Daily chat Tuesday 8th July 2014

Daily chat Tuesday 8th July 2014

Good morning everybody and I hope you all had a wonderful sleep :)

I very nearly succumbed to Mr nic this morning, I even went to get my van keys to drive to the nearest petrol station to buy a pack of you know what !! Even though I knew you would all be tucked up in your beds sleeping, for some reason, I just had to check :o although you had all gone to bed, I just sat there for a few minutes reading your lovely comments and posts :) I know it sounds stupid, but I am sure I could feel the warmth and the strong positive vibes from you all :) Well, I'm happy to say that I didnt go and buy a pack of anything, I stuck at it with your help and I THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME, MY FRIENDS :) :) :) xxxxx

I should have finished work at 10pm, but it was 3.30am when I actually finished :( Thank you again :) :)

Droopj, ave bin out in them flippin fields running about and catched yours and Helens new winners badges, just got to shine them up :P :D :D and I will give them to Emjay to dish out :) :) Also, doing a little bum wiggle dance for you both, hmmmm, am getting some funny looks from my cat :o :D :D Still, am not bothered, cos am enjoying it see :| :D :D

If anybody has any questions or just wants a chat, then please please come and join us, cos their a lovely bunch, well most of the time eh :P :D :D

Rite I will love you and leave you all in piece now and I hope I havent boooored you tooooo much :o so take care and try to stay focused and strong through your quit adventure :) :)

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  • Hey, Pete, can you catch and buff a badge for me too? My quit date was 9th June (when I went into hospital) so I think I qualify for a four week badge. I'd appreciate it if you'd catch one for me while you are running round the fields.

    Well done for avoiding that drive to the nearest petrol station - the important thing to remember is that, even if you do buy them, you won't enjoy them. Ciggies just aren't an option any more - you would have to work at getting addicted again - and you really don't want to do that, do you?

  • WHOOHOO Chris, nice one eh.... 1 whole flippin smoke free month, well done you :D

  • It's strange - it has kind of snuck up on me! It doesn't feel like four weeks of purgatory - it just feels like smoking is a thing of the past. Yes, I still get cravings occasionally but I'm not really tempted to give in to them.

    In the past, I've never been able to quit smoking when I've got the makings still in the house - the barrier has always been having to go and buy some. This time, I've still got a 50g pack of Drum but I don't feel tempted to open it. I think I'll have to give it away to someone. I'm too mean to throw away £15-worth of baccy! :)

  • Congrats on a month !!!! :).

  • Wayyy Hayyy Chris, look at that new shiny badge pal :) job done until you need your next one eh :) :)

    A massive well done to you for getting to 4 weeks quit pal :) You keep strong now :)

  • Morning lovely mister monky :)

    Nice pic and great post... am soooooooo glad you didn't succumb hun, just remember how you felt last time, you were devastated as were we for you. Man that mister nic just catches you unawares sometimes, he is one crafty old sod and you do not want him biting you on the bum eh??? :)

    So glad you read thru the past posts and that it helped you, we will always try and send good, warm vibes thru them no matter how daft we are some evenings :D

    Thanks for the bum wiggle but as I was asleep I missed it... could you do it again later please coz you know how I like it ;)

    Enjoy your sleep mister monky but don't forget you have some exercise to do later in that field of yours :D :D :D -x-

  • Thank you DroopyJ, thats lovely gal :) :) and flippin HEYYYYYYYY look at your new shiny 4 month badge toooooooo :) :) hmmmm, I think I did a pretty good job on shining that up for you :o :D :D

    4 months now then Droopy, gosh it dosnt seem like 4 weeks when you first come on here :) how time fly's :o Your doing ever so well gal and I feel sooooo proud to know you :) :) keep up the good work and I will soon be chasing around them there fields again :D :D xx

    PS, if you remind me at the weekend, I just may do a little ermmm, bum wiggle dance for you then eh, thats if your a good girl mind :o :D :D :D

  • Thanks monky but don't think I could have done it without your help and everyone else's..... you lot have managed to keep me on the straight and narrow,,,,, my parents will probably want to know how you all managed that :D :D

  • Morning Pete so pleased you stayed strong and resisted Mr Nic, he is persistent.

    I am going to give you a job to keep you busy. On Saturday I will have earned my 6 month badge and I expect it to be extra special and extra shiny so your task, if you accept this mission, is to hunt out and prepare the biggest and shiniest badge out there.

    Today is my birthday so I will be celebrating later the first smoke free birthday for over 50 years.

    Have a good day x


  • encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/...

    Hey June many many many hapry returns :)

    WOWSER and DOUBLE WHAMMY WHOOHOO to you, 6 months is fantastic achievement, well done to you :)

    Also you say this is your 1st smoke free birthday in 50 years.... how old were you when you started ...one? you look fabulous :D -x-

  • A great big whoooooooping HAPPY BIRTHDAY June :) :) :) Just loving your 1st smokefree Birthday badge :D :D and many more to come :) :)


    Yes young Lady, of course I will accept that mission, I will be out over them fields at the crack of dawn, Saturday soooo it will be nice and fresh toooooo :) :) although saying that, 6 month badges are rare, but I will do my upmostestestestestest to catch one for you :D :D

    June, I can feel a party coming on for Saturday :) :) maybe a few bum wiggle dances toooo eh :D :D I hope you enjoyed your day :) xx

  • I started smoking at 16 and I am 68 today, have to admit my piccy is 8 years old now but I like it !!

