Daily Chat Saturday 1st March 2014

Daily Chat Saturday 1st March 2014

Good morning everybody :)

Well its March already, how the flippin time fly's :o and its also very nearly Spring time :) :) I love the Spring, cos it cheers me up no end, seeing the lovely colours of daffodils, crocuses, tulips etc, and of course the blossom on the trees :)

This is the light at the end of the tunnel for me, after a dark, dull, dreary Winter :)

It's a bit like quitting the ciggies really, because you start at the beginning of the tunnel, and, BOY, does that light look a long way off :o but as you get on with your quit, that light gets bigger and brighter and above all, closer :) and that light is your freedom :) :)

I myself have come close to that lovely bright light a few times, but have slipped and fell back down to the dark end of the tunnel :(

Soooooo, what we have to do is, pick ourselves up, have a little erm, pet talk to ourselves, so that we know WHY we want to quit ! and WHAT the benefits would be for us :) These are our weapons against mr nic ! so like you would a calving knife, keep it sharp and clean :) we have to keep the WHY's and WHAT's in our heads, ready for when mr nic strikes :)

Ellie, please think before you make your decision eh and please please dont leave our happy Family :) :)

Rite, am off to flippin bed soon, cos am noddin :o Ha ha ha I can hear you all saying, '' I flippin wish he would '' :D :D

Just remember this, if you cant put a ciggie down, then dont pick one up :) Job sorted :D :D :D

I wish you all a lovely smokefree day and a happy one too :D :D

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  • Hi Pete, what a lovely picture, so cheerful just like you. Catch up later. :)

  • Good morning Pete, Jilly and everyone.

    Welcome to all the new members who have popped up over the last couple of days, come and join in the chat and stay focussed. You can do this, going back to the cigs will not make anything better, you just need to have your head in the right place. :)

    Frosty and foggy on the south coast this morning - makes a change from the rain and looking forward to seeing scenes like in Pete's picture this morning. Where the seasons were so late last year I think they're coming in early this year. Probably be winter next week now then. ;-)

    Have a god day. :)

  • Hey there Pete,Guess you're in the land of nod now so happy dreams.Totally agree with Andi about having your head in the right place so IF you're one of the 30 New wall of fame'rs,think why it is you want to give up,what you'll gain and how much better you'll feel EmJay always says to make a,plan and then quit & those that are the most successful are the ones that have done just that.Happy Saturday all I have this odd flu thing that's doing the rounds so am staying in my lovely warm.bed.

  • Awe! get better soon Helen. stay cosy. :) :)

  • Thanx Jilly just sitting reading my book, with one of my cats (Greedy Benny) sleeping beside me.Hubby out doing food shopping.Pete,meant to say how much the picture made me smile,just fab.Saw my first daffodils yesterday,Spring is definitely coming.HOORAH.!!!

  • Hope it doesn't hang around too long Helen, enjoy being snuggled up with the cat. I've seen daffs around for a while now and a couple of weeks ago I saw daisies and violets. I can see my flowering quinces are now coming into flower too. :)

  • Good morning everyone.

    Pete- well put. I too felt like I was trapped for so long as a smoker and quitting seemed an impossible task, with all my other issues I honestly felt I couldn't cope with losing the one part of my life that I felt propped me up, which was a big fat lie. Turns out the panic attacks I felt when I walked around was due to shortness of breath because I smoked 40 cigs a day!

    Have a fab weekend, whatever you may be doing. For me, it's studying. I plan to sit my level 2 AAT exam in April or May at the latest so I need to knuckle down and work hard.

  • Morning all, gorgeous picture Pete. Helen hope you feel better soon :)

    Well I have done it, reached the 4 week mark :) been not too bad but had my moments. X

  • Congrats! I hope you plan on celebrating, I toast you with a cuppa tea. Here's to many more months of being a non-smoker!

  • Awww thanks Leanne got a bit to go before I catch you up x

  • Sorry my pad auto corrected your name incorrectly lol! X

  • Well done Al,4 weeks as a NON smoker. Yeah! :) :)

  • Hey Al, a big Whooooooooopy flippin Doooooooopy to ya gal :)

    Al when you have one of those moments again, you just send it over here to me, and I'l sort it for ya gal :) Sees ya later x

  • Will do Pete but to be honest seemed to have calmed down :) might change when I lower my nic though!!! Nervous lol x

  • Al, Am sending you some anti nervous huggs to keep you calm and collective :) xx

  • Awww thanks I am not doing it just yet as still have high strength to use up, I don't get through it very quickly so might be another 2 weeks or so as still got half a bottle left! X

  • You just say when Al, and my huggs will be with you :) xx

  • congrats on your 4 weeks! dont time fly only seems like yesterday when you were postin your quit plans and date. and look where you are now :-) :-)

  • I know Jules .... Can't quite believe it :)

  • Morning everyone, yeah feels like spring today, lovely sunshine here :-)

    Hey Pete you have your philosophical head on today !!!!! :-D a lovely picture, and a great read.

