Daily Chat Sunday 30th March 2014

Daily Chat Sunday 30th March 2014

Good afternoooooon everybody :)

A massive, big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you Mothers out their :) :) and I hope your being pampered rotten :) if not, then go kick flippin butt seeee :D :D For those of you who haven't seen their Children today, am sure that their thinking of you on this special Day :) :) xx

Rite am off to have a nosey around on here, then got some more potting up to do :P just love it a doo :D :D

All you knew PIPPs try to stay calm and focused on your quit, cos I know the weekends are the worst time for me, sooooo try to keep busy eh :) Speak soon :)

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  • Hello Pete, what a lovely picture. Thank you for the mothers day wishes. You enjoy your potting up . Its only just got sunny here. see you later. :) :)

    New idea for emjays gertie and agnes. :D


  • Hi Jillygirl, ha ha ha just love the pic gal :D :D

    I hope your having a lovely Mothers Day :) xx

  • Well helloooooo there one and all. It's lovely to see that you've all been behaving yourselves while I've been away. So glad that you've got some sunshine for Mothering Sunday, so much nicer for being out and about in. :)

    It's great to see so many new quitters starting recently, I'm loving the PIPPs group and all so supportive of each other. :)

  • Hi missus, how ya doin? Where've you been gallivanting?

  • Hiya Sin, nice to see you're still with us. What a naff time you've been having lately! I missed that you're not working now - is that a permanent thing? You might find time to clear your dining table now - not! ;-) :D :D

    I'm still at my sister's, one day of skiing left then back to "normality" after traveling back on Tuesday. Its very warm here during the day and I've been topping up the tan on my face - brown at the bottom and paler higher up. :o :)

    Looking forward to getting back on my bike and starting the running again from square two. :)

  • Hello. Can't believe that in order to reply to you I have to get my laptop out, switch it on and then wait about 10 minutes for it to load and finish faffing around, when I've got a phone and a tablet to hand. How hard can it be for Health Unlocked to get this mobile problem sorted. Can't reply on my phone because no matter how much tapping and poking at the reply button I do it won't do anything. I suggest the NHS stops shoving our health records on Google Cloud storage and gets on with the job of optimising this site for the 21st century. Huh, that's got that off my chest.

    Anyways, no am not working at the mo. A temporary to permanent thing, temporary for now, permanent if I can get away with it :D :D I have just tonight had a lovely glass of champagne in aid of Mothers Day, champagne courtesy of my old employer as a farewell gift :) Can't quite make out whether they supplied the champagne to celebrate pastures new or because I finally made it over the wall, who knows but it was very nice, though do wish I'd saved it for when I can actually taste stuff properly.

    Not done much bike riding myself for last couple of weeks cos as you know been right proper poorly. Been lovely weekend but a bit windy and apart from being too busy any way I never managed to get out on my bike because I don't really feel up to it, still got a throbbing ear and sore throat is just about starting to go today. 30 Days of biking starts on Tuesday so am going to attempt that this year, try it every year but it always manages to rain for the whole of April.

  • So what's the 30 day challenge, is it something on strava or just something you dreamed up? :o

  • I don't dream things up! :o :D I think it started in USA then caught on over here about 3 years ago. I dunno really who is behind it but it's a facebook/twitter challenge. You pledge to ride your bike every single day for the 30 days of April (it usually rains lots in April so have never completed it) then post pics and stuff from your rides out on facebook or twitter. It's just to get more people cycling and to dig their long lost velocipedes out of the garden shed, dust them down and use them.

  • I don't do Facebook or Twitter, I guess that's why I haven't heard of it. Why don't you look up 5 x 50 and see if that might suit you better. :)

  • 5 x 50? :o 2,500?

  • Moving down below.

  • I just looked it up. It's too late to start, I missed today and am not going mooching around outside in the dark now. And it's a fiver to join :o - don't forget am unemployed pauper now you know. Will stick with my 30 day challenge. I already did a 30 day challenge anyway. To do 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days duhhh, I forgot all about it what with rubbish weather and stupid bug, I had til 26th March, I completed 73%. I did cycle 100 miles in just over 2 weeks tho.

  • I'm doing this on my tablet. My friend talked me into buying one before I went downunder last year. I got a Galaxy 7" thingy. It's still much easier to type on the laptop. Be nice to be back on it and not straining my eyes so much.

  • do you not find the pages take thousands of years to load, and if its a long thread like this one that bits of it are missing off the end unless you scroll down to bottom then scroll back up then have a bit of a sleep and when you wake up you can see the rest of the posts?