  • you still look fantastic hun :)

  • I second that Drooooopy :) :)

  • Thanks for the warm welcome :) :)

  • Hi glolin, how's your cold turkey quit going? :) x

  • so far so good :)

  • That's good to hear, keep up the good work :) x

  • drinking lots of water and have mints on hand :). I have half a packet of ciggies that have gone from handbag to the car. I tell myself i can have one any time I want one - but choose not too. tends to be working for so far :)

  • :)

  • Hi Glolin, its great to see you on the chat :) yes, water does help :) it sort of gets rid of them cravings, like we get an empty feeling inside, drink some water and it fills us up :)

    The half pack of ciggies you got, maybe a sort of backup for you, cos your mind knows that there their just incase :) so then you dont get the feeling of being alone :o if you see what I mean ! There are quite a few members who are doing the same, and it works for them tooo :) :)

    We are all completely different Glolin and we all have our own little ways to help us :)

    Heyyyyy, your 2 weeks quit now then gal :) :) :)

  • Good morning and I'm sooooooh happy for ya Monky that you stayed focused on your quit and really really PROUD of ya, well done and love the pic :) x

    Congratulations Chris on 4 weeks and doing well, great achievement :) x

    KC, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and your first smoke free, nearly 6 months as well, congratulations and enjoy your celebrations :) x

    Droopy, congratulations I love your new badge, looking good, well done :) x

  • Thank you ever sooooo much Briarwood :) :) am happy and proud of myself too gal :) :)

    Thank you again :) :) xx

  • Hey Everyone! :D :D

    Lovely to see how busy it is around here :-)

    Pete, you make sure you give us a shout out if you need us, but a huge well done to you for taking the time and reading through all the posts, chasing after badges etc to keep you busy! You offer so much support and help to all our members - it's really important that we see that you are looked after too :-)

    KC, a very happy birthday to you! You look marvellous too :-) I hope you like your badge for the day - Enjoy your smokefree Happy Birthday :-)

    Droopy, well done to you on reaching such a milestone within your stopping smoking journey :-) Keep up the good efforts :-)

    beardy_chris - welcome into your 5th week of stopping smoking. You seemed to have learnt so much throughout your journey, and past quit attempts - This time is for real :-) Loving your new badge ;-)

    Briar, a good morning to you :-) I smile every-time I look at your picture, it makes me almost tempted to go out and get a little duckling - I lost one of my hens (Agnes) whilst I was away, so I need to go and get her some company - I wonder would she like a little quck quack as well as another hen friend :D

    Glolin, welcome aboard to Quit Support, I've been away on annual leave so haven't yet had a chance to catch up with any new members properly. I hope you are enjoying becoming part of our friendly family :-)

    I think it's about time I put the kettle on and make a decent cuppa :-)

  • Thanks, Emjay, for attaching the badge - it's a nice one - thanks also to Pete for catching and buffing it! :)

  • Thank you Emjay thats lovely of you to say and dont worry, I will shout out if I need help :) While I was out leaping around in them fields yesterday, I did notice a special badge, it said '' super quit support adviser '' on it, but I slipped on a cow pat see, soo a flippin missed it ;) :| them flippin cows leave messages anywhere now days, they just aint bothered you know :o :D :D But I will catch it for you, or maybe something similar eh, cos you havnt had a new badge in flippin ages gal :o

    I'm sorry to hear about Agnes, but am sure you will soon find a lovely friend orrrrrrr friendsssssss for Girtie eh :D :D

    Take care Emjay and luvs ya ta bits gal :) xx

  • Well done Monky on getting through the temptation,,,, it's a good job you did or we'd be chasing your big butts round your garden to give em a kick seeeeee :P :P your doing amazing, be strong Monky man :) x

  • hehehehehe

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Awww, thank you Fresher :) :) but I only got over the temptation cos of all you lovely people on here :) :)

    Hmmm, I'm not sure I would like my big butts chased and kicked around my garden, cos we would get very wet seeee ;) :D :D

    See ya soon gal :) xx

  • I was a smoker 4 25yrs. Yes,I tried to quit a guzzillion times. The cravings succumbed 2 my addiction. Now I can't breath, Dx with COPD. Sad but true. It's kinda the only reason why I had to quit. In fact it's the only reason why I am able to stay off cigs.

    If I felt great,I'd probably still b smoking. Glad I found this site guys


  • Hi Dee, Welcome to this great site :) You are doing the right thing by quitting and I know it has been forced on you due to your illness.... but its still the best thing ever!!

    There are a number of lovely people in your situation and I'm sure they will tell you how they have done it and how they are feeling, but just take it one day at a time :)

    How long have you been off them and are you using any NRT to help you? I know that might sound a bit nosy but there is always someone on here who can assist you if you want or need it :)

    Stay positive and keep the faith -x-

  • No NRT,like I said, I am 2oooo" SOB" to even think about having a cig. Wouldn't b able to inhale. Yeah, it's sad that it had to get to this point to quit. I use to drink a lot too. That was a snap to give up. Nicotine was a thousand times harder 4 me. BTW, I think I am in my 4th week of not smoking...

    thanx 4 ur support


  • WOW almost 4 weeks is fantastic, I know it's hard but your doing great :)

    We are all here to help you through the worst of it so make sure you holler if you need us & post as often as you like about anything you like :)

  • Well ,did same thing last summer. Quit 4 three months. I then snapped,late 1 night,marched right back in to a drug store & bought a pack. This time my illness has taken control... For now at least


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