    Well I'm off walking soon, get my circulation going.

    Hope the flu thingy doesn't come this way !! Take care, x. :-)

  • Lenne,what's an AAT(I'm guessing it's Advanced ? ?) Hope the studying goes well.Mrs Sunnyside (love the Avi,reminds me of my boss who retired) I promise I'll keep my horrible germs up North (I got this bloomin thing from hubby) Hope you had a lovely walk,how far do you go? Can't wait for Spring one of my favourite seasons,things change and everything is new.Greedy Benny has gone out so it must be warmer,his sister,Misty aka Mizzle is out as well,starting to cloud over a bit now tho.Oh well,back to my book on Prince Leopold,thought it was going to be a bit boring but can't put the thing down !!

  • It means association of accounting technicians- I am doing a low level course, I have got a long way to go.

    I love your cat's names so much, always makes me smile! Enjoy your book xx

  • You will breeze the aat Hun, and it's a good thing to have under your belt too. Good luck with it c

  • Hmmmmm, am not sure about aat under my belt :o cos all I've got under my belt is my trousers :o :D :D

  • Hi Nicholas. :) ;-)

  • :P :P

  • Morning everyone, what a lovely morning here in Essex.

    Aw big congratulations to you Al xx the first month is def the hardest and Ellie if your looking in hope your ok miss your posts. Xx

    Happy smoke free day everyone x

  • Hi Beth , and thanks hun x

  • Ps get well soon YSD x

  • Lenne,

    WOW, accountancy,FULL of admiration.I did a GCE in maths and failed!! My hubby is the accounts manager at a local firm of Estate Agents,he's trying to finish his course in chartered surveying (he actually sat his exams about 4 years ago and then never quite got round to doing the practical stuff he needed to complete,he says he just likes to take his time !!!!)Glad you like Greedy Benny and Mizzle coz I love them both to bits,both proper little characters.Don't study too hard & take a break now and then.Hugs H

  • Helen, am sending flu bashing huggs to ya gal, you keep cosy and warm eh :)

  • I can't do maths without a calculator- I truly hope I don't need mental math skills because I will be up poop creek without a paddle LOL! *Big hugs*

  • Lmao lenne you will be fine, maths is my weakest subject and I managed to get my away while working for Barclays ... A few moons ago now lol! But excellent to have on your cv. I never use it now but helped me along my way for sure x

  • mornin or should i say afternoon been very lazy today and just got up! i forgive myself, been a hard week suns shinning makes you feel good!!! roll on spring have a great day all.

  • Hi YSD, Short walk today only about a mile, but I do the power walking, so I'm back home in no time !! If I go with hubby we usually do about 6 mile. Hope you'll soon be better, Take care. X. :-)

  • Aup Sunny, I hope you well :)

    Hmmmmm, so you do power walking eh :o Well I'm practising power napping gal, cos ave heard thats good for you too :) Emjay does a lot of it :D :D

  • Careful Pete she`ll be sat on your shoulder. :D :D

  • Nagh, she's nodded off again :P :D :D :D

  • Long as she nodded off and not fell off. :D :D

  • I didnt push her, honest :o ;)

  • :D :D :D

  • Evening all, what a beautiful day today! I was busy cleaning a window today, thought it's too nice to be in, phoned a friend and off we headed to the Purbecks for a lovely 4 mile walk along the beach and up the cliffs. The sea was like a mill pond with clear views across the bay and to the Isle of Wight. :) Just have to make the most of these days at the moment - the dirty windows'll still be here tomorrow. :o ;-)

  • Good on ya Andi, you get out and about while the going is good eh :)

    I've been in the garden most of the day, lovely and sunny, a bit chilly but what the heck :) Hey, it was light until just before 6pm tonight :)

  • I did 18 mile bike ride this afternoon, 9 mile of it up hill. Have, according to Mapmyride anyway climbed over 400 feet to get home and don't my knees know about it, struggling to get up off the sofa now.

  • Wow! Sin, makes me exhausted thinking about it. well done.

  • Went to Heaton Park near Manchester from home. Why do I have to live 689 feet above sea level. Mind you have done it before, a couple of times last year and have to say it was a lot easier this time, finally the stopping smoking is paying off. :)

  • :) :) :)

  • Wow that is some bike ride! I would end up in a& e lol x

  • Hya Al, how are you, is your cold better now? hmm, I think I might be in need of a couple of knee replacements in another couple of years if I carry on, need to move somewhere flat :)

  • Hi ya Sinfeeeeeee 18 flippin miles on ya bike gal :o wow :) I think I could do about 18 minutes on a gooooood day :D :D

    Knees hurting eh, well flippin stay sat on ya sofa then Woman, get hubby to fetch for you :) :)