  • Aup Sinfree, you sound more cheerful today gal :)

    Erm, is a velocipedes a wheelbarrow then :o :D :D :D

  • :D :D haha, wheelbarrow racing down the hills :)

  • The scrolling thing's a bit of a pain but that's the same on the laptop.

  • Works fine on my laptop. Well yeah you have to scroll to move up and down obvs. but you don't have to scroll all the way to bottom then back up to make the rest of the posts down below actually appear. You only get half a piggin story on a tablet or a phone :(

  • Hi Everybody! And a Very Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mums and I hope you have been able to see your babies today! I actually haven't as they are away at uni but they will be home next weekend for Easter so I shall make sure that they make it up to me then! :D :D :D!

    Well I had an interesting day, I actually Walked up to the shop to fetch some milk! Now in the scheme of things, this is no great achievement, but in this case it entails a walk uphill - as you my know, the city of Sheffield is built on 7 hills, and my walk to the shop means going up one of them!

    I'm obviously exaggerating about the hill in question (trust me there are big hills in Sheffield but this isn't one of them!), but it does have it's steep parts on it and until today a walk up there would honestly leave me breathless and if I rushed I would end up hot and bothered, very breathless and at times my heart beating very fast - but not today my friends, this is so exciting - I marched up there in no time at all and I was barely out of breath at all! RESULT :) :) :)

    I AM SO HAPPY! In fact I was so happy I went straight from the shop to my best friend's house (carrying my 4 pint container of milk with me) just so I could tell them! It's Day 7 and I've practically turned into an athlete - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    New life plan - I am going to make sure I walk to the bus stop every day now! Unless it's absolutely pouring down with rain or I'm running really really late!

    Hi andi22 - it's lovely to meet you and Mr Monky Motivator Pete tells me that you are the fitness guru of the group, so if you wouldn't mind doing so, it would be absolutely great to see some tips on getting going with proper exercise - other than yomping up the hill to the bus stop I mean! :) (ps - I hope you had a lovely holiday! )

    Love Chrissie xxxxxxxxx


  • Isnt it great to be less out of breath...I noticed it massively at my classes last week!! Well done u. And WOW WOW WOW we are on day 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE WEEK!!!! Im so shocked....but pleased to get this far and finding today much better. :)

  • Hi Chrissie and nice to meet you. You have been a bit of a whirlwind since you joined and quit (in a lovely kind of way), and such a support to the others. I know you will succeed in your quit because I think that you really want it. :)

    On the exercise front you've made the right start with your walking. I found the Couch to 5k (c25k) community on here and with some prodding from my pt I started running. That community is as inspiring as this one. :)

  • Aup Andi, its great to see you again gal :)

    I hope you've had the most gorgeous holliday ever :) :) Have missed ya gal, just like a trapped finger :P :P :D :D :D

    Hmmmmm, soooo, your not back here until Tuesday then, :o :o that means a've got 2 days to play before I have to be a good old boy again :) :)

    Enjoy your skiing tomorrow :)

  • :P ;-) :D :D

  • Hi Pete, glad you're being as charming as ever to all the ladies. ;-)

  • I always am Andi ;)

  • Sorry Andi, I really have missed you gal :( and am sooooooo glad that your ok :) :)

  • Hi Chrissie, get a bike then you can join me and andi and from the sounds of Sheffield you and me can compete on who climbed the biggest hill :D Actually just a thought but if you have a smartphone you can log your walks on mapmywalk app for androids and probably iphone too. It will tell you how far you walked, how many calories you used, your pace, plus if you happen to walk a fairly popular route you might come across other peeps who have done the walk too and you can try to beat them. It's good for motivation and makes walking a bit less boring, though you might not find walking boring. :)

  • Ha Ha ha - I'm just thinking of me on a bike Sin - wow it's years since I've been on one! I don't even own one, but thinking about it, there is an area around here called the Tissington Trail, it's out in the Peak District (not far from me) which I think is an old railway line and you can actually hire bikes for the day - I might actually give that a go one weekend! I might need a paramedic to escort me though :)

    I think my phone is an imitation smart phone, although it's actually a stupid phone and drives me mad! Everyone at work laughs at my phone because it's so pathetic! My contract for this one is up in September I think so I'm seriously thinking about trying an iPhone - but I'll need to go for iPhone lessons because I wouldn't even have a clue how to switch one on!

    But get you Mrs TechnoWizard with all your gadgets! You put me you shame, you really do!

    :D :D :D


  • Hey Chrissie, we've got a Tissington trail here tooooo :o gosh, how flippin long is it !!

