy day (at least where I am) xx

  • MMMMM I'm not convinced that smoking suppresses your appetite, wouldn't that mean that all smokers would be thin???? And thin I ain't....!!! :(

    When I gave up last time I put on 2 stone in a year and when I went back on it, I didn't lose the two stone.... so not sure that going back on it would actually have the desired effect for you Shantimar so you may as well continue with your excellent quit :)

  • Your right Droopy, though wasn't going to go back smoking just on an e cig. But I am going to carry on without any NRT. Its rare I get cravings but I am aware that they can hit at anytime and I know that when I used an e cig before, I used to have a sneaky cig so probably not the way to go.

    So diet and exercise for me :) Better dust off my old gym stuff :) xx

  • Hi Shantimar, I hope your well and just loving the new badge :) :)

    I've put a post up about weight gain while quitting smoking, it may just interest you :)

    See ya soon, Pete :)

  • rather you than me hun.... :)

  • :) :) .............. don't know droopy last time I was in a gym, I sat on a bench ate a packet of crisps and drank a can of coke. That was the extent of my workout. :D :D xx

  • I usually take a McD's in with me :D :D :D

  • Love it :D :D :D xx

  • Well I have to have something to do with my hands whilst watching all these lovely body beautiful as they're working out..... a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :p :D

  • Your supposed to work out as well you know :) :) soooo us blokes have some curves to look at as were going along the straight and narrow on the ermmmm, tread mill eh :P :D :D :D

  • ahhhhhh so that's where I'm going wrong, but wont I get indigestion eating my McD's and exercising at the same time????? :D :D :D

  • :D

  • :D

  • Hiya Pete

    Just finished looking at the post, thank Jillygirl for getting all the info. She's a star.

    Loving your badge too.


  • Shantimar, will do gal :) :) Jillygirls a lot brainier and better looking than I am :) :)

    Thank you :) xx

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