  • Hya Pete, howz you :) aww hubby a bit poorly with nasty man flu thing that everyone seems to be getting (I had it 'bout 3 weeks ago :) ) he still came on bike ride with me tho, very brave. :D

  • Hiya Sin, in answer to your question last week - I'm quite happy for you to keep them thank-you. :) I got my bike out this week and managed over 11 miles. I was really knackered that evening though - I'd already had a pt session in the morning. :o I went for a run the next evening, tried running up a rather large hill near home but couldn't get very far up it. I think it had all caught up with me so today was my rest day. :o ;-)

    You keep riding up those hills and it'll get easier each time, especially if you manage to get out at least 3 times a week. Maybe Pete'll pop over and join you on his bike occassionally. ;-) :D :D

  • Hi Andi, I have set a target of at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day for 30 days and have managed to stick to it up to now, was out last night at gone 10.00pm walking for 30 minutes as I was at work all day. Yay, was my last day at work yesterday - I am free woman for the time being anyway.

    Have also set a target to ride 100 miles in, oooh can't remember what I set the target at now :o anyway it worked out at 20 miles a week, so must have been over 5 weeks. Have also signed up for 30 days of biking, which is some twitter thing that happens every April, and every April it always rains for the whole 30 days so I've never completed it :D

    And the mapmyfitness challenge thing finishes tomorrow so since 6th Jan I've managed to walk 45 miles and ridden my bike 142 miles. And....lost 2lb that's been hanging around for ever and still ate what ever I wanted so all is good on the fitness front. Would be nice if we had some Purbeck hills and beaches around here :) Thinking about it Dorset isn't exactly the flattest place in the country is it.

  • I wish this site didn't jump around every time you do a post! :o

    That sounds brill Sin. I don't know how you find all these challenges. I look for some sometimes and they're usually too mega for me. :o I could do with something for April when I get back. I've done something every day since I've been back this time but my weight is still the same. :( I know that I don't see any changes until about 4 weeks in usually and that's when I'll be off again. I'll get there eventually. I am fit so that's the main thing. :)

  • They're all on line challenges, the proper out there in the real world ones are 1. too flippin far and 2. cost an arm and a leg and if they're for charity always seem to want at least £100 in sponsorship. And yes, you are certainly fit, I couldn't do running, I keep trying but 30 second bursts are about my limit.

  • Pete, what did you achieve in the garden today then?

  • I've raked the moss out of the lawns

    digging some more of the lawn up for a veg plot

    pruned the apple trees, just got the cherry to do now

    half pruned the hydrangeas, as they are getting to big, and I will prune the other half next Year

    am building a compost thingy, cos the plastic one I've got aint big enough

    Hey, I was carting some soil from one end of my garden to the other and my wheelbarrow decided to collapse !! well, I went over the top of it and ended up in a heap :o Just as this happened, one of my neighbours and her 2 Daughters walked past !! The two gals were laughing there flippin heads off, and all Debby could say was, '' enjoying yourself Pete '' :P :P typical flippin Woman, takes the micky out of a pooooooor old boy when he's down :o

  • :D :D :D pmsl I wish I'd seen it! Didn't they come and help you up then? They probably thought you'd been on the amber nectar again. :|

  • HUH :P :P

  • I hope you didn't hurt yourself. I'm sorry, it's not right to laugh at others misfortunes. You should be more careful at your age because injuries take much longer to heal when you get older. :(

  • Who's old then ?

  • You're always telling everybody that your an old boy.

  • Yes I might say that, but it dosnt mean that I am :P

  • :D :D

  • Signing off now. tv time. so night night everyone. :)

  • Nite nite Jilly, sweet dreams. :) xxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, enjoy your tv time gal :) sweet dreams and I hope you have a lovely nights sleep :) xx

  • Oh well am going now. I actually came on here to answer someones question who was saying they used to cycle when they smoked and now can't even walk the dog, but I can't find it now.

    So night Jilly, Pete and andi, hope your cold is soon better Helen and night to anyone else looking in. Oh and congratulations on your 4 week badge Al :)

  • Nite nite Sinfree, sweet dreams, orrrrrrrrr, get hubby to massage your knees for ya gal ;) :| :D :D

    Speak soon Sinfree, take care now :)

  • Nite nite Sin, was going to answer something then but it can keep til tomorrow. Sleep well. :)

  • Anybody got a wheelbarrow they dont want ??

    Preferably one that wheels :o

  • I've got one - you'll have to come down here to collect it though. :)

    I'm off now too. Hope it's not too frosty in the morning cos I don't want to slip up on my run in the morning. :o

    Nite nite Pete and everyone, sleep well. :) xxx

  • :) :) xx

  • Well, its time for me to climb that flippin wooden hill again, cos am getting stiff, after all that flippin digging :o

    So I will say nite nite to you Andi and all you lovely people on here, have a lovely nights sleep and I hope all your nice dreams come true :) xxxxxx

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