  • Now way! Crickey that must be miles long! I can't do that, I'll have to go a little bit and then turn around again I think :)

  • Chrissie, I'm just going to Google Tissington trail :o

  • Tell me what it says, I need to know? Have you done it before?

  • haha, am a bit blokee when it comes to gadgets, I love 'em. Have been on the internet almost since it began. My twitter account is ancient, I think I was one of the first to sign up. I've been on the Tissington Trail I think it was back in 2010. I enjoyed it, you do get very dusty, your legs will be black when you've finished so don't wear white leggings or brand new white trainers or anything.

  • Have you really? Wow, and how long was it? I know my girls have done it with their dad when they were younger, actually maybe the girls and I could do it one day xx

  • You don't have to do all of it. I think if my memory serves me correct we started at Parsley Hay. Just do what you said, ride so far and then just turn round and come back. You just need to remember that you have to come back so don't go too far at one go. Not so bad if you live quite near there as you can go a few times.

  • It's 13 miles, so if you did it all you would have to do 26 miles altogether to get back to your car.


    Happy Mother's Day sweetheart and I hope you have had a fabulous day!

    I know, I know, I know - DAY 7, IT'S AMAZING! ha ha ha ha ha - WE DID GOOD! :D :D :D

    By the way - your picture is stunning! xxxxxxx

  • Aup Chrissie, you sound on top of the World gal :) your like me, only I found it much easier walking up them flippin stairs at work, without having to stop and get my breath back :)

    Yes I said lastnight that Mummy had changed her hair do, but I do think she's gone a tad toooooo far with the mascara gal, just wondering if you could have a word with her :| :D :D

  • :D :D That made me laugh. Not that I was laughing at you Mummy, its just the stuff Pete comes out with makes me laugh.

  • Hey Minky!

    I am very on top of the world this evening thank you very much :) Although I must attempt to do more stair work I think. Where I used to work I was on the 10th floor - I can't remember ever attempting that, but even running up 3 flights used to really puff me out! Now where I work it's only 2 flights so I must go out and run up and down them a couple of times every day!

    So were you thinking that Mummy's eyes were a bit dark, is that what you mean? ha ha ha

    And did you get your seedlings potted dear? :)

  • Minky here :D :D

    Well, there not as sparkly as yours Chrissie :o :D :D

    Hey, its 1 whole flippin week quit for you and Mum tomorrow isnt it Whoooooooopy flippin Doooooooopy :) :)

    Ave still got my toms and cucumbers to pot up yet, just keep getting side tracked :o :)

  • Pete, how much cycling have you done in the last 3 weeks then? You said you were going to get out on your bike. :)

  • OY, ave had loads to flippin doooooooo, just havnt had the time gal, BUT, am on the thinking stage about it, as in how I can fix a washing machine motor to it :P :D :D

  • Lol...yer I had a facelift!! It's nice to put an actual pic on..didn't want to scare u all with my over 40 wrinkly eyes...haha. So picked a pic covering them...hoping the stopping smoking stops more wrinkles too...bonus ;)

    I'm really finding I'm not thinking about it as much as beggining of week...cos boy the first few days I thought about it all day!!!!! Even thou I have never been a big smoker!

    Love all the banta on here and love coming on to read how everyone is doing.

    Bring on week two. Xx

  • Hey Mum, you know am only messin about gal dont you :) :)

    Ave tried pollyfiller and cement in my wrinkles, naghhhhh, erm, I wonder if you can still get play-do :o :D

    Mum, am soooooo proud of you gal, cos you really had a bad time at the middle of the week, and you got through it with flying colours :) :) its 1 whole week quit tomorrow, yippppppppy flippin dippppppy doooooooo :) :)

  • Yes you can still get play-do and it still smells the same as it did at school :)

  • I agree, about Mum being an absolute star this week I mean, not about you and your flippin wrinklies minky (hey where did that Minky come from, I actually like that?) :)

    I can't believe how far we've come, it some ways it's been so quick - how did we get from day 1 to day 7 so quickly? - did we miss a couple of days or something, it's just amazing!

    Anyway Mum, everyone is talking about cycling on here - have you got a bike? I haven't and my excuse has always been I haven't got anywhere to put one now that I live in a flat - which is true - but the real truth is I was always a bit "exercise shy" and actually I would be scared of riding on the roads now - it's just so busy out there!

    But there are ways around that so I might just consider it for the future.:(

    so anyway, Mum are you ready for tomorrow, because I think we should do a bit of bum wiggle dancing to celebrate our wonderful achievement? What do you think? :) :) :) xxx

  • You flippin called me minky up there a bit :P :D :D

  • I like it! Mr Motivator Minky Monky Pete - you are beginning to sound a bit like a member of the royal family :D :D :D

  • Hya. I have good news. I have struggled to find many benefits to stopping smoking to be honest, but........one of the things that kept me going when I got to about six months was I kept looking in the mirror and thinking how much better my skin seemed to look, less saggy and brighter looking. At first I thought it was my imagination and it might well have been but during the low times when I thought I've had enough of this quitting nonsense the thought that my skin might be improving kept me going and stopped me going back to those ciggies :)

  • Hear, hear Sinfree :)

    Look I know am a bloke, BUT, I too have seen a difference in my skin :) :) ok, ok, ave had some relapses on my quit trail, but I reckon that I've been more quit in the last 2 Years than have been smoking for !!

    I try not to look in the mirror, but I DO have to when I have a shave eh :o :D :D and NO I didnt crack it :P :P :D :D :D

  • Yep, I definitely think you've been stopped more than you have smoked. You stop for months at a time whereas your lapses only last a couple of weeks.

  • but the thing is, are you using moisturiser Minky? You have to move with the times you know and it's cool to be a MetroMale these days! :D :D :D

  • I couldn't imagine him ever being one of them! :o

  • :P :P :P

  • Hmmmmmmm, a MetroMale eh :o :o I will have to work on that one gal, unless you want to do it for me eh :D :D :D


  • You are not going to believe this - I am actually a qualified beauty therapist! oh yes......bring it on! I don't do it now though, I mean not as a job, I'm a good ole secretary now!

  • Chrissie, bring it on gal :) :)

    You've got a massive job ahead gal, probably last you till you retire :D :D :D

  • I love it when I hear things like this - my disgusting smoking habit is etched all over my face so it is so good to hear that stopping smoking will be good for my skin - that has really made me happy! :) xx

  • :) :) :) xxx

  • Sin, 5x50.org. just found it. I think it might be something to do with sport relief and a bit of money's involved. It actually started today, I see.

  • 100 miles in 2 weeks, now that sounds like a good starting challenge for me when I get back. I'm looking forward to it already. :)

  • Yes it was during that two week period early on in March when the weather tried to lull us into a false sense that spring was on its way, all went a bit by the wayside when winter suddenly put in an appearance.

  • I looked before. It is to do with Sport Relief. fiver to join and you're supposed to get sponsors and stuff, naah, I'll stick with the free ones. Keep wondering whether to do the Great Manchester Cycle, the 26 mile one. I did the 13 miles a couple of years ago when it was the first one and was sponsored by the Mirror so was only a tenner to take part, I think they want about £20 now, might even be more. Did get to do lots of star spotting tho, even if they were only Corrie and Emerdale people. Got a better bike now and of course much fitter what with being a non smoker and stuff so 26 miles should be a breeze.

  • Shame we live at opposite ends of the country, we could be good cycling buddies. We'll just have to be cyber buddies instead. :)

    I've got to go to bed now, getting tired and need my sleep, albeit that it's very interrupted after the first 3 or 4 hours.

    Nite nite Sin, Minky, Chrissie and everyone, sleep well. :) xxxxxx

  • Bagsie we both live at your end of the country where its warmer and sunnier :) Night Andi, enjoy your first 4 hours uninterrupted sleep. Enjoy the rest of your hol.

  • Night night Andi - it's been so great to meet you and chat! Sweet dreams xxx

  • Nite nite Pandy, sweet dreams now, you get your beauty sleep, albeit you dont need it eh :) Take care now gal, luvs ya :) xxx

  • Hey..yer course I know your messing :)

    And good news that there will be changes in my skin...may save the fortune I spend on wrinkle creams!!

    I do own a bike and often go out with family for bike rides.

  • Goodness me, it's just taken me ages to find your post! I saw it on the list but I just couldn't find it, this is a very long chat this evening!!!

    yes I'm so pleased about improvements to the skin - and I've actually put facials down on my "treats" list for stopping smoking - so that should help as well! :)

    I think I am going to think about going on bike rides, although we'd have to hire bikes as even the girls grew out of theirs a long time ago! But that would actually be a fun thing to do! :)


  • oooh another regular cyclist :)

  • Aww, am going now. Never intended to stay on here all this time. Was flippin still light when I came on here. Night Chrissie, Mindermummy and Minky (hahah) Am going now for my cherry pie and fresh cream, mmmmm, yummy.

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